1、理想如晨星,我們永不能觸到,但我們可像航海者一樣,借星光的位置而航行。——史立茲Ideal as the morning star, we can never touch, but we can be like a sailor, sailing by the position of the stars。

2、我們的理想,不管怎麼樣,都屬於未來。——奇雷特Our ideal, however, belong to the future。

3、理想猶如天上的星星,我們猶如水手,雖不能到達天上,但是我們的航程可憑它指引。——舒爾茨Ideals are like the stars in the sky, we like a sailor, cannot reach the sky, but we chart our course by them。

4、你們的理想與熱情,是你航行的靈魂的舵和帆。——羅曼·羅蘭Is your ideal and passion, you sail the rudder and the sails of the soul。

5、人的活動如果沒有理想的鼓舞,就會變得空虛而渺小。——車爾尼雪夫斯基People’s activities without ideal, there is will become empty and small。

6、生活沒有目標就像航海沒有指南針。——大仲馬Living without an aim is like sailing without a compass。

7、人生重要的事情就是確定一個偉大的目標,並決心實現它。——歌德The important thing in life is to have a great aim, and the determination to attain it。

8、有理想的人,生活總是火熱的。——斯大林People with ideals, life is always hot。

9、人類惟有在實現自己美好理想的過程中才能前進。——季米裡亞捷夫The human only in the process of realize their ideals could move forward。

10、在父母的眼中,孩子常是自我的一部分,子女是他理想自我再來一次的機會。——費孝通In the eyes of parents, children often is a part of themselves, their children is his ideal self again。

11、人生最高之理想,在求達於真理。——李大釗The highest ideal in life, reach in the truth。

12、生活不能沒有理想。應當有健康的理想,發自內心的理想,來自本國人民的理想。——季米特洛夫Can’t live without ideal。 There should be the ideal of health, from the heart of ideal, ideal from their own people。

13、理想的書籍,是智慧的鑰匙。——托爾斯泰Ideal books, is the key to wisdom。

14、人需要理想,但是需要人的符合自然的理想,而不是超自然的理想。——列寧People need to be ideal, but people need to conform to the nature of the ideal, rather than supernatural ideal。

15、一種理想,就是一種力!——羅曼·羅蘭An ideal is a kind of force!

16、世界上最快樂的事,莫過於為理想而奮鬥。——蘇格拉底The happiest thing in the world is to struggle for the ideal。

17、如果不獻身給一個偉大的理想,生命就是毫無意義的。——何塞·黎薩爾If not dedicated to a great ideal, life is meaningless。

18、理想並不能夠被現實征服,希望的火花在黑暗的天空閃耀。——巴金Ideal is not can be real conquest, the spark of hope shining in the dark sky。

19、悲觀的人,先被自己打敗,然後才被生活打敗;樂觀的人,先戰勝自己,然後才戰勝生活。——汪國真Pessimistic people, beat yourself first, before they had been defeated by life; Optimistic people, to conquer yourself first, then win over life。

20、有理想充滿社會利益的,具有明確目的的生活是世界上最美好和最有意義的生活。——加裡寧Have ideal of social interests, with the purpose of life is the world’s most beautiful and the most meaningful life。

21、不要放棄你的幻想。當幻想沒有瞭以後,你還可以生存,但是你雖生猶死。——馬克·吐溫Don’t part with your illusions。 When they are gone you may still exist, but you have ceased to live。

22、人生應該樹立目標,否則你的精力會白白浪費。——波得斯Have an aim in life, or your energies will all be wasted。

23、在理想的最美好世界中,一切都是為最美好的目的而設。——伏爾泰In the most beautiful ideal world, all is for the best goal。

24、我們如果沒有理想,我們的頭腦將陷入昏沉;我們如果不從事勞動,我們的理想又怎樣實現?——陳毅We have no ideal, if our mind will be in a giddy; If we don’t engage in labor, our ideal and how to implement?

