1、人生所有的歡樂是創造的歡樂:愛情天才行動全靠創造這一團烈火進射出來的。All joy is the joy of creation in life: to love genius action by creating a ball of fire into the shot。

2、人生不發行往返車票,一旦出發瞭就再也不會歸來瞭。Do not issue ticket back and forth in life, once started, never to return。

3、人人都談及幸福,但真正理解幸福的人少而又少。Everyone is talking about happiness, but really understand the happy people less and less。

4、前途是屬於那些一旦決定之後,就不屈不撓不達目的誓不罷休的人。Future belongs to those who once the decision, he perseverance oath to reach the goal don’t give up。

5、人類經常把一個生涯發生的事,撰寫成歷史,在從那裡看人生。其實,那不過是隱,人生是內在的。People often put a career, to write history, from there to see in your life。 In fact, it is hidden, the life is internal。

6、我服從理性,有必要時,我可以為它犧牲我的友誼,我的憎惡,以及我的生命。Me to obey reason, when necessary, I can sacrifice my friendship for it, I hate, and my life。

7、凡是對真理沒有虔誠的熱烈的敬意的人,絕對談不到良心,談不到崇高的生命,談不到高尚。All the truth no pious warm respect person, never talk about conscience and less lofty life, the less noble。

8、不是我要關心政治,而是政治總在關心我。Is not I want to care about politics, but politics are always concerned about me。

9、扼殺思想的人,是最大的謀殺犯。Kill the thought, is the greatest murderer。

10、即使一動不動,時間也在替我們移動。而日子的消逝,就是帶走我們希望保留的幻想。Even if motionless, time also move in for us。 And the passing of time is taken away the illusion of we want to keep。

11、累累的創傷,就是生命給你的最好東西,因為在每個創傷上面都標志著前進的一步。Debt-laden trauma, is life the best things to you, because in every trauma it marks a step forward。

12、沒有偉大的品格,就沒有偉大的人,甚至也沒有偉大的藝術傢、偉大的行動者。No great character, no great man, or even a great artist, great actors。

13、要散佈陽光到別人心裡,先得自己心裡有陽光。The in the mind to spread sunshine to others, to the sunshine in my mind。

14、可憐一個人對於幸福太容易上癮瞭!等到自私的幸福變成瞭人生惟一的目標之後,不久人生就變得沒有目標。A poor person for happiness too addictive! When the selfish happiness turned out to be the only aim in life, life becomes no target soon。

15、誰有進取的意志,誰就幹得成。Who has the will of enterprising, who is doing。

16、怯懦的人,會把朋友送給劊子手。Timid people, will send a friend to the executioner。

17、看清這個世界,然後愛它。See the world, and then love it。

18、人類的生活其實都是心理生活。Human life are psychological life。

19、天才免不瞭有障礙,因為障礙會創造天才。Obstacles are inevitable to the talents, for obstacles can create geniuses。

20、生活最沉重的負擔不是工作,而是無聊。Life the most heavy burden is not working, but boring。

21、唯有心靈能使人高貴。所有那些自命高貴而沒有高貴的心靈的人,都像塊污泥。Only the mind can make people noble。 All that they are noble and no noble heart, like a piece of sludge。

22、朋友看朋友是透明的,他們彼此交換著生。Friends watch is transparent, they exchange with each other。

23、創造,或者醞釀未來的創造。這是一種必要性:幸福隻能存在於這種必要性得到滿足的時候。The creation of the creation, or brewing in the future。 Necessity: this is a kind of happiness can only exist in the necessity to be satisfied。

24、為瞭高尚的目標,多大的代價我也願付出。How much cost I also to noble goal, is willing to pay。

25、每個人的生活經驗都是由自己去體會的。如果你有勇氣,一切都會順利。Each person’s life experience is to experience。 If you have the courage, everything will be smooth。

26、柔和的態度對於一顆被人輕蔑的心的確是很大的安慰。Gentle attitude for a heart to be contempt indeed is a great comfort。

27、人生是一場賭博。不管人生的財博是得是損,隻要該賭的肉尚剩一磅,我就會賭它。Life is a gamble。 No matter life is gambling is better is damaged, as long as the wager a pound of meat is still left, I would bet on it。

