1、愛國主義是一種生動的集體責任感。——奧爾丁頓 Patriotism is a kind of vivid collective responsibility。

2、祖國更重於生命,是我們的母親,我們的土地。——聶魯達 Is more important than life, more of the motherland is our mother, our land。

3、為他的國傢說謊是每一個愛國者的職責。——阿爾弗雷德?阿德勒 Lie for his country is the responsibility of every patriot。

4、人不僅為自己而生,而且也為祖國活著。——柏拉圖 People born not only for themselves, but also for our country to live。

5、我們愛我們的民族,這是我們自信心的泉源。——周恩來 We love our nation, it is the source of our confidence。

6、要讓我們愛我們的國傢,我們的國傢應該可愛才行。——愛德蒙?柏克 To make us love our country, our country ought to be lovely。

7、錦繡河山收拾好,萬民盡作主人翁。——朱德 Expeditions packed, and all the people as masters。

8、我們知道個人是微弱的,但是我們也知道整體就是力量。——馬克思 We know that people are weak, but we also know that the whole is power。

9、我們要把心靈裡的美麗的激情獻給祖國。——普希金 We need to get the heart of the beautiful passion is dedicated to the motherland。

10、沒有祖國,就沒有幸福。每個人必須植根於祖國的土壤裡。——屠格涅夫 No country, no happiness。 Everyone must be rooted in the soil of the motherland。

11、人民不僅有權愛國,而且愛國是個義務,是一種光榮。——徐特立 People not only have the right to patriotism and patriotic is a duty, is a kind of glory。

12、最大的榮譽是保衛祖國的榮譽。——亞裡士多德 The biggest honor is to defend the motherland’s honor。

13、我贊美目前的祖國,更要三倍地贊美它的將來。——馬雅可夫斯基 Three times I praise the motherland, more want to celebrate it in the future。

14、祖國就是我的傢,黨就是我的母親,為瞭他們,我決心獻出我的一切!——馬本齋 The motherland is my home, the party is my mother, in order to them, I am determined to give everything to me!

15、人民不能沒有面包而生活,人民也不能沒有祖國而生活。——雨果 People cannot live without bread, people also can’t live without the motherland。

16、假如我是有一些能力的話,我就有義務把它獻給祖國。——林耐 If I have some ability, I have a duty to dedicate it to my country。

17、工人沒有祖國。絕不能剝奪他們所沒有的東西。——馬克思恩格斯 Workers have no country。 Must not be deprived of the things they do not。

18、愛國英雄給民族帶來光榮,專制暴君給民族帶來災難。——拜倫 Patriotic hero brings to the national glory, tyranny brought disaster to people。

19、愛祖國,首先要瞭解祖國;不瞭解,就說不上愛。——任繼愈 Love the motherland, the first thing to understand the motherland; Don’t understand, you can’t say love。

20、除非你能消除人類愛國的心,否則世界永遠不會太平。——肖伯納 Unless you can eliminate human patriotic heart, the world will never be peace。

21、做人最大的事情是什麼呢?就是要知道怎樣愛國。——孫中山 What is to be one of the biggest things? Is to know how patriotic。

22、我死國生,我死猶榮,身雖死精神長生,成功成仁,實現大同。——趙博生 My death the life, I a glorious death, the body is dead spirit of immortality, success even achieve harmony。

23、惟有民魂是值得寶貴的,惟有他發揚起來,中國才有真進步。——魯迅 But Chinese is precious, but he carry forward, China is true progress。

24、真正的愛國者是愛人類的,愛國決不是排外。——馬鐵丁 True patriot love human, patriotic is not exclusive。

25、一個沒有祖國的人,像一個沒有傢的孩子,(next88)永遠是孤獨的。——尤今 A man without the motherland, has no home is like a child, will always be lonely。

26、我們波蘭人,當國傢遭到奴役的時候,是無權離開自己祖國的。——居裡夫人 We poles, when the country was under slavery, is not entitled to leave his homeland。

27、恨不抗日死,留作今日羞。國破尚如此,我何惜此頭。——吉鴻昌 Hate not anti-japanese die, reserved for today。 The break is so, I cherish this head。

