1、學校的目標始終應當是:青年人在離開學校時,是作為一個和諧的人,而不是作為一個專傢。——愛因斯坦School’s goal is always should be: when young people leave school, as a harmonious people, rather than as an expert。

2、一切學科本質上應該從心智啟迪時開始。——盧梭All discipline essence should begin from the mind’s enlightenment。

3、作傢是教師,他叫人到應該去的地方。——盧那察爾斯基The writer is a teacher, he should call a person to go to place。

4、兒童的行為,出於天性,也因環境而改變,所以孔融會讓梨。——魯迅The behavior of children, for nature, also due to environmental changes, so jung will let pears。

5、與其找糊塗導師,倒不如自己走,可以省卻尋覓的功夫,橫豎他也什麼都不知道。——魯迅Rather than looking for careless mentor, oneself go, you can dispense for kung fu, somehow he also don’t know anything。

6、如果你認為你的老師嚴厲,等你當瞭老板再這樣想。——比爾·蓋茨If you think your teacher is tough, wait till you when the boss。

7、自然界是解決科學難題的最好的和最客觀的老師。——道庫恰耶夫Nature is the best and most objective solve scientific problems of the teacher。

8、培育參天的大樹要從幼苗護起,呵護幼小的心靈應把點滴看重。——邵坤Cultivating towering trees from seedling to protect, care for young and small mind should be a little value。

9、書本也是好老師,活用才能成功。——陳安之The book is also a good teacher, use to be successful。

10、教義應該使人們愛上訓誡,而不是愛上教師。——培根Doctrine should make people fall in love with discipline, not fall in love with the teacher。

11、隻要站起的次數比跌到的次數多一次,那麼你將是勝利者。——陸存學Standing up as long as the number of times than fell to one more time, then you will be the winner。

12、教師總是真正上帝的代言者,真正天國的引路人。——杜威Teachers always really god televsion, truly a guider of the kingdom of heaven。

13、教師的威信首先建立在責任心上。——馬卡連柯Teacher’s prestige first built on a responsibility heart。

14、好老師無論在哪張床上都能把你們帶上天堂,不好的老師直接帶你們去住總捅套房!——郭德綱A good teacher no matter where the bed can take you to heaven, bad teacher will take you directly to ZhuZong tong suite!

15、教師的職業是太陽底下最光輝的職業。——誇美紐斯Teachers’ career is the most glorious career under the sun。

16、學校要求教師在他的本職工作上成為一種藝術傢。——愛因斯坦School requires teachers to become an artist on his job。

17、沒有大陸,世上任何一件偉大的事業都不能完成。——黑格爾Mainland China, the world could not accomplish anything great cause。

18、種莊稼要不務農時,教育孩子要適時早教,才能收到事半功倍的效果。——雪蘇Grow crops or farming, to timely and early education, education children can receive the twice the result with half the effort。

19、歷史是時代的見證,真理的火炬,記憶的生命,生活的老師和古人的使者。——西塞羅History is the witness of The Times, the torch of truth, the life of the memory, life of teachers and the angel of the ancients。

20、我愛我的老師,但我更愛真理。——亞裡士多德I love my teacher, but I love truth more。

21、對一個尚未成熟的少年來講,壞的夥伴比好的老師起的作用要大得多。——伊索For a teenager is not yet mature, bad partners is much more than good teacher role。

22、使學生對教師尊敬的惟一源泉在於教師的德和才。——愛因斯坦Make students to respect teachers and just is the only source of teachers。

23、教師是人類靈魂的工程師。——斯大林The teacher is human soul engineer。

24、教師之為教,不在全盤授予,而在相機誘導。——葉聖陶Teachers to teach, not fully granted, and induced the camera。

25、努力就有成功的希望,不努力希望沒有。——王敬花Efforts will have hope of success, not efforts to hope not。

26、報紙是大眾的老師,一頁頁閱讀不盡的報紙是我們民族的光榮。——比徹Reading newspapers is a popular teacher, page by page of newspaper is an honor to our nation。

27、教師是太陽底下再優越沒有的職務瞭。——誇美紐斯Teachers are under the sun is advantageous position。

28、習俗是位態度粗暴而使人失望的小學女教師。——蒙田Custom is a rude and disappointing people of primary school teacher。

29、教師的智慧源於如饑似渴的學習和持之以恒地反思。——王紅玲Teacher wisdom comes from hungry to learn and constantly to reflect。

30、教師的人格就是教育工作者的一切,隻有健康的心靈才有健康的行為。——烏申斯基The teacher’s personality is all education workers, only the health of soul have healthy behavior。

31、沒有比人生更難的藝術,因為其他的藝術和學問,到處都可以找到老師。——塞涅卡There is no more difficult than the life of art, because art and other knowledge, the teacher can be found everywhere。

32、讀一本好書,就是和許多高尚的人談話,同學們應該多讀書,讀好書。——康玲Read a good book, that is, and many noble people talk, the students should read more books, read good books。

33、對於一切來說,隻有熱愛才是最好的老師。——愛因斯坦For everything, only love is the best teacher。

34、我真嫉妒你們能遇到這麼牛的老師!——羅永浩So I really envy you can meet the teacher of cow!

35、不要過分倉促地相信和欽佩德育教員:他們說話像天使,生活卻像凡人。——約翰遜Don’t rush too much trust and admire the moral education teacher: they talk like an angel, life is like a human。

36、經驗是一位出色的教師,隻是他的修金昂貴。——米納·安特利姆Experience is a good teacher, but his gold is expensive。

37、在一定意義上,學生是老師的影子,兒女是父母的影子。——吳明In a sense, is the shadow of the teacher, students and children is the shadow of their parents。

38、要把學生造就成一種什麼人,自己就應當是什麼人。——車爾尼雪夫斯基Want to make students to be a kind of what people, what they should be。

39、教師不僅是知識的傳播者,而且是模范。——佈魯納Teacher is the disseminator of knowledge not only, and is a model。

40、思想是根基,理想是嫩綠的芽胚,在這上面生長出人類的思想、活動、行為、熱情、激情的大樹。——蘇霍姆林斯基Thoughts are the roots, the ideal is pale green bud embryos, on the growth of human thought, activity, behavior, enthusiasm and passion of the tree。

41、熱愛孩子是教師生活中最主要的東西。——蘇霍姆林斯基The most main love child is a teacher’s life。

42、沒有不好的學生,隻有不好的老師。——前蘇聯作傢奧斯特洛夫斯基There are no bad students, only bad teacher。

43、那些背叛同伴的人,常常不知不覺地把自己也一起滅亡瞭。——伊索Of those who rebelled against fellow, often unknowingly himself also perish together。

44、最能保人心神之健康的預防藥就是朋友的忠言規諫。——培根The best preservative to keep the mind in health, is the friend’s advice suggestion。

45、帶著知識走向學生,不如帶著學生走向知識。——牛傳明With the knowledge to students, with the knowledge to students。