1、嘲諷是一種力量,消極的力量。贊揚也是一種力量,但卻是積極的力量。Irony is a kind of power, the power of negative。 Praise is a kind of strength, but it is a positive force。

2、梯子的梯階從來不是用來擱腳的,它隻是讓人們的腳放上一段時間,以便讓別一隻腳能夠再往上登。In the ladder of the ladder is never used for foot, it just makes people feet set in a period of time, so don’t one foot can climb up again。

3、行動不一定帶來快樂,而無行動則決無快樂。Action may not bring happiness, and no action is definitely not happy。

4、再長的路一步一步得走也能走到終點,再近的距離不邁開第一步永遠也不會到達。Again long way have to go step by step can also go to the finish line, again close not took his first step will never arrive。

5、股票有漲有落,然而打著信心標志的股票將使你永漲無落。Stocks rise and fall, but in the stock of confidence symbol will make you never get a without falling。

6、做的技藝來自做的過程。Do the process of skills from。

7、生活就像海洋,隻有意志堅強的人才能達到生命的彼岸。Life is like a sea, only the strong-willed can reach the other side of the life。

8、沒有人富有得可以不要別人的幫助,也沒有人窮得不能在某方面給他人幫助。No man is rich enough to not to help others, and no one is too poor to in some way to help others。

9、成你做瞭什麼,而要問你為別人做瞭什麼。Into what you do, and ask what did you do for others。

10、對於最有能力的領航人風浪總是格外的洶湧。For the most capable pilot of the winds and waves are always very rough。

11、要冒一險!整個生命就是一場冒險,走得最遠的人常是願意去做、願意去冒險的人。Take a risk! The whole life is an adventure, the furthest people are often willing to do, willing to take the risk of people。

12、每一次努力都是最優的親近,每一滴汗水都是機遇的滋潤。Every effort is the optimal close, every drop of sweat is an opportunity of moist。

13、即使道路坎坷不平,車輪也要前進;即使江河波濤洶湧,船隻也航行。Even if the bumpy road, the wheels also advance; Even choppy rivers, the ships navigation。

14、有志者自有千方百計,無志者隻感千難萬難。Aspirants have one thousand ways, no minds only feeling extremely difficult。

15、理想是力量的泉源智慧的搖籃沖鋒的戰旗斬棘的利劍。Ideal is the cradle of the fountain of wisdom power charge a sword to cut the banner of the spine。

16、馬在松軟的土地上易失蹄,人在甜言蜜語中易摔跤。Horse in the soft soil in volatile hoof, people in the sweet words easy wrestling。

17、隻有登上山頂,才能看到那邊的風光。Can only be seen on the top of the hill, on the other side of the scene。

18、烈火鑄就真心英雄,不經歷風雨怎見彩虹。Fire casts true hero, how see rainbow without experiencing a rainy day。

19、頑強的毅力可以克服任何障礙。Tenacious perseverance can overcome any obstacles。

20、你要是爬山,就爬到底,一跌倒就會跌到深淵裡。If you climb a mountain to climb, a fall will fall into the abyss。

21、沒有天生的信心,隻有不斷培養的信心。No natural confidence, only by constantly cultivate confidence。

22、崇高的理想就象生長在高山上的鮮花(next88)。如果要搞下它,勤奮才能是攀登的繩索。Ideal is like the flowers in the mountains high。 If you want to do it, diligence is climbing ropes。

23、人格的完善是本,財富的確立是末。Perfection of human character is the, the establishment of the wealth is the last。

24、競爭不是比誰努力,而是比誰更努力。Competition is not better than who work hard, but is harder than anyone。

25、事業常成於堅忍,毀於急躁。Career in perseverance, often destroyed by impatience。

26、時間是治療心靈創傷的大師,但絕不是解決問題的高手。The time is the treatment of trauma masters, but is not the player to solve the problem。

