1、在無限的時間的河流裡,人生僅僅是微小又微小的波浪。——郭小川Rivers in infinite time, life is just a tiny tiny wave again。

2、世間的活動,缺點雖多,但仍是美好的。——羅丹Any activity in the world, many shortcomings, but it’s still good。

3、在人生的任何場合都要站在第一線戰士的行列裡。——奧斯特洛夫斯基In any occasion in life shall all stand before the first line in the ranks of the soldiers。

4、世界上隻有一種英雄主義,那就是瞭解生命而且熱愛生命的人。——羅曼·羅蘭There is only one heroism in the world, that is to understand life and love life。

5、如果你具備開始的勇氣,就有瞭成功的豪情。——戴維·維斯考特If you have the courage to start to have the pride of success。

6、一個偉大的靈魂,會強化思想和生命。——愛默生A great soul, will strengthen the thought and life。

7、希望是厄運的忠實的姐妹。——普希金Hope is the faithful sisters of fate。

8、天下無難事,隻怕有心人。天下天易事,隻怕粗心人。——袁枚The world is difficult if you put your heart into it。 Easy all day, maybe careless people。

9、成功的奧秘在於目標的堅定。——迪斯雷利The secret of success is the target firm。

10、生命不等於是呼吸,生命是活動。——盧梭Life and breath, life is active。

11、忍耐和堅持雖是痛苦的事情,但卻能漸漸地為你帶來好處。——奧維德Patience and persistence are painful, but it can gradually bring you benefits。

12、成功,是內心的造就。——拉爾夫·M·福特Success, is the heart。

13、我們隻有獻出生命,才能得到生命。——泰戈爾We only give life, can obtain the life。

14、一個人的價值,應該看他貢獻什麼,而不應當看他取得什麼。——愛因斯坦The value of a person, should see him what contribution, should not look at what he achieved。

15、要成功一項事業,必須花掉畢生的時間。——列文虎克To a successful career, you must spend their life time。

16、不作什麼決定的意志不是現實的意志;無性格的人從來不做出決定。——黑格爾Do not make any decision will not the will of reality; A man without a character never make a decision。

17、真正的勇士敢於直面慘淡的人生,敢於正視淋漓的鮮血。——魯迅True warrior dare to face gloomy life, dare to face dripping blood。

18、人的理性粉碎瞭迷信,而人的感情也將摧毀利己主義。——海涅Human’s rational shattered the superstition, and people’s feelings will also destroy the self-interest。

19、社會猶如一條船,每個人都要有掌舵的準備。——易卜生Society is like a boat, everyone has to have pilots to prepare。

20、整個人生就是思想與勞動,勞動雖然是無聞的、平凡的,卻是不能間斷的。——岡察洛夫Although the whole life is thoughts and labor, labor is no smell, ordinary, but they could not continuously。

21、走上人生的旅途吧。前途很遠,也很暗。然而不要怕,不怕的人面前才有路。——魯迅On the journey of life。 The future is very far and very dark。 Front of the person but don’t be afraid, not afraid to have a road。

22、一個有良知而純潔的人,覺得人生是一件甜美而快樂的事。——列夫·托爾斯泰A man with a conscience and pure, feel the life is a sweet and joyful thing。

23、成功的腦子像鉆子一樣動作——集中到一點。Successful brain like drill movements

24、光陰可惜,譬諸逝水,當博覽機要,以濟功業。——顏之推Time, alas, liken myself a mill, when the expo confidential, by a winner。

25、誰有歷經千辛萬苦的意志,誰就能達到任何目的。——米南德Who will, who has experienced hardships can achieve any goal。

26、在人生道路上謙讓三分,就能天寬地闊。——卡內基Three points on the life road self-effacing, can day wide land is vast。

27、生命是一條艱險的狹谷,隻有勇敢的人才能通過。——米歇潘Life is a dangerous cajon, only a brave man can pass。

28、如能善於利用,生命乃悠長。——塞涅卡Life is long, if can use。

29、在人生的路上,將血一滴一滴地滴過去,以飼別人,雖自覺漸漸瘦弱,也以為快樂。——魯迅In the way of life, will drop by drop drops of blood in the past, with feeding others, although self-conscious gradually emaciated, also think happiness。

30、真實是人生的命脈,是一切價值的根基,又是商業成功的秘訣,誰能信守不渝,就可以成為。——德萊塞Real is the lifeblood of life, is the foundation of all value, is the secret of success in business, who can stand by is that you can become。

31、先相信你自己,然後別人才會相信你。——屠格涅夫Believe in yourself first, and then others will believe you。

32、路是腳踏出來的,歷史是人寫出來的。人的每一步行動都在書寫自己的歷史。——吉鴻昌Road is stepped out, history is written。 Every step of man is writing his own history。

