1、我非常清楚地知道,我並沒有智慧,不論大的還是小的都沒有。I know very well, I don’t have wisdom, no matter big or small all have no。

2、未經審視的生活是毫無價值的。An unexamined life is not worth。

3、男人活著全靠健忘,女人活著全靠牢記。Man alive all by forgetfulness, woman alive on remember all。

4、知道的越多,才知知道的越少。Only know know know, the more the less。

5、要想向我學知識,你必須先有強烈的求知欲望,就像你有強烈的求生欲望一樣。If you want to learn knowledge to me, you must first have a strong curiosity, like you have a strong desire to survive。

6、好的婚姻僅給你帶來幸福,不好的婚姻則可使你成為一位哲學傢。A good marriage bring you happiness, only a bad marriage can make you to become a philosopher。

7、最熱烈的愛情會有最冷漠的結局。The most passionate love will be the end of the cold。

8、最有效的教育方法不是告訴人們答案,而是向他們提問。The most effective education method isn’t tell people the answer, but ask them。

9、告訴我你的朋友,我就知道你是什麼樣的人。Tell me about your friend, I know what kind of person you are。

10、我不是給人知識,而是使知識自己產生的產婆。I don’t give a person knowledge, but to make the midwife who knowledge produce。

11、任何確實的實驗都說明,任何一種生理或心理的疾病都能靠吃素和喝純水而減輕病情。Any do experiment shows that any kind of physical or mental illness can drink vegetable diet and pure water and reduce the disease。

12、好習慣是一個人在社交場中所能穿著的最佳服飾。Good habit is a person can wear the best clothes in the social field。

13、德性就是知識或:美德即知識,愚昧是罪惡之源。Virtue is knowledge or: virtue is knowledge, but is the source of evil。

14、知足是天然的財富,奢侈是人為的貧窮。Contentment is natural wealth, luxury is artificial poverty。

15、想左右天下的人,須先能左右自己。Think about all the people, must first can control yourself。

16、縱使富有的人以其財富自傲,但在他還不知道如何使用他的財富以前,別去誇贊他。Even wealthy people pride in its wealth, but he didn’t know how to use his wealth in the past, not to praise him。

17、凡是原本可以做得更好的,也算是懶!Who could have done better, also be lazy!

18、我平生隻知道一件事,我為什麼是那麼無知。I’ve only know one thing, why I was so ignorant。

19、隻期盼少許,才能接近最高的幸福。Looking forward to a little only, to close to the highest happiness。

20、男人靠健忘活著,女人靠牢記活著。Keep in mind that keeps men rely on memory alive, alive。

21、我知道自己的無知,我知我無知。I know my ignorance, I know my ignorance。

22、人可以犯錯,但是不可犯同一個錯。Man can make mistakes, but do not make the same mistake。

23、如果把世上每一個人的痛苦放在一起,再讓你去選擇,你可能還是願意選擇自己原來的那一份。If the pain of every person in the world put together, let you choose, you may prefer to choose their own original portion。

24、謙遜是藏於土中甜美的根,所有崇高的美德由此發芽滋長。Humility is hidden in the sweet root in the soil, all the virtues of noble vitrue grows。

25、對作傢來說,寫得少是這樣的有害,(next88)就跟醫生缺乏診病的機會一樣。For writers, write less harmful, just like doctors lack of appeal of the opportunity。

26、我與世界相遇,我自與世界相蝕,我自不辱使命,使我與眾生相聚。I met with the world, I from phase erosion in the world, and I, make me together with all life。

27、想起來,我還欠某人一隻雄雞未還。Come to think of it, I still owe someone a cock also。

28、1暗戀是世界上最美麗的愛情。1 unrequited love is the most beautiful love in the world。

29、我去死,你們去活,究竟誰過得更幸福,唯有神知道。I go to dead, you go live, who had more happiness, only god knows。

30、教育不是灌輸,而是點燃火焰。Education is not taught, but the lighting flame。

31、認識自己,方能認識人生。Know yourself, in order to know life。