You ask me who my favorite person is? I only love three kinds of people, relatives, benefactors and supporters!


With my life experience, I can tell some young players that if you want to be a superstar, then just playing football is not possible, you must understand some of the truth of being a human being!


If you don’t want to play for your country, then you are definitely not a good player.


My relationship with Messi is not as bad as you think. Maybe one day you will see us drinking and talking together.


Manchester is not a good place to live, but it’s a great club and I’m very happy here.


I regard my criticism as a compliment.


I’ve never been afraid of stress. To be honest, I enjoy it.


Without failure, there will be no success. Failure is not terrible. The terrible thing is that you give up your dream because of failure.


Your love makes me stronger, your hatred makes me unstoppable.


As long as I want to do something, no one can change me, nor can Ferguson.


If someday people will respect me as much as Best or Beckham, I will be very proud. That’s what I’m working for.


I am a sentimental person. Every time I win the prize, my father will appear in my mind. I want to tell him, Dad, I succeeded, you know?


I am the best player in the world. I am also the first, second and third player in the world.


We went through a lot and finally came to the present. But what happened to us? How terrible is the running-in period? I’m afraid to lose you and you. You have nothing to fear and you will not take me to your future.


Some fans keep booing me, whistling to me and scolding my family. I think they are jealous of me, rich, handsome, and superb football skills.


My ultimate dream is to play for my country and help Portugal win the World Cup. If I win the World Cup in Brazil next year, I will retire without regret.