1、鋼是在烈火和急劇冷卻裡鍛煉出來的,所以才能堅硬和什麼也不怕。——奧斯特羅夫斯基 Steel is in the fire and sharp cooling through practice, can so hard and is not afraid of anything。

2、真理,哪怕隻見到一線,我們也不能讓它的光輝變得暗淡。——李四光 In truth, even if only a line, we also can’t let it become dim light。

3、當一個人受到公眾信任時,他就應該把自己看作為公眾的財產。——傑弗遜 When a person is a public trust, he should see himself as public property。

4、人與人之間最大的信任就是關於進言的信任。——培根 The trust of the biggest trust between people is about to suggest。

5、要我們買他的誠實,這種人出售的是他的名譽。——沃夫格 Want us to buy his honesty, this kind of person is selling his reputation。

6、失足,你可能馬上復立,失信,你也許永難挽回。——富蘭克林 Slip, you may soon after, faithless, you may never recover。

7、任何問題都有解決的辦法,無法可想的事是沒有的。——愛迪生 Any problem has a solution, not to think about things is not。

8、不要希圖成為一個成功的人,我們應努力成為一個有價值的人。——愛因斯坦 Don’t want to be a successful people, we should make great efforts to become a man of value。

9、人類的一切努力的目的在於獲得幸福。——歐文 All human efforts to achieve happiness。

10、若無某種大膽放肆的猜想,(next88)一般是不可能有知識的進展的。——愛因斯坦 Without some sort of bold and wild guess, is generally impossible to have the progress of knowledge。