25、有理想的生活,即充滿瞭公共利益,因而抱有高尚目的的生活,便是世界上最優美,最有趣的生活。——加裡寧Has the ideal of life, namely full of public interest, and therefore have a noble purpose of life, is the world’s most beautiful, the most interesting life。

26、偉大的理想惟有經過忘我的鬥爭和犧牲才能實現。——喬萬尼奧裡Great ideals but through selfless struggle and sacrifice to achieve。

27、生活的理想,就是為瞭理想的生活。——張聞天The ideal of life is for ideal life。

28、一個人有瞭遠大的理想,就是在最艱苦困難的時候,也會感到幸福。——徐特立A person with big dreams, is in time of stress, can also be happy。

29、我從來不把安逸和快樂看作是生活目的的本身——這種倫理基礎,我叫它豬欄的理想。——愛因斯坦I never consider ease and pleasure is the purpose of life itself – the ethical basis, I call it the ideal of the pigsty。

30、具有新想法的人在其想法實現之前是個怪人。——馬克·吐溫Man with a new idea is a crank until the idea succeeds。

31、抱負是高尚行為成長的萌牙。——莫格利希Ambition is a noble act the teething of growth。

32、一個人的理想越崇高,生活越純潔。——伏尼契A person’s ideal more noble, the pure life。

33、我們的鬥爭和勞動,就是為瞭不斷地把先進的理想變為現實。——周揚Our struggle and labor, is to constantly put the advanced ideals into reality。

34、理想是指路明燈。沒有理想,沒有堅定的方向;沒有方向,沒有生活。——托爾斯泰Ideal is the beacon。 Without ideal, there is no secure direction; Without direction, there is no life。

35、不要隻因一次失敗,就放棄你原來決心想達到的目的。——莎士比亞Do not, for one repulse, give up the purpose that you resolved to effect。

36、人的理想志向往往和他的能力成正比。——約翰遜The ideal aspiration often is directly proportional to his ability。

37、青年人的特點在於他們抱有作理想事業的宏大志願。——加裡寧The characteristics of young people is that they have to make ideal career grand volunteer。

38、人類的心靈需要理想甚於需要物質。——雨果The hearts of men need more ideal than substance。

39、生活中沒有理想的人,是可憐的人。——屠格涅夫Nothing in life is to be the ideal person, is a poor man。

40、神聖的工作在每個人的日常事務裡,理想的前途在於一點一滴做起。——謝覺哉The holy work in everyone’s daily routine, the ideal future lies in the start bit by bit。

41、實現明天理想的唯一障礙是今天的疑慮。——羅斯福The only limit to our realization of tomorrow will be our doubts of today。

42、真正美麗的東西必須一方面跟自然一致,另一方面跟理想一致。——席勒Really beautiful things must be consistent with nature on the one hand, on the other hand with ideal。

43、迎著陽光開放的花朵才美麗,伴著革命理想的愛情才甜蜜。——莫貴英Open into the sun flower is beautiful, with the revolutionary ideals to sweet love。

44、理想的人物不僅要在物質需要的滿足上,還要在精神旨趣的滿足上得到表現。——黑格爾The ideal character not only on the material need to meet, also get performance on the satisfaction of spiritual purport。

45、一個人若是沒有確定航行的目標,任何風向對他都不是順風。——蒙田Goals, if a person is not sure, any wind is not so for him。

46、世上最快樂的事,莫過於為理想而奮鬥。——蘇格拉底The happiest thing in the world, than a struggle for a noble ideal。

47、知識欲的目的是真,道德欲的目的是善,美欲的目的是美。真善美,即人間理想。——黑田鵬信Knowledge is the purpose of the true, moral purpose is good, beauty is the purpose of to beauty。 True, that is, human ideal。

48、理想與現實之間,動機與行為之間,總有一道陰影。——愛略特Between the ideal and reality, between the motivation and behavior, there is always a shadow。

49、一個人有瞭崇高的偉大的理想,還一定要有高尚的情操。沒有高尚的情操,再偉大的理想也是不能達到的。——陶鑄A person with lofty ideals, great also must have noble sentiment。 No noble sentiment, the greatest ideal is also cannot achieve。