28、每個人都從書中研究自己,要不是發現自己,就是控制自己(next88)。Everyone from research himself in the book, if it weren’t for found himself, is to control oneself。

29、即使通過自己的努力知道一半真理,也比人雲亦雲地知道全部真理要好得多。Even through their own efforts to know half the truth is much better than conformity to know all the truth。

30、宿命論是那些缺乏意志力的弱者的借口。Fatalism is an excuse for those who lack the willpower of the weak。

31、是一個永不停息的工廠,那裡沒有懶人的位置。工作吧!創造吧!Is a never-ending factory, where there is no the position of the lazy。 Work! Create!

32、生活中不是缺少美,而是缺少發現。Life is not lack of beauty, but a lack of discovery。

33、對等工作的嚴肅態度,高度的正直,形成瞭自由和秩序之間的平衡。Peer work serious attitude, a high degree of integrity, to form the balance between freedom and order。

34、一個豐富的天性,如果不拿自己來喂養饑腸轆轆的別人,自己也就要枯萎瞭。A rich nature, if don’t take yourself to feed hungry people, oneself also will wither。

35、誰要在世界上遇到過一次友愛的人,體會過肝膽相照的境界,就是嘗到瞭天上人間的歡樂。Who want to met a loving man in the world, have sworn brothers, is tasted the joy of the earth。

36、從來沒有人為瞭讀書而讀書,隻有在書中讀自己,在書中發現自己,或檢查自己。No one to reading and reading, and only read in the book, in the book, he found himself, or check yourself。

37、不要為過去的時間嘆息!我們在人生的道路上,最好的辦法是向前看,不要回頭。Don’t sigh for the past time! We are on the way of life, the best way is to look ahead, not back。

38、人生是共同使用的葡萄園,一起栽培,一起收獲。Life is a common use vineyard and cultivation, harvest together。

39、母愛是一種巨大的火焰。A mother’s love is a huge flame。

40、懷疑與信仰,兩者都是必需的。懷疑能把昨天的信仰摧毀,替明天的信仰開路。Doubt and belief, both are necessary。 Doubt can destroy in yesterday’s belief, faith open for tomorrow。

41、花時間精力去鑿許多淺井還不如花相當多的時間和精力去鑿一口深井。Spend time and energy sinking many shallow Wells it is better to spend a considerable amount of time and energy to cut a deep well。

42、你失掉的東西越多,你就越富有:因為心靈會創造你所缺少的東西。The more you lose something, the more you rich: because the mind can create what you lack。

43、如果你想獨占真理,真理就要嘲笑你瞭。If you want to monopolize the truth, the truth will laugh at you。

44、人們不能給情欲規定一個時間。People can’t lust for a specified time。

45、世界上還有些國傢更重要的,那便是人類的良心。Some countries in the world is more important, it is human conscience。

46、讓整個一生都在追求中度過吧。那麼在這一生中必定會有許許多多美好的時刻。Let the whole life is spent in the pursuit of it。 So in this life will have many, many wonderful moment。

47、一旦自私的幸福,變成瞭人生唯一的目標,人生就會變得沒有目標。Once the selfish happiness, became the only aim in life, life will become without goals。

48、標志時代的最靈敏的晴雨表是青年人。Sign is the most sensitive barometer of the era of young people。

49、世上隻有一個真理,便是忠實於人生,並且愛它。There is only one truth, it is true to life, and love it。

50、對於工作的嚴肅態度,高度的正直,形成瞭自由和秩序之間的平衡。Serious attitude to work, a high degree of integrity, to form the balance between freedom and order。

51、你的與熱情,是你航行的靈魂的舵和帆。You and passion, is your voyage of the rudder and the sails of the soul。

52、世間的任何事物,追求時候的興致總要比享用時候的興致濃烈。Anything in the world, the pursuit of time interest than to enjoy strong interest。

53、很清楚,前途並不屬於那些猶豫不決的人,而是屬於那些一旦決定之後,就不屈不撓不達目的誓不罷休的人。It’s quite clear that the future does not belong to those who hesitate, but belongs to those who once decided, will persevere oath will not give up to reach the goal。