1、學問必須合乎自己的興趣,方才可以得益。Knowledge must accord with their interests, just can benefit。

2、疑惑足以敗事。一個人往往因為遇事畏縮的原故,失去瞭成功的機會。Confused enough to defeat。 Because he was a man is often cringe, lost the chance of success。

3、當我們還買不起幸福的時候,我們絕不應該走得離櫥窗太近,盯著幸福出神。When we can’t afford love, we should never go too close to the window, staring at a happy trance。

4、你若對自己誠實,日積月累,就無法對別人不忠瞭。If you are honest with yourself, accumulate over a long period, can’t cheat on others。

5、玫瑰是美的,但更美的是它包含的香味。Rose is beautiful, but more beautiful is the smell of it contains。

6、愛情裡面要是攙雜瞭和它本身無關的算計,那就不是真的愛情。If love inside calculation combined with nothing to do with it, that is not true love。

7、志向不過是記憶的奴隸,生氣勃勃地降生,但卻很難成長。Ambition is just a memory slave, livelily birth, but it is difficult to grow。

8、憑著日規上潛私的陰影,你也能知道時間在偷偷地走向亙古。With potential private’s shadow on the sundials, you also can know the time in secretly to everlasting。

9、他賞瞭你錢,所以他是好人;有瞭拍馬的人,(next88)自然就有愛拍馬的人。He made you money, so he is a good man; People with the flattery, naturally there is love flattery。

10、千萬人的失敗,都有是失敗在做事不徹底;往往做到離成功尚差一步就終止不做瞭。The failure of the ten million people, there is a failure in do not completely; Tend to be close to success is one step is not done。

11、沒有什麼事是好的或壞的,但思想卻使其中有所不同。Nothing is good or bad, but thinking makes it different。

12、生活裡沒有書籍,就好象沒有陽光;智慧裡沒有書籍,就好象鳥兒沒有翅膀。Life without books, like no sunlight; Wisdom without books, just like the bird have no wing。

13、人生如癡人說夢,充滿著喧嘩與躁動,卻沒有任何意義。Life is like in the sky, full of sound and the restless, but it doesn’t make any sense。

14、人世間的煊赫光榮,往往產生在罪惡之中,為瞭身外的浮名,犧牲自己的良心。In the world of xuan glorious, often produced in sin, in order to create undeserved reputation, the sacrifice of their own conscience。

15、假如我必須死,我會把黑暗當作新娘,把它擁抱在我的懷裡。If I must die, I’ll put darkness as a bride, put it embrace in my arms。

16、黑夜無論怎樣悠長,白晝總會到來。No matter how long the night, the day will come。

17、使人愉快的勞動,能醫治心靈的創傷。The enjoyable work, can heal the trauma of the mind。

18、無數人事的變化孕育在時間的胚胎裡。Numerous personnel changes in the time of the embryo。

19、一個人思慮太多,就會失卻做人的樂趣。A man thought too much, will lose the fun of life。

20、讓我們不要用過去的哀悉拖累我們的記憶。Let’s not use the cry of the past with drag our memory。

21、書籍是全人類的營養品。Books are the nourishment of all mankind。

22、愛比殺人重罪更難隱藏;愛情的黑夜有中午的陽光。Love hidden harder than felony murder; Love night with the noon sun。

23、放棄時間的人,時間也放棄他。Abandoning time person, time also give up him。

24、一個驕傲的人,結果總是在驕傲裡毀滅瞭自己。A proud, and the result is always in the proud destroyed himself。

25、愛情不是花陰下的甜言,不是桃花源中的蜜語,不是輕綿的眼淚。And the sweetness of the shadow of love is not a flower is not in the peach garden sweet language, not light cotton tears。

26、對眾人一視同仁,對少數人推心置腹,對任何人不要虧負。Bared his heart to all alike, to a few, to anyone not wrong one another。

27、智慧是命運的一部分,一個人所遭遇的外界環境是會影響他的頭腦的。Wisdom is part of the fate, is one of the external environment will influence his mind。

28、熄滅吧,熄滅吧,瞬間的燈火。人生隻不過是行走著的影子。Go, go, momentary lights。 Life is just a walking shadow。

