1、人世間最美麗的情景是出現在當我們懷念到母親的時候。——莫泊桑 In the world the most beautiful scene when they were in when we miss to her mother.

2、母愛隻有做母親的才知道。——沃·蒙塔古 Only the mother know a mother’s love.

3、母親是沒有什麼東西可以代替的。——巴金 Mother is not what we can substitute.

4、卑鄙小人總是忘恩負義的,忘恩負義原本卑鄙的一部分。——雨果 Dirty dog always ungrateful, ungrateful originally part of the base.

5、父恩比山高,母恩比海深。——日本諺語 Mother father is higher than the mountains, deep than the sea.

6、做人就像蠟燭一樣,有一分熱,發一分光,給人以光明,給以溫暖。——肖楚女 Life just like a candle, a hot, send a spectral, give a person with light, to warm.

7、母親的低語總是甜蜜的。——英國 The mother’s breath is aye sweet.

8、母羊要是聽不見她自己小羊的啼聲,她決不會回答一頭小牛的叫喊。——莎士比亞 If ewes hear her own young crow, she will never answer scream of a calf.

9、傢庭之所以重要,主要是因為它能使父母獲得情感。——羅素 Family is important mainly because it can make the parents get emotional.

10、誰拒絕父母對自己的訓導,誰就首先失去瞭做人的機會。——哈吉?阿佈巴卡?伊芒 Who refused to parents for their discipline, who will lose the chance to be in the first place.

11、不當傢,不知柴米貴;不養兒,不知報母恩。——中國諺語 Don’t take charge of, don’t know those expensive; Don’t keep son, I do not know to mother.

12、感恩是精神上的一種寶藏。——洛克 Thanksgiving is a spiritual a treasure.

13、在孩子的嘴上和心中,母親就是上帝。——薩克雷 In the child’s mouth and mind, mother is god.

14、侍於親長,聲容易肅,勿因瑣事,大聲呼叱。——周秉清 Subject to kiss long and easy mood, don’t because of trivial matters, loudly shout dismissed.

15、母子之情是世界上最神聖的情感。——大仲馬 Mother and son of love is the world’s most sacred emotion.

16、父母的美德是一筆巨大的財富。——賀拉斯 Virtue is a great wealth of parents.

17、人傢幫我,永志不忘;我幫人傢,莫記心上。——華羅庚 The somebody else to help me, kid; I help others, never remember to heart.

18、卑鄙小人總是忘恩負義的,忘恩負義原本就是卑鄙的一部分。——雨果 Dirty dog always ungrateful, was originally a part of base ingratitude.

19、父母之恩,水不能溺,火不能滅。——蘇聯諺語 Parents of the grace, water will not drown, fire can not destroy.

20、沒有母親,何謂傢庭?——艾·霍桑 No mother, what is family?

21、生活需要一顆感恩的心來創造,一顆感恩的心需要生活來滋養。——王符 The life needs a grateful heart to create, a thankful heart needs the life to nourish.

22、沒有比巴格達城更美麗,沒有比母親更可信賴。——伊拉克 No more beautiful than the city, no more reliable than the mother.

23、世界上的一切光榮和驕傲,(next88)都來自母親。——高爾基 All glory and pride of the world, all come from the mother.

24、父母之恩,水不能溺,火不能滅。——蘇聯 Parents of the grace, water will not drown, fire can not destroy.

25、感恩即是靈魂上的健康。——尼采 Gratitude is the health of soul.

26、沒有感恩就沒有真正的美德。——盧梭 No gratitude, no true virtue.

27、母親的心是兒女的天堂。——意大利 Mother’s heart is a paradise for children.

28、母親的愛是永遠不會枯竭的。——岡察爾 A mother’s love is never dried up.

29、凡為父母的,莫不愛其子。——陳宏謀 For parents, love his son.

30、感謝命運,感謝人民,感謝思想,感謝一切我要感謝的人。——魯迅 Thank fate, thanks to the people, thanks to thinking, thanks to all who I want to thank.

31、父母和子女,是彼此贈與的最佳禮物。——維斯冠 Parents and children, is the best gift gift to each other.