1、在這個世界上,除瞭陽光、空氣、水和笑容,我們還需要什麼呢!In this world, in addition to sunlight, air, water and smiling face, what we need!

2、知足是天賦的財富,奢侈是人為的貧窮。Content is the wealth of talent, luxury is artificial poverty。

3、德行就是知識或美德,即知識愚昧是罪惡之源。Virtue is knowledge, or virtues, namely knowledge ignorance is the source of evil。

4、時間到瞭,我們各走各的路,是活在這個世上好還是死瞭好,隻有神知道答案。We are on our different paths when the time came, is to live in this in this world good or death, only god knows the answer。

5、我們的需要越是少,我們越近似神。We need more is less, the more we approximate god。

6、思想應當誕生在學生的心裡,教師僅僅應當像助產士那樣辦事。Thought should be born in the mind of students, teachers should only act as midwife。

7、神靈為自己保留瞭那對於最為重要的東西的認識。Keep the gods for yourself for the most important thing。

8、一個人能否有成就,隻看他是否具備自尊心與自信心兩個條件。A person can have achievement, only look at two conditions whether he have self-esteem and self-confidence。

9、壞人活著是為瞭吃與喝,而好人卻是為瞭活著才吃與喝。The bad guys live to eat and drink, and a good man is to live to eat and drink。

10、我們的需要是越少,我們越近似上帝。Our need is less, the more we similar to god。

11、沒有人因為知道瞭善而不向善的。Because no one know the good and not for good。

12、世界上最快樂的事,莫過於為理想而奮鬥。The happiest thing in the world is to struggle for the ideal。

13、如果我能忍受瞭自己的老婆,也就能忍受任何人瞭!If I can stand his wife, also can tolerate anyone!

14、我像一隻獵犬一樣追尋真理的足跡。I like a hound to pursue truth。

15、問題是接生婆,它能幫助新思想的誕生。Problem is a midwife, it can help the birth of new ideas。

16、在你發怒的時候,要緊閉你的嘴,免得增加你的怒氣。When you are angry, want to shut your mouth, lest increase your anger。

17、我比別知道得多的,不過是我知道自己的無知。I don’t know much, but I know his own ignorance。

18、教育是把我們的內心勾引出來的工具和方法。Education is our inner seduce out of tools and methods。

19、我不隻是雅典的公民,我也是世界的公民。I’m not just the citizens of Athens, I also am the citizen of the world。

20、你是為瞭吃飯而生存,還是為瞭生存而吃飯呢?Are you live to eat, or eat to live?

21、我隻知道一件事,那就是什麼都不知道。I only know one thing, and that is what all don’t know。

22、不要靠饋贈來獲得一個朋友。Don’t try to win a friend by gift。

23、愛情猶如麥地裡采麥穗,弄不好就會空手而歸。Love is like in the wheat grain, lane is bad to can return empty-handed。

24、逆境是人類獲得知識的最高學府,難題是人們取得智慧之門。Adversity is the highest institution of higher learning, human knowledge problem is that people get the door to wisdom。

25、真正高明的人,就是能夠借助別人的智慧,來使自己不受蒙蔽的人。Really smart people, is to be able to use other people’s wisdom, to make themselves against blind person。

26、未經審視的生活是毫無價值的或:一種未經考察的生活是不值得過的。An unexamined life is not worth or: a kind of life is not worth living without inspection。

27、不懂得工作真義的人,視工作為苦役。Don’t know the real meaning of work, treat work as slavery。

28、在死亡的門前,我們要思量的不是生命的空虛,而是它的重要性。At death’s door, we should consider not the emptiness of life, but its importance。

29、這個世界上有兩種人,一種是快樂的豬,一種是痛苦的人。做痛苦的人,不做快樂的豬。There are two kinds of people in the world, is a kind of happiness of the pig, is a kind of pain。 Do the pain of people, don’t do happy pigs。

30、每個人身上都有太陽,主要是如何讓它發光。Every man has the sun, the main is how to make it shine。

31、分手的時候到瞭,我去死,(next88)你們去活,究竟誰過得更幸福,唯有神知道。It’s time to break up, I go to dead, you to live, who had more happiness, only god knows。