No matter how big the house is, it’s also a temporary residence. Only that small wooden box is the permanent home. Remember that if you don’t want to be arrogant, you’ll feel at ease. If you don’t do anything arrogantly, you’ll feel at ease. If you don’t want to be arrogant, you’ll feel at ease.


The best doctor is himself, the best medicine is time, the best mood is quiet, the best health care is smile, the best exercise is walking!


Beauty in flowers, beauty in gorgeous; beauty in people, beauty in health! Health is the living room of the soul, sickness is the prison of the body, health is everything!


Life does not consist in the length of life, but in the morning and evening of insight; life is not used to correct the right and wrong of others, but to practice their wonderful life!


The best doctor is a friend, the best prescription is a smile, the best cure for illness is oneself, and the best exercise for health is walking!


Wealth, fame and wealth will not be equal, but time is fair to people. Some people have Jinshan Yinshan, not necessarily Longevity than Nanshan, some people are rough tea clothes, and often happy for a hundred years!


When the mind tends to be calm, the spirit will be eternal! By lowering desire to the lowest point and sublimating rationality to the highest point, you will realize that peace is fortunate, health is fortune, purity is wealth, and lack of desire is longevity.


Treat yourself kindly, happiness is incomparable; treat others kindly, happiness is incomparable; treat life kindly, health is incomparable!


A wise man understands, a wise man understands, and a wise man sees far. The voice of a wise man is the direction of a fool. If you can’t give up your past ignorance, you can’t go into the palace of wisdom. For health, prejudice is more terrible than ignorance.


Life depends on talent, life depends on man-made, life depends on parents, health depends on oneself, heredity is only the starting line of health, health care is the new starting point of life, strong body-building lies in their careful shaping!


A good habit is to store health, indulge in bad habits is to overdraw life, excuse people who can’t spare time to exercise, sooner or later they will spare time to see a doctor!


Giving gifts to people is better than giving health to them; inviting people to eat is better than inviting people to sweat; spending money to play is better than teaching the elegance of playing!


A healthy body is the living room of the soul, while a sick body is the confinement room of the soul.


Happiness is always accompanied by generous people, wealth is always accompanied by honest people, wisdom is always accompanied by noble people, charm is always accompanied by humorous people, health is always accompanied by open-minded people!


No friend is better than health, no enemy is better than illness. It is better to exercise and keep fit than to shed tears for illness.


There is nothing wrong with illness, nothing without money, nothing without health. Health is not everything, but there is nothing without health.


Life is only 30,000 days, success and failure are calm, right and wrong do not care, health and happiness is the most valuable.


It’s better to have a good habit, no calm habits, no healthy body, reasonable diet, regular living, proper exercise, happy mentality, which is the cornerstone of physical and mental health! _____________


Exercise is like bank savings, zero savings, accumulated for a long time will become a huge sum of money; health and fitness, such as climbing mountains, constantly climbing, perseverance will prolong life!


Senior officials are inferior to high knowledge, high knowledge is inferior to high salary, high salary is inferior to high life, high life is inferior to happiness! Not afraid of low pay, afraid of returning to the West, not afraid of making less money, afraid of leaving early!


There are three things in life that cannot wait: filial piety to parents, education to children, and health to oneself.


Cold people are close to clothes, sick people are close to doctors. Instead of seeking panaceas, it is better to block the source of disease; instead of getting medical care, it is better to find sports venues at ordinary times.


Joy is the magic drug of longevity, diligence is the panacea of health, exercise is the investment of health, longevity is the return of fitness, do not ask about spring skills when meeting, quiet is better than medicine!


Melon delicious is not in size, people’s health is not in age, aging is not proportional to age, good health care people, perishable youth will slow down!


Those who live in an orderly manner, eat regularly, exercise well, keep their spirits within limits, and are optimistic and open-minded must be blessed without praying for good and prolonging their lives.


The three most important things in life are: to treat the world with tolerance, to treat life; to create the world with happiness, to change life; to feel the world with gratitude, to feel life!


Regular life is the secret of health and longevity.


Life is maintained by constant absorption of nutrients, health is consolidated by long-term persistent exercise; reasonable diet, good mentality and persistent exercise, create a vigorous life!


The greatest mistake in life is to exchange health for things outside the body; the greatest sorrow in life is to exchange life for personal troubles; the greatest waste in life is to use life to solve the troubles created by oneself!


Nurturing the mind will adjust the body, exercise can restore the spirit, health should be open-minded and optimistic, fitness needs perseverance!


Diet is precious in the festival, reading is precise, exercise is precious in the eternity! Diet, stomach, reading, gallbladder, like sports!


A person’s body, by no means an individual, should be regarded as the precious wealth of society. All young people who are willing to contribute to society and make great achievements for the country must cherish their health very much.


Three layers of cotton, good clothes and caps can not withstand beauty, beauty in youth, health in old age, inner life is long life!