1、例外恰恰證明瞭規章的合理性。——喬·拜倫The exception proves the rationality of the rules and regulations。

2、一切利己的生活,都是非理性的、動物的生活。——列夫·托爾斯泰Selfish life, everything is irrational, and animal life。

3、人們以為他們的理性支配言語,偏偏有時反而支配理性。——培根People thought that their rational control words, it happened sometimes governs rational instead。

4、我的理性沒受過彎曲和折疊的訓練,能夠那樣做的隻是我的膝蓋。——蒙田I reason not bending and folding trained and able to do that is just my knee。

5、產生自尊心的是理性,而加強自尊心的則是思考。——盧梭Self-esteem is rational, and the strengthening of self-esteem is thinking。

6、信念是有益的,但它不具有真理性。——阿米爾Faith is beneficial, but it doesn’t have attributed。

7、詩是成熟的理性。——歌德Poetry is a mature reason。

8、在人類中,秩序起著支配作用,這就證明瞭理性和道理最為強大。——沃夫拿格Plays a dominant role in humans, order, it is proved that the rationality and the most powerful。

9、哲學是理性和科學的朋友,而神學是理性的敵人和無知的庇護者。——狄德羅Philosophy is a rational and scientific friend and theology is the enemy of the rational and the protectors of ignorance。

10、最合乎理智的,莫過於這種對理智的否認。——帕斯卡爾The most is sensible, is this the reason of denial。

11、無理性不一定不理智。——劉易斯·納米爾Irrationality is not necessarily irrational。

12、對未來生活的自信,是理智的期望。——蘭德Confident of the future, it is rational expectations。

13、理智一旦產生,支配它們,那便是美德。——蒙田Once produced, governing their reason, it is a virtue。

14、沒有理智的支配,任何事物都不會持久。——昆圖斯No reason at the mercy of any things don’t last long。

15、理性和判斷力是作為一個領導者的基本素質。——泰西塔斯Reason and judgment is the basic quality as a leader。

16、理智大踏步向前,幻想則悠然漫步。——蒂安While walking down the reason forward in big strides, fantasy。

17、經常講究服飾華麗永遠意味著理智的萎縮。——拉吉舍夫Often pay attention to dress luxuriant invariably means rational atrophy。

18、許多從未聽說過“理性”這個詞的人,卻依然按照理性生活。——德謨克利特Many people have never heard of the word "reason", but still in accordance with the rational life。

19、毫無人道的理智必然導致人性的完全喪失。——阿尼克斯特Humane reason lead to the complete loss of human nature。

20、秩序就是正確的規律和事物永久的合理性。——菲爾丁The law of the order is correct and the rationality of the permanent things。

21、怠慢則不能不開精,險躁則不能理性。——諸葛亮Neglect is not open, risks mania is not rational。

22、理智時常糾正感情的過於急促的判斷。——狄德羅Reason often correct feelings too hasty judgment。

23、理性的第一規范是自然法則。——凱姆庇斯Reason is the first specification of natural law。

24、狂熱者的腦袋裡沒有理智的地盤。——拿破侖Head of no reason。

25、偏見從來不輕松,除非它能因理智而終止。——赫茲裡特Prejudice never easily, unless it can be terminated by reason。

26、一切有理性的動物,都會無聊。——普希金Everything has a rational animal, will be boring。

27、良心盡管它不依存於理性,但沒有理性就不能得到發展。——盧梭Conscience, though it does not depend on the rational, can’t develop without reason。

28、所謂智慧,我指的是一種進行理性思維時的快樂。——王小波By wisdom, I mean to rational thinking is a kind of happiness。

29、我首先要求諸君信任科學,相信理性,信任自己,並相信自己。——黑格爾I first ask you believe science, rationality, trust yourself, and believe in yourself。

30、人的理性粉碎瞭迷信,而人的感情也將摧毀利己主義。——海涅Human’s rational shattered the superstition, and people’s feelings will also destroy the self-interest。

31、時間比理性創造出更多的皈依者。——湯姆·潘恩Time than rational create even more converts。

32、理智是天神賦與凡人最有價值的財寶。——索福克勒斯Reason is the assignment of the gods and mortals the most valuable treasure。

33、理智要比心靈為高,思想要比感情可靠。——高爾基Reason is higher than the soul thought than relationship is reliable。

34、極少數人有理智,多數人有眼睛。——查爾斯·丘吉爾Very few people have a reason, most people have eyes。

35、肉體的美,如果沒有以理性作根底,隻能屬動物性。——德謨克利特The beauty of the body, if not by rational root, only belongs to the animal。

36、沒有理智決不會有理性的生活。——斯賓諾莎There is no reason not a rational life。

37、讓我們首先遵循理智吧,它是可靠的向導。——法朗士Let’s follow the reason, it is a reliable guide。

38、知性上的本能與理性是格格不入的。——大雅各比An intellectual is instinct and rationality。

39、沒有一個沒有理智的人,能夠接受理智。——弗洛伊德There is no a rational person, can accept the reason。

40、照耀人的唯一的燈是理性,引導生命於迷途的唯一手杖是良心。——海涅The only lights shine people are rational, and guide life lost the only stick is the conscience。

41、粗魯損壞一切,甚至損壞理智和公正。——格拉西安Rude all damage, even damage reason and justice。

42、理智可以說是生命的光和燈。——西塞羅Reason is the light and the light of life。

43、鬼火引導人生之路,行至一半理性才點燃起燈火。——普菲費爾Jack-o ‘-lantern lead the road of life, half to the rational to light up the lamp。

44、理性常常成為罪的奴隸而為它辯解。——列夫·托爾斯泰Rational often become the slaves of sin and to defend it。

45、婚姻實質上是倫理關系。婚姻是具有法定意義的倫理性的愛。——黑格爾Marriage is essentially ethical relationship。 Marriage is the legal significance of ethical love。

46、本能跳躍著快速前進,理智隻能緩慢爬行。——愛·揚格Instinct leaping forward quickly, reason can only crawl。

47、無愧於有理性的人的生活,必須永遠在進取中度過。——塞·約翰遜Worthy of a rational life, must always spent in progress。

48、中國哲學崇尚的是一種莊嚴、理性和溫柔敦厚之美。——於丹Chinese philosophy advocates is a kind of solemn, rational and tender and gentle beauty。

49、青春是一種持續的陶醉,是理智的狂熱。——拉羅什富科Youth is a constant, is a passionate sense。

50、理性是羅盤,欲望是暴風雨。——卡爾·波普Rationality is a compass, desire is the storm。

51、若要把感性的人變人理性的人,唯一的路徑是先使他成為審美的人。——席勒To the perceptual person become rational person, is the only path makes him an aesthetic person。

52、理性為感情所掌握,如同一個軟弱的人落在潑辣的婦人手中。——薩迪Rational control by feelings, as a weak man to fall in the hands of fiery woman。

53、勞動使人建立對自己的理智力量的信心。——高爾基Labor makes people to establish confidence in his intellectual power。

54、以理聽言,則中有主;以道窒欲,則心自清。——陳繼儒To listen to, is the Lord; Smothering desire, tao heart since the qing dynasty。

55、別的動物也都具有智力、熱情,理性隻有人類才有。——畢達哥拉斯Other animals are also has intelligence and enthusiasm, only human beings are rational。