28、真正的愛國主義是不分黨派的。——托?斯摩萊特 True patriotism is nonpartisan。

29、不要問你的祖國能為你做什麼;要問你能為你的祖國做什麼。——肯尼迪 Ask not what your country can do for you; Ask what you can do for your country。

30、誰不屬於自己的祖國,那麼他也就不屬於人類。——別林斯基 Who do not belong to his own country, he also do not belong to human。

31、熱愛自己的祖國是理所當然的事。——海涅 His love for his country is a matter of course。

32、人民不僅有權愛過,而且愛國是個義務,是一種光榮。——徐特立 People not only have the right to love, and patriotic is a duty, is a kind of glory。

33、惟有民魂是值得寶貴的,惟有它發揚起來,中國人才有真進步。——魯迅 But Chinese is precious, but it develops, Chinese talent there is great progress。

34、如果胃囊空空,誰也難以成為愛國志士。——佈拉恩 If the stomach is empty, who is also difficult to be patriots。

35、我重視祖國的利益,甚於自己的生命和我所珍愛的兒女。——莎士比亞 I pay attention to the interests of the motherland, better than his own life and I treasured children。

36、愛國主義和其它道德感情與信念一樣,使人趨於高尚。——凱洛夫 Patriotism and other moral feelings and beliefs that make people tend to be more noble。

37、瞞人之事弗為,害人之心弗存,有益國傢之事雖死弗避。——呂坤 Keep the matter of the people, for, the heart of harm, to save, though dead, avoid are good countries。

38、我不如起個磨刀石的作用,能使鋼刀鋒利,雖然它自己切不動什麼。——賀拉斯 ACTS as a whetstone, than I can make the sharp steel knife, though what it cut himself did not move。

39、各出所學,各盡所知,使國傢富強不受外辱,足以立於地球之上。——詹天佑 Each out of what they have learned, to the best of knowledge, make the country rich and strong from outside, is enough to stand upon the earth。

40、愛國反倒受窮,誰還敢去愛國?——蒲柏 Patriotic but poor, who still dare to patriotic?

41、不愛自己國傢的人,什麼也不會愛。——拜倫 Don’t love their country, what also can’t love。

42、愛國的主要方法,就是要愛自己所從事的事業。——謝覺哉 The main method of patriotic, is to love what you are engaged in。

43、假如我還能生存,那我生存一天就要為中國呼喊一天。——方志敏 If I can live, that I live for the day China cry for a day。

44、黃金誠然是寶貴的,但是生氣勃勃勇敢的愛國者卻比黃金更寶貴。——林肯 Gold is precious; but lively brave patriots are more precious than gold。

45、批評他的國傢的公民是在含蓄地為國傢作貢獻。——詹姆斯?富佈萊特 Criticism of his country’s citizens are implicitly make contributions to the nation。

46、錦城雖樂,不如回故鄉;樂園雖好,非久留之地。歸去來兮。——華羅庚 Chengdu is happy, than back to hometown; Paradise is good, but not too long。 I’m going home。

47、人類最高的道德標準是什麼?那就是愛國心。——拿破侖 What is the highest moral standards? It is patriotism。

48、除非你能消除人類的愛國之心,否則世界就永遠不會太平。——蕭伯納 Unless you can eliminate human patriotism, otherwise you will never be peace in the world。

49、為國之道,在於利眾。利眾之本,必學德能。——方海權 For countries, lies in the trace。 Trace, can learn German。

50、我贊美的祖國,更要三倍地贊美它的將來。——馬雅可夫斯基 To three times as much more praise of the motherland, I praise it in the future。

51、虛榮的人註視著自己的名字,光榮的人註視著祖國的事業。——何塞?馬蒂 Vain people staring at his name, and glory of people watched the cause of the motherland。

52、南北驅馳報主情,江花邊草笑平生。一年三百六十日,都是橫戈馬上行。——戚繼光 North and south drive chi at the main affection, jiang lace grass smile in my life。three hundred and sixty days a year are horizontal amraphel line immediately。