1、我認為克服恐懼最好的辦法理應是:面對內心所恐懼的事情,勇往直前地去做,I think the best way to overcome fears are supposed to be: in the face of the heart to fear, courage to do,

2、當時間的主人,命運的主宰,靈魂的舵手。When the master of time, masters of our fate, the captain of soul。

3、實力永遠意味著責任和危險。Power invariably means both responsibility and danger。

4、實現明天理想的唯一障礙是今天的疑慮。The only limit to our realization of tomorrow will be our doubts of today。

5、任何人隻要去做他所恐懼的事,並持續地做下去,直到有獲得成功的記錄做後盾,他便能克服恐懼。Anyone to do what he feared, and continue to do it, until we have the backing of the successful record, he can overcome the fear。

6、做一個有信義的人勝似做一個有名氣的人。Be a man who have faith is worth to be a famous person。

7、沒有書籍,就不能打贏思想之戰,正如沒有艦隻不能打贏海戰一樣。No books, cannot win the battle of ideas, just as no cannot win the naval ships。

8、我要宣傳的不是頹廢的淫逸哲學,而是自發的人生之道。I want to publicity is not decadent ministries, philosophy, but a spontaneous way of life。

9、不寬恕別人的人,至死也得不到別人的寬恕。People who do not forgive, to death without mercy。

10、科學的博愛精神把分散在世界各地、各種熱心科學的人聯結成一個大傢庭。The brotherly spirit of science, which scattered around the world, people of all quarters joined into a big family。

11、要成大事,就得既有理想,又講實際,不能走極端。To achieve great things, we must both ideal and practical, and can’t go to extremes。

12、人生就象打橄欖球一樣,不能犯規,也不要閃避球,而應向底線沖過去。Life is like playing football, not foul, also don’t dodge ball, and should be rushed over to the bottom line。

13、我認為克服恐懼最好的辦法理應是:面對內心所恐懼的事情,勇往直前地去做,直到成功為止。I think the best way to overcome fears are supposed to be: in the face of what inner fear, courage to do, until success。

14、以嘲弄的眼光看待人生,是最頹靡的。With mock view of life, is the most swooning。

15、每當一位藝術傢逝去,人類的一些幻想也隨之而逝。When an artist dies, some of the human fantasy is away。

16、自由就是人權在所有地方高於一切。Freedom is a human rights above all else in all places。

17、我們必須成為民主制度的偉大兵工廠。對我們來講,這是同戰爭本身一樣嚴重的緊急狀況。We must become the great Arsenal of democracy。 For us, this is the same as war itself serious emergencies。

18、有學問而無道德,如一惡漢有道德而無學問,如一鄙夫。Learning without morality, like villian of moral without learning is like a BiFu。

19、幸福不在於擁有金錢,而在於獲得成就時的喜悅,以及產生創造力的激情。Happiness lies not in possession of money, but lies in the joy of achievement, passion and creativity。

20、當人們自由地追求真理時,真理就會被發現。When people are free to pursue the truth, the truth will be found。