1、人不是為失敗而生的,一個人可以被消滅,但不能被打敗。——海明威 People are not born for defeat, a man can be destroyed, but not defeated.

2、走自己的路,讓別人說去!——但丁 Walk yourself’s road, let others say!

3、時間像海綿裡的水,隻要你願意擠,總還是有的。——魯迅 Time is like the water in sponge, as long as you are willing to squeeze, always some.

4、失敗乃成功之母。——牛頓 Failure is the mother of success.

5、青春是美妙的;揮霍青春就是犯罪。——蕭伯納 Youth is beautiful; Squandering youth is a crime.

6、機遇隻偏愛那些有準備的頭腦。——巴斯德 Opportunities only favor those who have a prepared mind.

7、驕傲自滿是一座可怕的陷阱,而這個陷阱是我們自己親手挖掘的。——老舍 Complacency is a terrible trap, and it is the trap we dig myself.

8、一本書像一艘船,帶領我們從狹獈的地方,駛向生活的無限廣闊的海洋。——凱勒 A book is like a ship, lead us from narrow yi, to life infinite broad ocean.

9、要有最樸素的生活和最崇高的理想,即使明日天寒地凍,路遠馬亡。——海子 Want to have the most simple life and lofty ideal, even cold tomorrow, road far horse dead.

10、我要扼住命運的咽喉,他絕不能使我完全屈服。——貝多芬 I will take fate by the throat, he never makes me completely give in.

11、誰要是不再有好奇心也不再有驚訝的感覺,誰就無異於行屍走肉,其眼睛是迷糊不清的。──愛因斯坦 Anyone who no longer have the curiosity will no longer have the feeling of surprise, who would be the walking dead, their eyes are dim is not clear.

12、人民不僅有權愛國,而且愛國是個義務,是一種光榮。——徐特立 People not only have the right to patriotism and patriotic is a duty, is a kind of glory.

13、讀一本好書,就像和許多高尚的人談話。——歌德 Reading a good book, like and many noble people talk.

14、沒有寬宏大量的心,便算不得英雄。——普希金 Not generous heart, not a hero.

15、人的美德的榮譽比他的財富的榮譽不知大多少倍。──達?芬奇 The honor of a man’s virtue honor I don’t know how many times larger than his wealth.

16、一個羞赧的失敗比一個驕傲的成功還要高貴。——紀伯倫 A shy failure is nobler than a proud success.

17、科學的未來隻能屬於勤奮而又謙虛的年輕一代。—―巴甫洛夫 The future of science can only belong to the diligent and modest younger generation.

18、我認為再沒有比那些隻顧自己鼻子尖底下一點事情的人更可悲的瞭。──盧瑟福 I think no more than those under you nose pointed something more sad.

19、人的知識愈廣,人的本身也愈臻完善。──高爾基 Man’s knowledge more wide, the person’s itself also will be.

20、每個人都知道,把語言化為行動,比把行動化為語言困難得多。——高爾基 As everyone knows, the language into action, much more difficult than the actions into words.

21、沒有偉大的願望,就沒有偉大的天才。──巴爾紮克 No great desire, no great genius.

22、人類最高的道德是什麼?那就是愛國之心。——拿破侖 What is the highest human morality? It is patriotism.

23、人生所缺乏的不是才幹而是志向,不是成功的能力而是勤勞的意志。——郭爾王 The lack of life is not ability but ambition, not ability to succeed but hardworking will.

24、我要做的事,不過是伸手去收割旁人替我播種的莊稼而已。——歌德 I want to do, just stretched out his hand to others harvest planting crops for me.

25、誰和我一樣用功,誰就會和我一樣成功。——莫紮特 Who like me to work hard, who will like me success.

26、靜以修身,儉以養德,非淡泊無以明志,非寧靜無以致遠。——諸葛亮 Static with cultivate one’s morality, frugal to virtue, not indifferent without reason, not quiet beyond reach.

27、辛勤的蜜蜂永遠沒有時間悲哀。——佈萊克 The hard bee have no time to sorrow.

28、一朵成功的花都是由許多苦雨、血泥和強烈的暴風雨的環境培養成的。——冼星海 A successful flower is by a lot of blood and mighty, strong environment into the storm.

29、不要慨嘆生活的痛苦!慨嘆是弱者。——高爾基 Don’t lament the pain of life! Lament is the weak.

30、一個人的價值在於他的才華,而不在他的衣飾。──雨果 A person’s value lies in his talent, not in his clothing.

31、我們愛我們的民族,這是我們自信心的源泉。——周恩來 We love our nation, this is the source of our confidence.

32、幸運並非沒有恐懼和煩惱;厄運也決非沒有安慰和希望。——培根 Prosperity is not without fears and disasters; And is not without comforts and hopes.

33、路漫漫其修遠兮,吾將上下而求索。——屈原 I see road, I will search up and down.

34、生命的意義在於付出,在於給予,而不是在於接受,也不是在於爭取。──巴金 Is the meaning of life is to give, give, is not accepted, also is not fighting for.

35、任何問題都有解決的辦法,無法可想的事是沒有的。──愛迪生 Any problem has a solution, not to think about things is not.

36、沒有智慧的頭腦,就象沒有臘燭的燈籠。──托爾斯泰 No wisdom of the mind, as no candle lanterns.

37、生使一切的人站在一條水平線上,死使卓越的人露出頭角來。——蕭伯納 Born to make all the people stood in a level, die reveal hilf to the superior man.

38、無知是智慧的黑夜,是沒有月亮,沒有星星的黑夜。——西塞羅 Ignorance is the night of wisdom, it is no moon, no stars of the night.

