1、當一扇門關上時,另一扇會打開。——塞萬提斯 When one door closes, another door opens.

2、失掉信用的人,在這個世界上是已經死瞭。——赫伯特 Lost credit, in this world is dead.

3、在哪裡找到瞭朋友,我就在哪裡重生。——泰戈爾 Where to find a friend, where I was reborn.

4、最大的過失,就是不知有錯。——托·卡萊爾 The biggest mistake, is wrong.

5、禮貌比法律更強有力。——托·卡萊爾 Politeness more powerful than law.

6、人在獨自一人時最堅強。——吉田絃二郎 The most when the person is alone.

7、要學孩子們,他們從不懷疑未來的希望。——泰戈爾 To learn the children, they never suspect that the hope of the future.

8、知識給人以份量,行為給人以光澤。——托馬斯·卡萊爾 Knowledge may give weight, give a person with luster.

9、人不能像走獸那樣活著,應該追求知識和美德。——但丁 Man can not live like beasts, should pursue knowledge and virtue.

10、陰涼處的泉水清醇,情人間的嗔怒甜美。——瓦魯瓦爾 The shade of the fresh water from the spring, the petulant sweet lovers.

11、我們隻有獻出生命,才能得到生命。——泰戈爾 We only give life, can obtain the life.

12、世上總有一顆心在期待、呼喚著另一顆心。——塞萬提斯 In this world there is always a heart in anticipation, calling another heart.

13、不承認自己幸福的人,不可能幸福。——西拉士 Don’t admit the people of his own happiness, can’t be happy.

14、是肚子帶動雙腿,而不是雙腿帶動肚子。——塞萬提斯 Is belly drives the legs, not your legs drive the belly.

15、最聰明的人是最不願浪費時間的人。——但丁 The most intelligent people are the most people don’t like to waste time.

16、愛是充實瞭的生命,正如盛滿瞭酒的酒杯。——泰戈爾 Love is life in its fulness like the cup with its wine.

17、世界上隻有一個怪物,就是懶漢。——托?卡萊爾 Only a monster in the world, it is lazy.

18、貞操是從豐富的愛情中生出來的資產。——泰戈爾 Chastity come from abundance of love.

19、我們應當在不同的崗位上,隨時奉獻自己。——海塞 We should be in different positions, to devote himself at any time.

20、停止奮鬥,生命也就停止瞭。——托?卡萊爾 Stop struggling, life is stopped.

21、有時失去不是憂傷,而是一種美麗。——村上春樹 Sometimes lose is not sad, but a kind of beauty.

22、誠實人說的話,像他的抵押品那樣可靠。——塞萬提斯 An honest man’s word, as reliable as his collateral.

23、接受恩惠等於出賣自己。——西拉士 When you accept a benefit is equal to sell yourself.

24、追求贊譽的人,功績不會很大。——普魯塔克 The pursuit of praise, it is not a great merit.

25、天才就是強烈的興趣和頑強的入迷。——木村久一 Genius is strong interest and strong fascination.

26、舊希望欺騙瞭我們的地方,就存在著新希望。——莫裡茲 Old hope deceives us, there is hope.

27、過多或過少的休息,都令人無法松氣。——希爾泰 Too much or too little rest, have been unable to relax one’s efforts.

28、沒有知識的旅遊者是一隻沒有翅膀的鳥。——薩阿迪 Without knowledge of the tourists is a bird without wings.

29、工作勤奮是最值得崇拜的。——托?卡萊爾 Hard work is the most worthy of worship.

30、如果良機不來,就親手創造吧。——斯邁爾斯 If opportunity doesn’t come, have created it.

31、忠告要隱蔽,贊揚要公開。——西拉士 Advice to concealment, praise for open.

32、許多人接受忠告,隻有聰明人從中得益。——西拉士 Many people take advice, only the wise to benefit from it.

33、即使今天不發生,明天也要發生。——村上春樹 Even today doesn’t happen, will happen tomorrow.

34、盡量寬恕別人,而決不要原諒自己。——西拉士 Try to forgive others, but never forgive myself.

35、勞動是一切商品交換價值的真實尺度。——亞當?斯密 Work is everything a true gauge of exchange value.

36、知心朋友相隔千山萬水,也似近在咫尺。——泰格奈爾 Bosom friends despite geographical distance, seemed to close at hand.

37、夜把花悄悄地開放瞭,卻讓白日去領受謝詞。——泰戈爾 The night opens the flowers quietly and allows the day to get thanks.

38、我是世界的公民,應為人類而生。——諾貝爾 I’m a citizen of the world, should be human.

39、隻有傳記是真實的歷史。——托馬斯?卡萊爾 Only the biography is real history.

40、對自己抱有興趣的人使我們感興趣。——西拉士 To own an interest in people that we are interested in.

41、善在美的後面,是美的本原。——普洛丁 Behind the beauty, is the origin of beauty.

42、沒有單獨魄力的人,將依仗別人做壞事。——福澤諭吉 Not to drive alone, will rely on other people to do bad things.

43、我自己是凡人,我隻求凡人的幸福。——彼特拉克 I myself is mortal, I but for the happiness of man.

44、生命,那是自然會給人類去雕琢的寶石。——諾貝爾 Human life, it is naturally to carve gems.

45、成就事業要能忍受時間的凌辱。——米斯特拉爾 Achievements need to be able to bear the reproach of the time.

46、不為戰爭和毀滅效勞,而為和平與諒解服務。——海塞 Don’t do for war and destruction, and for peace and understanding.

47、自然是物質的,而人卻具有精神。——泰戈爾 Nature is material, and has the spirit of man.

48、冒險勝於謹慎,因為命運是女人。——馬基雅弗利 Adventure than cautious, because the fate is a woman.

49、迫使他這樣做的是需要,而不是樂趣。——但丁 Forcing him to do so is needed, rather than a pleasure.

50、粗魯損壞一切,甚至損壞理智和公正。——格拉西安 Rude all damage, even damage reason and justice.

51、我們在熱愛世界時,便生活在這世界上。——泰戈爾 We are in love, they live in this world.

52、追求被人尊敬的人是不值得受尊敬的。——諾貝爾 Man is not worth to pursue respected respected.

53、一隻雞蛋可以畫無數次,一場愛情能嗎?——達?芬奇 An egg can draw many times, a love can be?

54、不要借別人的勢力來增加自己的威風。——森鷗外 Don’t borrow someone else’s forces to increase their power and prestige.

55、戀愛是開啟人生秘密的鑰匙。——島崎藤村 Love is the key to life a secret.

56、成功的秘訣是走向目的的堅持。——狄斯雷利 The secret of success to purpose is to insist on.

57、勇敢對於保持美德是十分必要的一種氣質。——鮑斯威爾 Brave to keep virtue is a kind of temperament is very necessary.

58、有勇氣主宰自己命運的人才是英雄。——海塞 Have the courage to dominate the talent is a hero of his own fate.

59、少女的戀情如詩歌,成年婦女的戀愛是哲學。——長谷川 Young girl relationship such as poetry, adult women’s philosophy of love is.

60、在背後稱贊我們的人,就是我們的良友。——塞萬提斯 Who praise us behind our friend.

61、戀愛並不是人生唯一的事業。——國分康孝 Love is not the only cause of life.

62、在政壇上奔馳,必須要有相當的思想水平。——海塞 Mercedes-benz in the political arena, there must be considerable thought level.