1、合意友來情不厭,知心人至話投機。——馮夢龍 Can meet friends to love, even to the speculation。

2、財富不是永久的朋友,(next88)但朋友是永久的財富。——列夫?托爾斯泰 Wealth is not permanent friends, but a friend is permanent wealth。

3、少年樂相知,衰暮思故友。——韓愈 Young bosom friend, failure in both old friends。

4、最好的朋友是那種不喜歡多說,能與你默默相對而又息息相通的人。——高爾基 The best kind of friend is the kind don’t like to say more, silently with you relative and straw。

5、友誼的基礎在於兩個人的心腸和靈魂有著最大的相似。——貝多芬 Friendship is the foundation of two people heart and soul with most similar。

6、人生得一知已足矣,斯世當以同懷視之。——魯迅 Life a know already enough, with in my arms。

7、志合者,不以山海為遠;道乖者,不以咫尺為近。——葛洪 Volunteer together, not in shanhai is far; The good person, not near to close。

8、為著品德而去眷戀一個情人,總是一件很美的事。——柏拉圖 For character and to care for a lover, always a beautiful thing。

9、換我心,為你心,始知相憶深。——顧夏 In my heart, for your heart, beginning phase have deep。

10、很多顯得像朋友的人其實不是朋友,而很多是朋友的倒並不顯得像朋友。——希臘 Many who look like friends is not friends, but many are friends does not appear like friends。

11、那此忘恩的人,落在困難之中,是不能得救的。——伊索 That this ingratitude, fall in trouble, can’t be saved。

12、是所有人的朋友,對誰也不是朋友。——波蘭 Are all friends, not friends。

13、朋友交好,若要情誼持久,就必須彼此謙讓體貼。——喬叟 Lasting friend morons, if you want to friendship, we must compromise with each other and considerate。

14、朋友間必須是患難相濟,那才能說得上是真正的友誼。——莎士比亞 Friends must be in trouble, that can be hardly the true friendship。

15、把友誼歸結為利益的人,我以為是把友誼中最寶貴的東西勾銷瞭。——西塞羅 Friendship comes down to the interests of the people, and I think that is the most precious thing in the friendship write-off。

16、想與所有的人交友的人,不是任何人的朋友。——普菲費爾 Want to make friends with all people, not anyone’s friend。

17、萬兩黃金容易得,知心一個也難求。——曹雪芹 Two thousand gold easy, close a also is hard to find。

18、一個不是我們有所求的朋友才是真正的朋友,交友不是為瞭向對方索取什麼。——赫巴德 A friend is not what we seek is the true friends, friends not to each other for what。

19、人之相知,貴在知心。——李陵 People who know each other, in the bosom。

20、世界上沒有比友誼更美好,更令人愉快的東西瞭;沒有友誼,世界仿佛失去瞭太陽。——西塞圖 There is no more than friendship in the world, more enjoyable; There is no friendship, no sunshine in the world。

21、周圍都有好朋友的人,比四面楚歌的人不知幸福多少。——卡內基 Good friends are all around, than the embattled people do not know how much happiness。

22、友誼永遠是一個甜蜜的責任,從來不是一種機會。——紀伯倫 Friendship is always a sweet responsibility, but never an opportunity。

23、幸運時朋友瞭解我們,逆境中我們瞭解朋友。——柯林斯 Lucky friends know us, in adversity we know friends。

24、相識滿天下,知心能幾人。——馮夢龍 Get to know each other the whole country, close to several people。

25、有朋友的人像平原一要寬廣,沒有朋友的人卻像窄狹的手掌。——蒙古族 Have a friend like a plain to broad, a man without a friend is like close the palm of your hand。

26、人傢幫我,永志不忘,我幫人傢,莫記心上。——華羅庚 The somebody else to help me, kid, I help others, never remember to heart。

27、真正的友誼總是預見對方的需要,而不是宣佈自己需要什麼。——莫洛亞 True friendship foresees the need of each other, always not announced what they want。

