The wounded and sick are your comrades. In all matters, we should put them at the forefront. If you do not value them more than yourself, then you are not qualified to engage in health work.


In a hospital, there is one person who is very responsible, and everyone will benefit, and one person who is not responsible, and everyone may get harm.


Without accurate registration, there can be no accurate statistics, without accurate statistics, there can be no accurate analysis; without accurate analysis, there can be no accurate method, just like walking blindfolded.


A doctor or nurse should not pass in front of the wounded.


If a company commander loses a machine gun, it will not be criticized, but the gun can be recovered, but once one leg is lost, it can not be recovered.


Whenever the wounded are brought in, whether by day or by night, they must be examined by themselves. For critically ill patients, whenever they are called, they should be on call.


The last two years have been the happiest and most meaningful days of my life. Let me give you and millions of dear comrades a thousand times of gratitude.


Don’t use me as an antique. I’m here to work. You use me as a machine gun.


I am here to support the national liberation of China. What do I want money to do? I want to dress well and eat well. I will stay in Canada instead of coming to China.


The era of doctors sitting at home waiting for patients to knock on the door has passed. Our future battle slogan is: go to the front, go to the wounded, where there are wounded, we go!


We must use technology to increase the happiness of billions of people, not to increase the wealth of a few people.


We have to ask ourselves a question from time to time. Is there a better way to replace the one we are using now? You need to be constantly dissatisfied with yourself and your ability to work.


To rescue the wounded, time is life. To save a wounded person and reduce his pain is the greatest happiness of our medical workers.


A battlefield surgeon must also be a carpenter, blacksmith, sewer and barber, so as to be a good surgeon.


You should not wonder why people like me on the other side of the earth, 30,000 miles away, want to help you. You and we are all internationalists. There are no races, no color, no language, no national boundaries that separate us.