1、古之學者必嚴其師,師嚴然後道尊。Applied the "division of ancient scholars, yan and competent。

2、上下五千年,縱橫十萬裡;不朽的歷史,不滅的回憶!In five thousand, up and down vertical and horizontal ten miles; The history of the immortal, eternal memory!

3、您給瞭我們一桿生活的尺,讓我們自己天天去丈量。You gave us a ruler of life, let us every day to measure himself。

4、我們喜歡您,老師,您不僅有淵博的知識,還有一顆和我們相通的心。We love you, teacher, you not only have profound knowledge, have a heart and we are interlinked。

5、不計辛勤一硯寒,桃熟流丹,李熟技殘,種花容易樹人難。Excluding hard inkstone cold, ripe peach flow Dan, li ripe technology, easier flower ents。

6、沒有愛的教學,宛如無水池塘,終將群鮮枯竭。Teaching without love, just like water pond, will eventually group of fresh dried up。

7、您像一支紅燭,為後輩獻出瞭所有的熱和光!You like a red candle, for the younger generation gave all the heat and light!

8、對於您教誨的苦心,我無比感激,並將銘記於心!Hard for your teachings, I am very grateful, and will be remembered!

9、啊,有瞭您,花園才這般艷麗,大地才充滿春意!Oh, have you, garden was so gorgeous, the earth is full of the awaken of spring!

10、老師,這個光彩奪目的名稱,將像一顆燦爛的明星,永遠高懸在我們的胸中。The teacher, the dazzling name, will be like a bright star, always hung in our chests。

11、師者,所以傳道,授業,解惑也。’self-development, so preaching, knowledge and to reassure also。

12、老師像一座通向知識海岸的長橋。The teacher as a gateway to coast longbridge knowledge。

13、敬愛的老師,您從未在別人面前炫耀過,但那盛開的桃李,就是對您最高的評價。Dear teacher, you never show off in front of others, but the flowering plum, is the highest evaluation to you。

14、教師是火種,點燃瞭學生的心靈之火;教師是石級,承受著學生一步步踏實地向上攀登。Teacher is fire, lit the students’ inner fire; Teacher is a strength, under the student steadfastly climb up step by step。

15、知識不存在的地方,愚昧就自命為科學;教師不存在的地方,無知就變成瞭聰慧。Knowledge does not exist, but just pretend to be a science; The teacher does not exist, ignorant becomes brighter。

16、如果我們是船,那老師就是帆,引領我們在知識的海洋裡不斷向前。If we are the ship, the teacher is the sail, guide us forward in the ocean of knowledge。

17、老師,您是海洋,我是貝殼,是您給瞭我斑斕的色彩。Teacher, you are the ocean, I am a shell, is you gave me gorgeous color。

18、老師,感謝您用自己的生命之光,照亮瞭我人生的旅途。Teacher, thank you for using the light of my life, light up my life journey。

19、教導有方辛勤勞碌教無常師。Teach impermanence division teaching hard labor。

20、學者必求師,從師不可不謹也。Scholars will QiuShi took a must also。

21、我的老師,這也正是您的教育藝術。That is you, my teacher education of art。

22、太陽底下最光輝的職業。The most glorious career under the sun。

23、太陽底下最光輝的職業,人類靈魂的工程師。The most glorious career under the sun, the engineer of the human soul。

24、您的愛,太陽一般溫暖,春風一般和煦,清泉一般甘甜。Your love, the sun is generally warm, spring breeze generally warm, spring is sweet。

25、傳播知識,就是播種希望,播種幸福。Spreading knowledge is sowing hope, sowing happiness。

26、教師施愛宜在嚴愛與寬愛之間。The teacher ShiAiYi in tough love and love between wide。

27、辛勤耕耘的園丁,為下一代的成長,嘔心厲血。Plowing the gardener for the growth of the next generation, nausea and complete blood。

28、怎樣的老師造就瞭怎樣的學生。What the teacher has produced what kind of students。

29、我虔誠得不敢尋覓詞匯,因為老師這兩個字本身就是世界上最崇高的敬詞。I devoutly scared to search for a word, because the teacher this two word itself is the world’s most lofty respect。

30、教師的最大幸福就是把一群群孩子送往理想的彼岸。Teacher’s greatest happiness is to groups of children to the other side of the ideal。

31、用語言播種,用彩筆耕耘,用汗水澆灌,用心血滋潤,這就是我們敬愛的老師崇高的勞動。Seeds with the language, the conten, with sweat, with blood moisture, this is our beloved teacher lofty labor。

32、教師的人格是教育的基石。The teacher’s personality is the foundation of education。

33、老老實實做人,認認真真教書。An honest personhood, conscientious teaching。

34、教師不僅是知識的傳播者,而且是模范。Teacher is the disseminator of knowledge not only, and is a model。

35、認識瞭您,我們就時常在課堂上走進奇妙的大自然!Getting to know you, we are often in the classroom into the wonderful nature!

36、小學六年,您讓我從一顆小豆芽,變成一隻展翅欲飛的雄鷹。Elementary school six years, you let me from a small bean sprouts, into an eagle wings to fly。

37、真空、堅定、謙遜、樸素――這是您教給我唱的歌,這是您指引我走的人生之路。Vacuum, resolute, humble, simple, this is you taught me to sing the song, this is you guide me, walk the road of life。

38、為學莫重於尊師。譚嗣同古之學者必嚴其師,師嚴然後道尊。To learn is better than a teacher。 Tan sitong enforced the division of ancient scholars, yan and competent。

39、是您用美的陽光普照,用美的雨露滋潤,我們的心田才綠草如茵,繁花似錦!Are you with the beautiful sunshine, with beautiful rain moist, our hearts to lush, carpet!

40、教師是孩子的鏡子,孩子是老師的影子。Teacher is the mirror of the child, the child is the shadow of the teacher。

41、大自然用陽光和雨露滋養成長的花草,您用道德和信念澆灌我們幹渴的心田!Nature with the sun and the rain nourishes the growth of flowers and plants, do you use the moral and faith to water our thirsty heart!

42、無貴無賤,無長無少,道之所存,師之所存也。Without your base, no long no less, by way of deposit, based on the spirit of also。

43、陽光普照,園丁心坎春意暖;雨露滋潤,桃李枝頭蓓蕾紅。The heart of the sun shines, the gardener the awaken of spring, warm; Baptism, plum branches bud red。

44、我的胸懷博大,知識精深的老師。My mind, profound knowledge of the teacher。

45、舉世不師,故道益離。學者必求師,從師不可不謹也。程頤一日為師,終身為父。The world is not division, communist-held profit from。 Scholars will QiuShi took a must also。 Cheng day for the teacher, lifelong for father。

46、教師要融於師生的相互理解中。The teacher wants to dissolve into the teachers and students to understand each other。

47、經年累月,砂粒便成瞭一顆顆珍珠,光彩熠熠。For years, sand becomes each pearl, shining。

48、歲月悄悄溜走,世事變幻,恩師的表率,卻常常在我們左右。Time slip away, the world changes, the first model of the teacher, often around us。

49、愛就是教育,沒有愛便沒有教育。Love is education, no love, no education。

50、老師,您是真誠的善良的美好的。願所有同學的心扉都向您敞開。Teacher, you are a sincere kind of good。 I hope all students hearts are open to you。