39、我從來不把安逸和享樂看作是生活目的本身。──愛因斯坦 I never consider ease and joyfulness as purpose of life itself.

40、建築在別人痛苦上的幸福不是真正的幸福。——阿?巴巴耶娃 Building on others pain of happiness is not real happiness.

41、一個不註意小事情的人,(next88)永遠不會成功大事業。──卡耐基 A man don’t pay attention to small things, will never succeed big business.

42、衡量一個人的真正品格,是看他在知道沒人看見的時候幹些什麼。——孟德斯鳩 To measure a person’s true character, is the time to see him in the know nobody saw what to do.

43、有總是從無開始的;是靠兩隻手和一個聰明的腦袋變出來的。——松蘇內吉 There are always free from the start; Is to rely on two hands and a clever head.

44、不想當元帥的士兵,不是好士兵。——拿破侖 Don’t want to be a marshal of the soldiers, not a good soldier.

45、烈火試真金,逆境試強者。——塞內加 Fire is the test of gold, adversity tries the strong.

46、一個人要先經過困難,然後踏入順境,才覺得受用,舒服。──愛迪生 A man is after a difficult first and then step into prosperity, only feel useful, comfortable.

47、從不獲勝的人很少失敗,從不攀登的人很少跌交。——惠蒂爾 Never win rarely fail, never climb of very few fell.

48、知識是珍貴寶石的結晶,文化是寶石放出的光澤。——泰戈爾 Knowledge is the crystallization of the precious gems, culture is the luster of the gem released.

49、不讀書的人,思想就會停止。——狄德羅 People who do not read, thinking will stop.

50、有很多人是用青春的幸福作成功代價的。——莫紮特 There are a lot of people is the cost of the successful youth happiness.

51、性格左右命運,氣度影響格局。——餘世雅博士 Character about destiny, bearing impact pattern.

52、我唯一知道的就是自己無知。——蘇格拉底 The only thing I know is that his own ignorance.

53、成功的秘訣,在永不改變既定的目的。——盧梭 The secret of success in it will never change the established goal.

54、書籍是你的朋友,雖然沒有熱情,但是它非常忠實。——雨果 Books are your friends, although there is no passion, but it is very loyal.

55、偉大的事業,需要決心,能力,組織和責任感。──易卜生 Great cause, need determination, ability, organization and responsibility.

56、誰虛度年華,青春就會褪色,生命就會拋棄他們。──雨果 Who to idle away one’s time, youth will fade, life will abandon them.

57、想一下子全知道,就意味著什麼也不知道。──巴甫洛夫 Want to know all in one fell swoop, means what also don’t know.

58、人永遠是要學習的。死的時候,才是畢業的時候。——蕭楚女 People will always be to learn. When he died, is graduated.

59、黑夜無論怎樣悠長,白晝總會到來。——莎士比亞 No matter how long the night, the day will come.

60、構成我們學習最大障礙的是已知的東西,而不是未知的東西。——貝爾納 Make up our biggest obstacle to learning is known, not unknown things.

61、生活的全部意義在於無窮地探索尚未知道的東西,在於不斷地增加更多的知識。──左拉 The whole meaning of life lifes in the continuous exploration has yet to know things, is constantly adding more knowledge.

62、幸運並非沒有許多的恐懼與煩惱;厄運也並非沒有許多的安慰與希望。──培根 Prosperity is not without many fears and disasters; Adversity is not without a lot of comfort and hope.

63、要想一下子全知道,就意味著什麼也不會知道。──巴甫洛夫 If you want to know all at once, you mean what also don’t know.

64、許多偉大的真理開始的時候都被認為是褻瀆的行為。──肖伯納 The beginning of the many great truths are considered to be against the behavior.

65、一個能思考的人,才真是一個力量無邊的人。──巴爾紮克 A person can think of, only is a power of endless.

66、我一貫力求思想不受束縛。──達爾文 I always thought is not bound.

67、無限相信書籍的力量,是我的教育信仰的真諦之一。——蘇霍姆林斯基 Infinite and believe in the power of books, is one of the true meaning of my belief education.

68、我們世界上最美好的東西,都是由勞動、由人的聰明的手創造出來的。——高爾基 Our most beautiful things in the world is created by labor, by the people’s clever hands.

69、勞動一日,可得一夜的安眠;勤勞一生,可得幸福的長眠。——達?芬奇 Labor day, can have a night of sleep; Hardworking life, be happy.

70、勇於探索真理是人的天職。──哥白尼 Is man’s duty to be courageous enough to seek for truth.

71、人隻有獻身於社會,才能找出那短暫而有風險的生命的意義。——愛因斯坦 Only dedicated to the society, to find out the short and has a risk of the meaning of life.

72、不會在失敗中找出經驗教訓的人,他的通向成功的道路是遙遠的。——佚名 Won’t find out the experience and lessons in failure, his path to success is far away.

73、為祖國而死,那是最美的命運啊!——大仲馬 Die for his country, that is the fate of the most beautiful!

74、人生如同故事。重要的並不在有多長,而是在有多好。——塞涅卡 Life is like a story. Important not in how long, but in how well.

75、不幹,固然遇不著失敗,也絕對遇不著成功。——鄒韜奮 Don’t do it, is can’t meet failure, also absolutely can’t meet success.

76、青年時種下什麼,老年時就收獲什麼。──易卜生 Youth is a kind of what, what you gain when old.

77、深窺自己的心,而後發覺一切的奇跡在你自己。——培根 Deep insights into their own heart, and then find all the miracles in yourself.

78、幸福在於為別人而生活。——列夫?托爾斯泰 Happiness lies in the life for others.