1、讀書破萬卷,下筆如有神。——杜甫 Read volumes, such as writing.

2、百年心如同,誰限河南北?——姚合 Heart is like one hundred, who limit of north henan?

3、行徒用息駕,休著以忘餐。——曹植 ACTS with interest drive, take the left to eat.

4、自我感覺就是人的價值。——拉伯雷 Feeling is the person’s value.

5、人生若波瀾,世路有屈曲。——李白 If life, the road has buckling.

6、燕雀戲藩柴,安識鴻鵠遊。——曹植 The chaffinch play SAN chai, Ann is a large swan swim.

7、青春是一本太倉促的書。——席慕容 Youth is a too hasty book.

8、抱負是高尚行為的萌芽。——英格利希 The buds of ambition is to noble deeds.

9、小草也有點綴春天的價值。——佚名 The grass also has the value of spring.

10、安危在出令,存亡在所任。——司馬遷 Safety in for survival in the term.

11、人生一世間,忽若暮春草。——徐幹 If a worldly life, suddenly spring grass.

12、強學博覽,足以通古今。——歐陽修 Strong learning expo, enough through ancient and modern.

13、謹身事一言,愈於終身之誦。——韓嬰 Youngsters a word, the more in the recitation of life.

14、放蕩功不遂,滿盈身必災。——張詠 Found in wild work, full body will be disaster.

15、驚風飄白日,光景馳而流。——曹植 In the present concern.charlotte, chi and flow.

16、冬天來瞭,春天還會遠嗎?——雪萊 If winter comes, can spring be far behind?

17、相見情已深,未語可知心。——李白 Meet each other love has deep, not language can close.

18、知識是人生旅途中的資糧。——雨果 Knowledge is the life journey of food.

19、大廈將顛,非一木所支也。——王通 Tower top, not by a wood also.

20、一朝辭此地,四海遂為傢。——李世民 Once here, all for the home.

21、成功由大量的失望鑄就。——肖伯納 Success covers a multitude of blunders.

22、今日樂相樂,別後莫相忘。——曹植 After phase enjoyed today, don’t don’t forget.

23、忘掉今天的人將被明天忘掉。——歌德 Forget today will be forgotten tomorrow.

24、人生多風雨,何處無險阻?——書摘 Where life much wind and rain, no and obstacles?

25、音為知者珍,書為識者傳。——葛洪 Note at the knower, Jane books for learning.

26、沒有哪個勝利者信仰機遇。——尼采 No winners faith opportunities.

27、在人生中最艱難的是選擇。——莫爾 The most difficult in life is to choose.

28、積學以儲寶,酌理以富才。——劉勰 Learn to ChuBao, with rich to action.

29、真誠才是人生最高的美德。——喬叟 Sincerity is the life of the highest virtue.

30、真正的才智是剛毅的志向。——拿破侖 The real talent is resolute aspirations.

31、青春須早為,豈能長少年。——孟郊 The youth should be early to, how long the young.

32、失敗是堅忍的最後考驗。——俾斯麥 The final test failure is perseverance.

33、艱苦能磨練人的意志。——托?佈朗 Hard can hone the will of people.

34、真誠是處世行事的最好方法。——懷特 Sincerity is the best way to coping ways.

35、翩翩我公子,機巧忽若神。——曹植 If pian-pian my childe, cleverness and god.

36、情深恭維少,知己笑談多。——諺語 Less deep compliment, bosom friend a proverb.

37、人生是花,而愛便是花的蜜。——雨果 Life is a flower, and love is the honey of the flower.

38、自信和希望是青年的特權。——王爾德 Confidence and hope is the privilege of youth.

39、剽悍的人生不需要解釋。——羅永浩 Wild life does not need to explain.

40、養身者忘傢,養志者忘身。——韓嬰 Raise left home, resolve those forgotten.

41、心心復心心,結愛務在深。——孟郊 Xinxin after xinxin, love knot deep segment.

42、哪裡有思想,哪裡就有威力。——雨果 Where there is thought, there is power.

43、謹慎比大膽要有力量得多。——雨果 Caution is much more powerful than bold.

44、信心是命運的主宰。——海倫?凱勒 Confidence is the master of the fate.

45、日麗參差影,風傳輕重香。——李世民 Japan Korea jagged shadows, talk or sweet.

46、耐心是希望的藝術。——活文納洛斯 Patience is the art of hope.

47、自信是成功的第一秘訣。——愛默生 Confidence in yourself is the first secret of success.

48、離之則雙美,合之則兩傷。——陸機 Leaves of fannie mae and Freddie MAC, the two of us.

49、瓜田不納履,李下不整冠。——曹植 The unshaded doesn’t the shoe, nor your hat under the champions league.

50、真理可能在少數人一邊。——柏拉圖 Truth may be in the side of a few people.

51、侈而惰者貧,而力而儉者富。——韓非 A tiny and idler is poor, and force and waste is rich.

52、秋風萬裡動,日暮黃雲高。——岑參 The autumn wind wanli, sunset Huang Yun high.

53、時間和潮流永遠不待人。——司各特 Time and tide waits for no man forever.

54、驕傲的人將有失敗之日。——海伍德 There will be failures from the date of the proud.

55、發明的秘訣在不斷的努力。——牛頓 The secret of invention in ceaseless effort.

56、當君遠相知,不道雲海深。——王昌齡 When you far away to know each other, not deep sea of clouds.

57、困難越大,榮耀也越大。——西塞羅 The greater the difficulties, the more glory.

58、用心不雜,乃是入神要路。——袁牧 The heart not miscellaneous, but lost to her way.

59、偏見是愚者思考的方式。——伏爾泰 Prejudice is a fool way of thinking.

60、目標越接近,困難越增加。——歌德 Target the closer it gets, the more difficult to increase.

61、掘井須到流,結交須到頭。——賈島 Digging Wells to the stream, making must end.

62、推人以誠,則不言而信矣。——王通 To push people, not words and letters.

63、朋友是生活中的陽光。——挪易卜生 A friend is the sunshine of life.

64、結婚是因誤解而成立的。——王爾德 Marriage is formed as a result of misunderstanding.

65、鐵生銹則壞,人生妨則敗。——佚名 Iron rust is bad, hinder or fail in life.

66、人生如逆旅,我亦是行人。——蘇軾 Life is like a inner challenge, I also is a pedestrian.