1、回頭看我的創業歷程,是不斷尋找、不斷糾正的過程。——吳錫桑 Looking back at my entrepreneurial journey, is a process of constantly looking for, correct。

2、互聯網像一杯啤酒,有沫的時候最好喝。——馬雲 The Internet like a glass of beer, a foam when had better drink。

3、天下無難事,惟堅忍二字,為成功之要訣。——黃興 The world is difficult, but perseverance, is the key to success。

4、從不浪費時間的人,沒有工夫抱怨時間不夠。——傑弗遜 Never a waste of time, there is no time complaining about didn’t have enough time。

5、最可怕的敵人,就是沒有堅強的信念。——羅曼?羅蘭 The most terrible enemy is no strong belief。

6、不幸,是一所最好的大學。——別林斯基 Unfortunately, it is a best university。

7、告訴你使我達到成功的奧秘吧,我惟一的力量就是我的堅持精神。——巴斯德 To tell you that I reach the secrets of success, I only strength is I adhere to the spirit。

8、智慧是做事用的,對於靈魂來說,靠的是信仰。——高爾基 Wisdom is to do things, for the soul, by faith。

9、天才是永恒的耐心。——米開朗琪羅 Genius is eternal patience。

10、忍耐雖然痛苦,果實卻最香甜。——薩迪 Patience although painful, is the most sweet fruit。

11、人不能把什麼都設計好瞭才上路。——張若玫 People can’t take anything designed to hit the road。

12、任何節約回根到底是時間的節約。——馬克思 Any savings back into the root to the end is the saving of time。

13、為學須剛與恒,不剛則隋隳,不恒則退。——馮子咸 For learning to be just and constant, not just the sui Hui, not constant is to go back。

14、耐心和持久勝於激烈的狂熱。——拉封丹 Patience and persistence than intense enthusiasm。

15、隻要厄運打不垮信念,希望之光就會驅散絕望之雲。——鄭秀芳 As long as the fate can’t break faith, the light of hope will dispel clouds of despair。

16、創業要找最合適的人,不一定要找最成功的人!——馬雲 Venture to find the most suitable person, not necessarily for the most successful people!

17、人們的毅力是衡量決心的尺度。——穆泰奈比 Perseverance is a measure of determination。

18、時間就是能力等等發展的地盤。——馬克思 Time is ability and so on the development of the site。

19、人要有毅力,否則將一事無成。——居裡夫人 People should have perseverance, otherwise will accomplish nothing。

20、一朝開始便永遠能夠將事業續繼下去的人是幸福的。——赫爾克 Once beginning to will be continued career after forever happy is the man who is。

21、一個有信念者所開發出的力量,大於99個隻有興趣者。——列夫?托爾斯泰 A belief is developed by the power, greater than 99 only interested。

22、毅力是永久的享受。——佈萊克 Perseverance is permanent enjoy。

23、堅強者能在命運風暴中奮鬥。——愛迪生 Can the tough struggle in the storm of fate。

24、偉大的事業需要始終不渝的精神。——伏爾泰 A great career needs unswerving spirit。

25、偉大的作品不隻是靠力量完成,更是靠堅定不移的信念。——塞繆爾?約翰遜 Great work not only by strength to complete, but also by the firm belief。

26、讀不在三更五鼓,(next88)功隻怕一曝十寒。——郭沫若 Reading is not the night five drum, is work by fits and starts。

27、時間是我的財產,我的田畝是時間。——歌德 Time is my property, my field is time。

28、一個人再有本事,也得通過所在社會的主流價值認同,才能有機會。——任正非 A person no matter, also have to go through in the mainstream values of social identity, to have a chance。

29、人的全部本領無非是耐心和時間的混合物。——巴爾紮克 People of all abilities is the mixture of patience and time。

30、要在文化上有成績,則非韌不可。——魯迅 To have achievement in culture, must be tough。

31、拋棄今天的人,不會有明天;而昨天,不過是行往流水。——約翰?洛克 Abandoned people today, there will be no tomorrow; And yesterday, but is the line into the water。

32、為學猶掘井,井愈深土愈難出,若不決心到底,豈得見泉源乎?——張九功 For the study of digging Wells, the more difficult the well the deep soil, if not determined, or to see a fountain?

