1、行動是治愈恐懼的良藥,而猶豫、拖延將不斷滋養恐懼。Activity is a kind of medicine to cure fear and hesitation or delay will continue to nourish the fear。

2、寧可清貧自樂,不可濁富多憂。Would rather poor, no turbidity rich more sorrow。

3、從來不跌倒不算光彩,每次跌倒後能再站起來,才是最大的榮耀。Never fall is not bright, each time to stand up again after the fall, is the greatest glory。

4、生命的意義在於盡情享受看到別人快樂而產生的喜悅。The meaning of life is to enjoy seeing other people happy and joy。

5、明天自然會來。昨天今天明天,其實是同一天。Tomorrow will come。 Yesterday, today and tomorrow are on the same day。

6、做任何事都要經受得挫折,要有恒心和毅力,滿懷信心堅持到底。Doing everything to withstand setbacks, must have the perseverance and perseverance, full of confidence to hold on to the end。

7、用勤奮實現夢想,用智慧成就人生。With diligence dream, with achievement life wisdom。

8、選擇一條適合自己的路堅持走下去,隻要堅持,就會取得成功。Choose a suitable own way adhere to the bottom go to, as long as insist, will succeed。

9、空空的口袋不能阻礙你的未來,(next88)空空的腦袋你將永遠貧窮。The empty pocket can’t hinder your future, empty head you will be poor forever。

10、失敗的是事,絕不應是人。Failure is a thing, never should be a man。