28、和你一同笑過的人,你可能把他忘掉;但是一同和你哭過的人,你卻永遠不忘。——紀伯倫 And you laughed together, maybe you forget; But with you cry together, but you never forget。

29、對眾人一視同仁,對少數人推心置腹,對任何人不要虧負。——莎士比亞 Bared his heart to all alike, to a few, to anyone not wrong one another。

30、人生所貴在知已,四海相逢骨肉親。——李賀 Meet in the life, all of the same flesh and blood。

31、真正的友情,是一株成長緩慢的植物。——美國 True friendship is a plant of slow growth。

32、真實的十分理智的友誼是人生最美好的無價之寶。——高爾基 Real very sensible is the most beautiful and good life priceless friendship。

33、在快樂時,朋友會認識我們;在患難時,我們會認識朋友。——柯林斯 When happy, friends will know us; A friend in trouble, we will know。

34、待人公正:不以不端的行為或者辦事不誠實去傷害他人。——富蘭克林 To be fair: in misconduct or dishonest to hurt others。

35、知道危險而不說的人,是敵人。——歌德 Know dangerous and don’t say, is the enemy of study。

36、在緊急時舍棄你的朋友不可信賴。——伊索 In an emergency to abandon your friends do not trust。

37、選擇朋友要慢,改換朋友要更慢。——富蘭克林 Choose friends is slow, change friends is more slowly。

38、勢利的朋友,遲早會離你而去。——亞當斯 Snobbish friends, will leave you sooner or later。

39、敵人的笑臉能傷人,朋友的責難是友愛。——蘇聯 Censure is the smiling face of the enemy can hurt, friends love。

40、人之相識,貴在相知,人之相知,貴在知心。——孟子 In the people get to know each other, to know each other, know each other, in the bosom。

41、如果要瞭解一個人,就看他的朋友。——蒙古族 If you want to know a person, see his friends。

42、為著品德去眷念一個情人,總是一件很美的事。——柏拉圖 For character to remember a lover, always a beautiful thing。

43、恩德相結者,謂之知已;腹心相結者,謂之知心。——馮夢龍 Of ender phase knot know already。 Of centre phase and close。

44、你若聰明,莫把那人當作朋友,假如他和你的敵人交情深厚。——薩迪 If you are smart, don’t put that person as a friend, if he and the attachment of your enemies。

45、人生交契無老少,論交何必先同調。——杜甫 No life in deed, old and young, LunJiao why homology first。

46、有些人對你恭維不離口,可全都不是患難朋友。——莎士比亞 Some people to you compliment from the mouth, but all is not a friend in need is a friend。

47、人生最美麗的回憶就是他同別人的友誼。——林肯 The most beautiful memories of life is his friendship with others。

48、一貴一賤交情見。——駱賓王 One of your base see friendship。

49、冤傢宜解不宜結,各自回頭看後頭。——馮夢龍 Appropriate solution of unfavorable knot, elected their look back。

50、交友時須慎思,先知其品性、傢世和交遊。——瓦魯瓦爾 When dating to be deliberating, the prophet its character, family and friends。

51、志道者少友,逐利者多儔。——王符 Chi dao friends less, Chou more profit。

52、交心不交面,從此重相憶。——白居易 Heart don’t hand over face, from now on heavy recall。

53、君子與君子以同道為朋,小人與小人以同利為朋。——歐陽修 A gentleman and a man of honour is friends with fellow, little and little with the as friends。

54、友誼像清晨的霧一樣純潔,奉承並不能得到友誼,友誼隻能用忠實去鞏固它。——馬克思 Friendship is like the morning mist as chaste, flatter and can’t find friendship, friendship can only use a loyal to consolidate it。

55、世間最美好的東西,莫過於有幾個有頭腦和心地都很正直的朋友。——愛因斯坦 Perhaps the most beautiful things in the world there are a few mind and heart are very honest friend。