1、生命的意義是在於活得充實,而不是在於活得長久。Is the meaning of life is to live full, and is not live long。

2、為瞭保存一個人的生命,而背叛瞭千萬人的解放事業,遭到千萬人唾棄,那活著還有什麼意思?In order to save the life of a human being, and betrayed the liberation of ten million people, ten million people spit on, the live and what mean?

3、人生天命,天生人命。天人合一,生命不息。Destiny life, natural life。 Nature, life。

4、世界上隻有一種英雄主義,那就是瞭解生命而且熱愛生命的人。There is only one heroism in the world, that is to understand life and love life。

5、萬物的生存均取決於自然力的競爭,而感情本身就是有生命的自然力的。The survival of all things all depends on the competition, the forces of nature and sentiment itself is a living force。

6、如能善於利用,生命乃悠長。Life is long, if can use。

7、尊重生命、尊重他人也尊重自己的生命,是生命進程中的伴隨物,也是心理健康的一個條件。Respect for life, respect for others and respect for his own life, is in the process of the life of concomitant, is also a condition of mental health。

8、生命是短促的,然而盡管如此,人們還是有時間講究禮儀。Life is short, but even so, people still have time to pay attention to etiquette。

9、你不能延長生命,但可以決定生命的寬度;你不能左右天氣,但你可以改變心情;你不能選擇容貌,但你可以展現笑容。You can’t prolong life, but you can decide the width of life; You can’t control the weather, but you can change the mood; You can’t choose the appearance, but you can show my smiles。

10、生命如流水,隻有在他的急流與奔向前去的時候,才美麗,才有意義。Life such as water, only in his jet and rushed forward, just beautiful, to be meaningful。

11、我能舍棄一切,但是不能舍棄黨,舍棄階級,舍棄革命事業。我有一天生命,我就應該為它們工作一天!I can give up everything, but can’t abandon the party and the part with class, abandon the revolutionary cause。 One day my life, I should work for them one day!

12、一個人要發現卓有成效的真理,需要千百萬個人在失敗的探索和悲慘的錯誤中毀掉自己的生命。A person to find the truth of a fruitful, need tens of millions of people in the failure of exploration and tragic mistake ruin your life。

13、過去的錯誤的學說不宜忘掉不談,因為各種真理都要在和錯誤鬥爭之中,才能維持他們的生命。Theory with the past mistakes should not forget, because all kinds of truth are in error and struggle, to sustain their lives。

14、一個偉大的靈魂,會強化思想和生命。A great soul, will strengthen the thought and life。

15、內容充實的生命就是長久的生命。我們要以行為而不是以時間來衡量生命。Substantial content of the life is long。 We want to life in terms of behavior rather than on time。

16、冰冷的大理石使神恢復瞭生命。The cold marble restore life to god。

17、壽命的縮短與思想的虛耗成正比。Shortening is proportional to the ideological view of life。

18、隻因生命在繼續才盲目地產生信念,這種信念是空的。Because life goes on to produce blindly faith, the belief is empty。

19、生命是珍貴之物,死是最大的罪惡。Life is a precious thing in the world, death is the greatest sin。

20、隻有獻身社會,才能找出那實際上是短暫而有風險的生命的意義。Only dedication to society, to find out the meaning of life is actually short and risky。

21、勇敢的人以生命冒險,不以良心冒險。His brave man in life, not his conscience adventure。

22、生命,隻要你充分利用,它便是長久的。Life, as long as you make full use of it is for a long time。

23、生命,那是自然會給人類去雕琢的寶石。Human life, it is naturally to carve gems。

24、使一個人的有限的生命,更加有效,也即等於延長瞭人的生命。Make a person’s limited life, more effective, which is equal to extend the lives of people。

25、生,我所欲也;義,亦我所欲也。二者不可得兼,舍生而取義者也。, I want; Righteousness, also I desire also。 But if I cannot get both, give birth and take righteous one also。

26、革命理想,不是可有可無的點綴品,而是一個人生命的動力,有瞭理想,就等於有瞭靈魂。Revolutionary ideal, not the ornament of dispensable, but rather a personal life, have ideal, is to have a soul。

27、人生有兩出悲劇:一是萬念俱灰,另一是躊躇滿志。There are two tragedy in life: one is desperation, the other is hopeful。

28、誰能以深刻的內容充實每個瞬間,誰就是在無限地延長自己的生命。Who can with profound content enrich every moment, who is in infinite to extend the life of their own。

29、我總覺得,生命本身應該有一種意義,我們絕不是白白來一場的。I always think, life itself should have a sense, we are by no means nothing to a。

30、人最寶貴的東西是生命,生命屬於我們隻有一次。The most precious thing is the life, life belongs to us only once。

31、如果你曉得怎樣利用人生,生命就是長的。If you know how to take advantage of life, and life is long。

32、你改變不瞭環境但可以改變自已;你改變不瞭事實,但你可以改變態度。You can’t change the environment but can change yourself; You don’t change the fact, but you can change the attitude。

33、生命在發展中得到延長,因為思想是衡量生命的尺度。Life in developing extended, because thought is the measure of life。

34、再過一次人生,我願意重復我的生活。因為,我向來就不後悔過去,不懼怕將來。Once again in life, I would like to repeat my life。 Because, I don’t regret the past, not afraid of the future。

35、人隻有獻身於社會,才能找出那短暫而有風險的生命的意義。Only dedicated to the society, to find out the short and has a risk of the meaning of life。

36、世間之活動,缺點雖多,但仍是美好的。Activity of the world, many shortcomings, but it’s still good。

37、生命在閃耀中現出絢爛,在平凡中現出真實。Life in the shining in gorgeous, in the ordinary real。

38、人生是非常短暫的,但如果隻註意到生命的短暫,那就一點價。Life is very short, but if you only pay attention to life is short, just a bit。

39、我們的生命是天賦的,我們惟有獻出生命,才能得到生命。Life is given to us, we earn it giving it can obtain the life。

40、人生不是一支短短的蠟燭,而是一支由我們暫時拿著的火炬,我們一定要把它燃得十分光明燦爛,然後交給下一代的人們。Life is not a short candle, but a temporary by us holding the torch, we must make it very bright light, and then to the next generation of people。

41、生命的意義在於付出,在於給予,而不是在於接受,也不是在於爭取。Is the meaning of life is to give, give, is not accepted, also is not fighting for。

42、懂得生命真諦的人,可以使短促的生命延長。A man who knows life true meaning, can make the short life extension。

43、生命不僅可以用年月計算,有時事件也是最好的日歷。Life not only can use the monthly calculation, event is sometimes the best calendar。

44、人生不售來回票,一旦動身,絕不能復返。Life is not return ticket, once started, can never return。

45、無知是生命本身存在的必要條件。如果我們瞭解一切,我們將無法忍受片刻的生存。Ignorance is a necessary condition for the existence of life itself。 If we know everything, we will not be able to endure a moment’s survival。

46、珍惜生命就要珍惜今天。Cherish life will cherish today。

47、我們隻有獻出生命,才能得到生命。We only give life, can obtain the life。

48、思想是生命的奴隸,生命是時間的弄人。Thought is the slave of life, life is the time to get one。