29、戀愛的人去赴他情人的約會,像一個放學歸來的兒童;可是當他和情人分別的時候,卻上學去一般滿臉懊喪。Love goes toward the appointment, like a return from school children; But when he and his lover, respectively, but go to school with heavy looks。

30、簡潔是智慧的靈魂,冗長是膚淺的藻飾。Brevity is the soul of wit, long is the superficial embellishments in writing。

31、不良的習慣會隨時阻礙你走向成名、獲利和享樂的路上去。Bad habits will always stop you go on the way to fame, profit and enjoyment。

32、當我們膽敢作惡,來滿足卑下的希冀,我們就迷失瞭本性,不再是我們自己。When we dare to do evil, to meet the humble always, we will lose nature, is no longer our own。

33、你還能說‘苦啊,最苦沒有瞭’你的苦,還不曾苦到底呢?You can also say ‘bitter ah, the most bitter no’ you bitter, bitter really haven’t?

34、凡是經過考驗的朋友,就應該把他們緊緊地團結在你的周圍。All through the test of friends, you should put them together tightly around you。

35、受過教育的人知道怎樣將每一官能為一種工具,知道怎樣開導它、磨礪它、並且怎樣施於實用。Person who have received education knows how to put every functions as a tool, know how to teach it, sharpen it, and how to practical。

36、愛是一種甜蜜的痛苦,真誠的愛情永不是一條平坦的道路的。Love is a sweet pain and sincere love never is a flat road。

37、世間的很多事物,追求時候的興致總要比享用時候的興致濃烈。A lot of things in the world, the pursuit of fun than every time when the strong interest。

38、一個本領超群的人,必須在一群勁敵之前,程才能夠顯出他的不同凡俗的身手。A man of super ability, must, before a group of enemy Cheng Cai can show his different means。

39、母羊要是聽不見她自己小羊的啼聲,她決不會回答一頭小牛的叫喊。If ewes hear her own young crow, she will never answer scream of a calf。

40、不要侮蔑你不知道的真理,否則你將以生命補償你的過失。Don’t explained to you don’t know the truth, or you will make it up to you to life。

41、青春是塊原料,遲早要制作成形。Youth is a piece of raw materials, production forming sooner or later。

42、一切朋友都要得到他們忠貞的報酬,一切仇敵都要嘗到他們罪惡的苦杯。All friends to get their loyalty reward, all his enemies to taste them the bitter cup of evil。

43、人生苦短,若虛度年華,則短暫的人生就太長瞭。Life is short, if to idle away one’s time, short life would be too long。

44、愛情是這樣充滿瞭意象,在一切事物中是最富於幻想的。Love is so full of imagery, in all things is the most fanciful。

45、青春是一個短暫的美夢,當你醒來時,它早已消失無蹤。Youth is a brief dream, when you wake up, it had disappeared。

46、沒有一種遺產能象誠實那樣豐富的瞭。No legacy is so rich as honesty。

47、適當的悲衰可以表示感情的深切,過度的傷心卻可以證明智慧的欠缺。Appropriate sad failure can represent the feelings of deep, too sad can prove that the lack of wisdom。

48、新的火焰可以把舊的火焰撲滅,大的苦痛可以使小的苦痛減輕。The new flame can put old flame, the big pain may cause the small pain to reduce。

49、我兩腿早陷在血海裡,欲罷不能。My two legs early fall in the bloodshed, a fascinating one。

50、朋友間必須是患難相濟,那才能說得上是真正的友誼。Friends must be in trouble, that can be hardly the true friendship。

51、放棄時間的人,時間也會放棄他。Abandoning time person, time also will give up him。

52、黑暗無論怎樣悠長,白晝總會到來。No matter how long darkness, the day will come。

53、要是不能把握時機,就要終身蹉跎,一事無成。If you can’t seize the moment, will life waste, nothing。

54、生存還是死亡,這是一個值得思考的問題。To be or not to be, this is a question worth thinking about。

55、可疑星星為火,可疑太陽西移,可疑真理不存,惟我愛不可疑。Suspicious of stars for the fire, suspicious westering sun, suspicious truth, no but I love not suspicious。