1、構成我們學習最大障礙的是已知的東西,而不是未知的東西。——貝爾納Make up our biggest obstacle to learning is known, not unknown things。

2、珍視思想的人,必然珍視自己的尊嚴。——蘇霍姆林斯基Cherished idea, must cherish their own dignity。

3、一個驕傲的人,結果總是在驕傲裡毀滅瞭自己。——莎士比亞A proud, and the result is always in the proud destroyed himself。

4、生命的尊嚴正是超等價物的一切事物的基點。——池田大作The dignity of life is the equivalent of the basis of everything。

5、不知道他自己的尊嚴的人,便不能尊重別人的尊嚴。——席勒People don’t know his own dignity, he can’t respect for the dignity of others。

6、謙虛對於優點猶如圖畫中的陰影,會使之更加有力,更加突出。——牛頓Modest for advantages like the shadow in the picture, will make it more powerful, more outstanding。

7、自尊不是輕人,自信不是自滿,獨立不是孤立。——徐特立Self-esteem is not young people, confidence is not complacent, independence is not isolated。

8、要掌握書,莫被書掌握;要為生而讀,莫為讀而生。——佈爾沃To master book, don’t be master; Read to live, not live to read。

9、人們將永遠賴以自立的是他的智慧良心人的尊嚴。——蘇霍姆林斯基People will always rely on self-reliance is the wisdom of his conscience, human dignity。

10、為人粗魯,意味著忘卻瞭自己的尊嚴。——車爾尼雪夫斯基Is rude, and mean to forget their own dignity。

11、不下決心培養思考的人,便失去瞭生活中的最大樂趣。——愛迪生Don’t make up my mind to develop thinking people, lost the greatest pleasures in life。

12、我們知道的東西是有限的,我們不知道的東西則是無窮的。——拉普拉斯What we know is limited, so we don’t know what is infinite。

13、看書和學習是思想的經常營養,是思想的無窮發展。——岡察洛夫Reading and learning is often nutrition, is the endless development of thought。

14、善良和謙虛是永遠不應令人厭惡的兩種品德。——斯蒂文生Kindness and humility is should never hated two character。

15、不要讓一個人去守衛他的尊嚴,而應讓他的尊嚴來守衛他。——愛默生Don’t let a person to guard his dignity, but let his dignity guard him。

16、尺有所短;寸有所長。物有所不足;智有所不明。——屈原Some short-scale; Inch a director。 It is insufficient; Wisdom is unknown。

17、最盲目的服從乃是奴隸們所僅存的唯一美德。——盧梭The blind obedience is the slaves only by the only virtue。

18、卑己而尊人是不好的,尊己而卑人也是不好的。——徐特立British Columbia, it is not good to respect people, respect yourself and British people is not good。

19、勞謙虛己,則附之者眾;驕慢倨傲,則去之者多。——葛洪Lowe humble himself and those possessed by all the; Arrogance disdainful, was much more to the other。

20、讀書務在循序漸進;一書已熟,方讀一書,勿得鹵莽躐等,雖多無益。——胡居仁Read transaction is step by step; Already cooked, read a book, do not have to skip over the normal steps, recklessness is more useless。

21、驕諂,是一個人。遇勝我者則諂,遇不知我者則驕。——申居鄖Arrogant flattering, may be one person。 Case – I was flattering, meet those who don’t know my pride。

22、慷慨,尤其是還有謙虛,就會使人贏得好感。——歌德Generous, especially with modesty, can make people win favor。

23、我讀書越多,書籍就使我和世界越接近,生活對我也變得越加光明和有意義。——高爾基The more I read, the books will make me and the closer the world, life is also becoming more light and meaningful to me。

24、凡過於把幸運之事歸功於自己的聰明和智謀的人多半是結局很不幸的。——培根Credit for all the lucky too smart and intelligent people are mostly very sad ending。

25、真正以謙虛是最高的美德,也即一切美德之母。——丁尼生True with humble is the highest virtue, which is the mother of all virtue。

26、對人來說,最最重要的東西是尊嚴。——普列姆昌德To the people, the most important thing is dignity。

27、欲速是讀書第一大病,功夫中在綿密不間斷,不在不速也。——陸瓏Haste is reading the first illness, kung fu in smooth uninterrupted, not speed。

28、我一生的嗜好,除瞭革命之外,就是讀書。我一天不讀書,就不能夠生活。——孫中山The hobby of my life, in addition to the revolution, is reading a book。 A day without reading, I can’t live。

29、人應尊敬他自己,並應自視能配得上最高尚的東西。——黑格爾People should respect himself, and should regard themselves as worthy of the most noble thing。

30、我首先要求諸君信任科學,相信理性,信任自己,並相信自己。——黑格爾I first ask you believe science, rationality, trust yourself, and believe in yourself。

31、我們的尊嚴不在於我們做什麼,而在於我們懂得什麼。——桑塔亞那Our dignity is not what we do, but what we know。

32、我們可以由讀書搜集知識,但必須利用思考把糠和麥子分開。——富斯德We can read books by gathering knowledge, but must use thinking to separate bran and wheat。

33、如果我閱讀得和別人一樣多,我就知道得和別人一樣少。——霍伯斯If I read as much, and others I know less and others。

34、啊!誇獎的話,出於自己口中,那是多麼乏味!——孟德斯鳩Ah! Compliment, out of his mouth, and that is how boring!

35、一切真正的和偉大的東西,都是純樸而謙遜的。——別林斯基All real and great things, are simplicity and modesty。

36、我的座右銘是:人不可有傲氣,但不可無傲骨。——徐悲鴻My motto is: people do not have haughtiness, but do not accept。

37、人生至愚是惡聞已過,人生至惡是善談人過。——申居鄖Life is to fool the evil smell has passed, and the evil is good to talk about。

38、讀書破萬卷,胸中無適主,便如暴富兒,頗為用錢苦。——鄭板橋Read volumes, the heart comfortable, like wealth, is the money。

39、短不可護,護短終短;長不可矜,矜則不長。——聶大年Always short protection, justifying a fault short; Long not pity, pity is not long。

40、如果說我看的比別人遠的話,那隻不是站在巨人們的肩膀上罷瞭。——牛頓If I have seen far more than others, it not only standing on the shoulders of giants。

41、不知道他自己的人的尊嚴,他就完全不能尊重別人的尊嚴。——席勒Don’t know the dignity of the person himself, he was completely unable to respect the dignity of others。

42、謙虛不僅是一種裝飾品,也是美德的護衛。——愛迪生Modesty is not only an ornament, but also a guard to virtue。

43、每一個正直的人都應該維護自己的尊嚴。——盧梭Every man of integrity should maintain their own dignity。

44、根本不該為取悅別人而使自己失敬於人。——盧梭Shouldn’t have to grovel to please others and make yourself on others。

45、當我們是大為謙卑的時候,便是我們最近於偉大的時候。——泰戈爾When we are great in humility, is our most recently in great time。

46、雖然尊嚴不是一種美德,卻是許多美德之母。——柯林斯托姆Although the dignity is not a virtue, is the parent of many virtues。

47、生活在我們這個世界裡,不讀書就完全不可能瞭解人。——高爾基Living in this world, we don’t read was completely impossible to understand。

48、切忌浮誇鋪張。與其說得過分,不如說得不全。——列夫·托爾斯泰Avoid by all means grandiose stretched out。 Rather than too far, too。