1、一個人如果使自己的母親傷心,無論他的地位多麼顯赫,無論他多麼有名,他都是一個卑劣的人。——亞米契斯 If a man makes his own mother sad, no matter how famous his position, no matter how famous he is, he is a mean person。

2、大孝終身慕父母。唯孝順父母可以解憂。——孟軻 Filial piety for parents for life。 Filial piety parents relieves stress。

3、凡為父母的,莫不愛其子。——陳宏謀 For parents, love his son。

4、我們體貼老人,要像對待孩子一樣。——歌德 We considerate man, like a child。

5、孝敬父母經常可以代替最高貴的感情。——孟軻 His father often can replace the most noble feelings。

6、開始吧,孩子,開始用微笑去認識你的母親吧!——維吉爾 Begin, children, begin to get to know your mother with a smile!

7、年老受尊敬是出現在人類社會裡的第一種特權。——拉法格 Aged respected is the first kind of privilege in human society。

8、在子女面前,父母要善於隱藏他們的一切快樂、煩惱和恐懼。——培根 In front of children, parents are hidden all their happiness, worry and fear。

9、老年,好比夜鶯,應有他的夜曲。——康德 Old age, like the nightingale, should have his nocturnes。

10、母親是沒有什麼東西可以代替的。——巴金 Mother is not what we can substitute。

11、不孝的人是世界最可惡的人。——魯迅 Is the world’s most hateful unfilial。

12、醜惡的海怪也比不上忘恩的兒女那樣可怕。——莎士比亞 Ugly bad sea monster also benefited as children。 — Shakespeare

13、一個天生自然的人愛他的孩子,一個有教養的人定愛他的父母。——林語堂 A born nature of human love his children, an educated person will love his parents。

14、老人受尊敬,是人類精神最美好的一種特權。——司湯達 The old man respected, the best a privilege is the human spirit。

15、失去瞭慈母便像花插在瓶子裡,雖然還有色有香,卻失去瞭根。——老舍 Lost the loving mother like flowers in the bottle, although there are color have fragrance, and lost the root。

16、在孩子的嘴上和心中,母親就是上帝。——薩克雷 In the child’s mouth and mind, mother is god。

17、母親,是唯一能使死神屈服的力量。——高爾基 Mother, is the only can make the yield strength of a god of death。

18、世界上有一種最美麗的聲音,那就是母親的呼喚。——但丁 Is one of the most beautiful sound in the world, that is mother’s voice。

19、世界上的一切光榮和驕傲,都來自母親。——高爾基 All glory and pride of the world, all come from the mother。

20、所有傑出的非凡人物都有出色的母親,到瞭晚年都十分尊敬自己的母親,把他們當作最好的朋友。——狄更斯 All outstanding special characters have a great mother, late in life are all very respect her mother, as their best friend。

21、老年人猶如歷史和戲劇,可供我們生活的參考。——西塞羅 The elderly is history and drama for reference of our lives。

22、你希望子女怎樣對待你,你就怎樣對待你的父母。——伊索克拉底 You hope their children how to treat you, how do you treat your parents。

23、在這個世界上,我們永遠需要報答最美好的人,這就是母親。——奧斯特洛夫斯基 In this world, we never need to repay the best people, this is mother。

24、就是在我們母親的膝上,我們獲得瞭我們的最高尚、最真誠和最遠大的理想,但是裡面很少有任何金錢。——馬克?吐溫 It is at our mother’s knee that we acquire our noblest, truest and highest ideals, but there is seldom any money in them。

25、在父母的眼中,孩子常是自我的一部分,子女是他理想自我再來一次的機會。——費孝通 In the eyes of parents, children often is a part of themselves, their children is his ideal self again。

26、作為一個人,對父母要尊敬,對子女要慈愛,(next88)對窮親戚要慷慨,對一切人要有禮貌。——羅素 As a person, to respect, to parents for their children to love, be generous to poor relatives, be polite to all people。