27、平時沒有跑發衛千米,占時就難以進行一百米的沖刺。At ordinary times did not run hair who km, accounting for when it will be difficult to one hundred metres sprint。

28、懦弱的人隻會裹足不前,莽撞的人隻能引為燒身,隻有真正勇敢的人才能所向披靡。Cowardly people will rush in where angels fear to tread, recklessly person can only lead to burn the body, only the real brave man can invincible。

29、經受瞭火的洗禮泥巴也會有堅強的體魄。Experienced the baptism of fire mud will also have a strong body。

30、任何業績的質變都來自於量變的積累。Any qualitative transformation of outstanding achievements comes from quantitative accumulation。

31、你腦子裡東西的多寡,就關系著你將來的前途。你希望掌握永恒,那你必須控制現在。The amount of your mind, is the future of the relationship with you in the future。 You want to be familiar with the eternal, you must control now。

32、忙於采集的蜜蜂,無暇在人前高談闊論。Bees are busy collecting, too busy to talk in front of people。

33、如果圓規的兩隻腳都動,永遠也畫不出一個圓。If the compass feet are still, forever also could not draw a circle。

34、山路曲折盤旋,但畢竟朝著頂峰延伸。Mountain road twists and turns, but after all, extending toward the summit。

35、運氣就是機會碰巧撞到瞭你的努力。Luck is the opportunity to happen to hit your efforts。

36、一個人最大的破產是絕望,最大的資產是希望。A person’s biggest bankruptcy is desperation, the greatest assets is hope。

37、成功是一段路程,而非終點,所以隻要在邁向成功的過程中一切順利,便是成功。Success is a journey, not a destination, so as long as everything goes well with in the process of success, is success。

38、再長的路,一步步也能走完,再短的路,不邁開雙腳也無法到達。Again long way, step by step, also can go through, again a short road, do not stride feet can’t reach。

39、表示驚訝,隻需一分鐘;要做出驚人的事業,卻要許多年。Oh, it takes only a minute; To make amazing career, but for many years。

40、成功決不喜歡會見懶漢,而是喚醒懶漢。Success never like meeting a bum, but wake up lazy。

41、不要問別人為你做瞭什麼,而要問你為別人做瞭什麼。Don’t ask others for what you do, but to ask what did you do for others。

42、斧頭雖小,但經歷多次劈砍,終能將一棵最堅硬的橡樹砍刀。Axes are small, but experience many chopping, eventually the hardest oak tree can be a machete。

43、隻要能收獲甜蜜,荊棘叢中也會有蜜蜂忙碌的身影。As long as it can harvest sweet, the brambles also there will be a busy bee

44、彩虹風雨後,成功細節中。The rainbow after the rain, the success in details。

45、最重要的就是不要去看遠方模糊的,而要做手邊清楚的事。The most important thing is not to go to see the fuzzy distance, but to do what clearly at hand。

46、生命之燈因熱情而點燃,生命之舟因拼搏而前行。The lamp of life for enthusiasm and lit, the boat of life because of hard and move on。

47、含淚播種的人一定能含笑收獲。The sow in tears will reap with a smile。

48、好的想法是十分錢一打,真正無價的是能夠實現這些想法的人。Good idea is to ten cents a dozen, truly priceless is to implement these ideas。

49、得之坦然,失之淡然,順其自然,爭其必然。Loss of calm, of couse, let it be, contend for the inevitable。

50、山不辭土,故能成其高;海不辭水,故能成其深!High mountain to soil, so it; Sea water care, deep because it!

51、如果不讀書,行萬裡路也不過是個郵差。If you don’t read, view but also from a postman。

52、如果把才華比作劍那麼勤奮就是磨刀石。If compare talent to sword then diligence is grindstone。

53、忍別人所不能忍的痛,吃別人所別人所不能吃的苦,是為瞭收獲得不到的收獲。Endure other people can’t endure the pain, the others what they can’t eat bitter, to harvest not harvest。