33、成大事不在於力量的大小,而在於能堅持多久。——約翰生 Event is not the size of the power, and can insist on how long。

34、公道安排時間,就即是節約時間。——培根 Reasonable arrangement of time, it is to save time。

35、沒有方法能使時釧為我敲已過往瞭的鐘點。——拜倫 There is no way that you can make about to knock I have past the hour。

36、信念是鳥,它在黎明仍然黑暗之際,感覺到瞭光明,唱出瞭歌。——泰戈爾 Faith is the bird, it comes as the dawn is still dark felt light, sing the song。

37、偉大的人做事決不半途而廢。——漢密爾頓 Great man never do things by halves。

38、就是有九十九個困難,隻要有一個堅強的意志就不困難。——楊根思 Is there are ninety-nine difficulties, as long as there is a strong will is not difficult。

39、在荊棘道路上,惟有信念和忍耐能開辟出康莊大道。——松下幸之助 The thorns on the road, but the faith and patience can open up out of the way。

40、一兩智慧勝過十噸辛苦,腦袋決定口袋。——牛根生 A wisdom is better than ten tons of hard work, two head decided to pocket。

41、偉大的毅力隻為偉大的目的而產生。——斯大林 Only the great purpose and produce great perseverance。

42、能克服困難的人,可使困難化為良機。——丘吉爾 To overcome the difficulties, can make the difficulties into opportunities。

43、頑強的毅力可以征服世界上任何一座高峰。——狄更斯 Dogged willpower can conquer any peak in the world。

44、辦成改革的產物,而不是改革的對象。——陳慕華 Reform of the product, and not the object of the reform。

45、放棄時間的人,時間也放棄他。——莎士比亞 Abandoning time person, time also give up him。

46、要敢於面對自己的缺點,不斷改進才能不斷提升。——郭廣昌 Dare to face their own shortcomings, continuous improvement to improve。

47、勝利屬於最堅忍的人。——拿破侖 Victory belongs to the most persevering。

48、信念最好能由經驗和明確的思想來支持。——愛因斯坦 Faith is best can support by experience and clear ideas。

49、登高莫問頂,途中耳目新。——潘剛 Climb the mo ask top, on the way find everything new and fresh。

50、領導者應該常常保持自省的姿態和心態。——江南春 Leaders should often maintain introspection posture and attitude。

51、一個能思想的人,才真是一個力量無邊的人。——巴爾紮克 A thinking person, only is a power of endless。

52、我每天都自問有沒有犯錯誤。——梁昭賢 Every day I ask myself if there is any mistake。

53、所有堅韌不拔的努力遲早會取得報酬的。——安格爾 Sooner or later, all the tenacious efforts will be paid。

54、惟堅韌者始能遂其志。——富蘭克林 But a tough beginning can hence its volunteers。

55、宿命論是那些缺乏意志力的弱者的借口。——羅曼?羅蘭 Fatalism is an excuse for those who lack the willpower of the weak。

56、給自己留瞭後路相當於是勸自己不要全力以赴。——王石 Give yourself left posterior rather then advise not to go all out。

57、世人缺乏的是毅力,而非氣力。——雨果 The world is the lack of perseverance, not strength。

58、工作上的執著實際上是人的一種意志。——張近東 Persistence is, in fact, people on the job of a will。

59、困難越大,榮耀也越大。——西塞羅 The greater the difficulties, the more glory。

60、春光不自留,浪漫一身官方旗艦店莫怪東風惡。——莎士比亞 Spring is not retained, romantic a surprising dongfeng evil official flagship store。