33、宇宙一何愁,人生少至百。歲月相催逼,鬢也早已白。——陶淵明The universe a bright, less to the best of life。 Years are driven, temples have become white。

34、取得成就時堅持不懈,要比遭到失敗時頑強不屈更重要。——拉羅什夫科Achievement persistence, fortitude is more important than when failure。

35、無私是稀有的道德,因為從它身上是無利可圖的。——佈萊希特Selflessness is a rare moral, because from it is unprofitable。

36、人生不是一種享樂,而是一樁十分沉重的工作。——列夫·托爾斯泰Life is not a kind of enjoyment, but a pile is heavy work。

37、真正的人生,隻有在經過艱難卓絕的鬥爭之後才能實現。——塞涅卡The real life, only after hard suffering struggle to achieve。

38、生命生命,那是自然會給人類去雕琢的寶石。——諾貝爾Life is life, it is naturally to human beings to carve gems。

39、要在這個世界上獲得成功,就必須堅持到底;劍至死都不能離手。——伏爾泰To succeed in this world, we must stick to it; Sword to death can off hand。

40、當你的希望一個個落空,你也要堅定,要沉著!——朗費羅When you want one by one, you also be firm, be calm!

41、真誠才是人生最高的美德。——喬叟Sincerity is the life of the highest virtue。

42、盛年不重來,一日難再晨,及時宜自勉,歲月不待人。——陶潛Prime not heavy, once a day morning, in a timely manner appropriate。 Time and tide wait for no man。

43、人所缺乏的不是才幹而是志向,不是成功的能力而是勤勞的意志。——部爾衛Instead of talents of lack of ambition, not ability to succeed but hardworking will。

44、宿命論是那些缺乏意志力的弱者的借口。——羅曼·羅蘭Fatalism is an excuse for those who lack the willpower of the weak。

45、要體驗人生,就要把握現實,相信現實。——卡蒂特To experience life, is about to get a grip on reality and believe in the reality。

46、據我觀察,大部分人都是在別人荒廢的時間裡嶄露頭角的。——福特According to my observation, most people are other people waste time on the map。

47、人人好公,則天下太平;人人營私,則天下大亂。——劉鶚Everybody good male, world peace; Everybody case, is there。

48、生活真象這杯濃酒,不經三番五次的提煉呵,就不會這樣可口!——郭小川Life like this cup of liquor, without repeatedly refining oh, would not be so delicious!

49、真的猛士,敢於直面慘淡的人生,敢於正視淋漓的鮮血。——魯迅Really brave warrior, dare to face gloomy life, dare to face dripping blood。

50、正因為要鬥爭人生才美。——庫柏Because have to struggle in life。

51、在人生的道路上能謙讓三分,即能天寬地闊,消除一切困難,解除一切糾葛。——卡耐基On the way of life can obey three points, namely can day wide land is vast, eliminate all difficulties, remove all entanglements。

52、你因成功而內心充滿喜悅的時候,就沒有時間頹廢。——弗蘭克·邁耶Your heart with joy, with success, there is no time to decadent。

53、最本質的人生價值就是人的獨立性。——佈迪曼The essential value of life is the independence of the people。

54、在蠢人感到人生困難的時候,賢人看起來容易;而當蠢人感到容易的時候,賢者就感到困難。——歌德When stupid life difficult, sage looks easy; And when a fool who feel easy, sage was difficult。

55、在人生的道路上,當你的希望一個個落空的時候,你也要堅定,要沉著。——朗費羅On the way of life, when your hope frustrated, you also be firm, to be calm。

56、時間就是速度,時間就是力量。——郭沫若Time is speed, time means strength。

57、意志若是屈從,不論程度如何,它都幫助瞭暴力。——但丁If will give, no matter how much it has helped the violence。

58、在人生的征途上,每一個行進的足印都伴著一個夢。On the journey of life, each footprints marching with a dream。

59、在一個崇高的目的的支持下,不停地工作。即使慢,也一定會獲得成功。——愛因斯坦With the support of a noble purpose, constantly working。 Even slowly, you will achieve success。

60、真正的價值並不在人生的舞臺上,而在我們扮演的角色中。——席勒The real value is not in the stage of life, and in our role。

61、在人生中最艱難的是選擇。——莫爾The most difficult in life is to choose。

62、為瞭生活中努力發揮自己的作用,熱愛人生吧。——羅丹In order to efforts to play their part in life, love life。

63、堅忍是成功的訣竅。——狄斯累利Perseverance is the secret of success。 Disco

64、成功的秘訣,在永不改變既定的目的。——盧梭The secret of success in it will never change the established goal。

65、要是你曉得善用人生,生命畢竟是悠長的。——辛尼加If you know to make good use of life, life is long。

66、在人生中第一要緊的是發現自己。為瞭這個目的,各位時常需要孤獨和深思。——南森First is found himself in the life。 For this purpose, you often need to loneliness and thinking。