1、人不能象走獸那樣活著,應該追求知識和美德。——但丁 Man can not live like beasts, should pursue knowledge and virtue.

2、衡量一個人價值尺度,不僅在於他的能力,更在於不為誘惑所動的定力。——王石 Measure a person value, not only lies in his ability, more is not to move by the temptation of concentration.

3、幸福永遠存在於人類不安的追求中,而不存在於和諧與穩定之中。──魯迅 Happiness always exists in the pursuit of human nervous, and does not exist in harmony and stability.

4、人不可有傲氣,但不可無傲骨。——徐悲鴻 A man should not have haughtiness, but do not accept.

5、當我們是大為謙卑的時候,便是我們最近於偉大的時候。——泰戈爾 When we are great in humility, is our most recently in great time.

6、與有肝膽人共事,從無字句處讀書。——周恩來 Work with courage people, from WuZiGou reading.

7、要迎著晨光實幹,不要面對晚霞幻想。──卡萊爾 To meet the morning work, don’t face the sunset.

8、你熱愛生命嗎?那麼別浪費時間,因為時間是組成生命的材料。──富蘭克林 Do you love life? So don’t waste time, because that’s the stuff life is made of time.

9、耐心和恒心總會得到報酬的。──愛因斯坦 Patience and perseverance will get paid.

10、知識就是力量。——培根 Knowledge is power.

11、人所缺乏的不是才幹而是志向,不是成功的能力而是勤勞的意志。——部爾衛 Instead of talents of lack of ambition, not ability to succeed but hardworking will.

12、生活便是尋求新的知識。──門捷列夫 Life is to seek new knowledge.

13、生活最沉重的負擔不是工作,而是無聊。──羅曼?羅蘭 Life the most heavy burden is not working, but boring.

14、昂著頭出征,夾著尾巴回傢,是庸駑而又好戰的人的常態。——馮雪峰 Head high head for home, with tail, is commonplace the norm of a small mind and warlike people a tidy mind.

15、如果是玫瑰,它總會開花的。──歌德 If it is a rose, it will blossom.

16、一個隻顧自己的人不足以成大器。——羅斯金 A man himself is not enough to succeed.

17、如果我比笛卡爾看得遠些,那是因為我站在巨人們的肩上的緣故。──牛頓 If I watch farther than Descartes, it is because I stood on the shoulders of giants.

18、誰要是遊戲人生,他就一事無成;誰不能主宰自己,永遠是一個奴隸。──歌德 Whoever the game of life, he accomplishes nothing; Who cannot control themselves, is always a slave.

19、一個人追求的目標越高,他的才力就發展得越快,對社會就越有益。──高爾基 The higher one goal, his wit to develop faster, more beneficial to the society.

20、有瞭金錢可以在這個世界做很多事,唯有青春卻無法用錢購買。——萊曼特 The money can do many things in this world, only the youth but can’t buy with money.

21、生活的理想,就是為瞭理想的生活。──張聞天 The ideal of life is for ideal life.

22、懶惰受到的懲罰不僅僅是自己的失敗,還有別人的成功。——朱爾?勒納爾 Lazy punishment is more than just your failure, and the success of others.

23、中國惟有國魂是最可寶貴的。惟有他發揚起來,中國人才真有進步。——魯迅 But the national spirit is the most valuable in China. But he carries forward the Chinese talent really progress.

24、誰若想在困厄時得到援助,就應在平日待人以寬。——薩迪 If who want to get assistance when hardship, you should treat people with wide on weekdays.

25、和你一同笑過的人,你可能把他忘掉;但是和你一同哭過的人,你卻永遠不忘。——紀伯倫 And you laughed together, maybe you forget; But people cried with you, but you never forget.

26、心靈純潔的人,生活充滿甜蜜和喜悅。——列夫?托爾斯泰 Pure of heart, life is full of sweet and joy.

27、一個人失敗的原因,在於本身性格的缺點,與環境無關。——毛佛魯 The causes of failure of a person, lies in the character of its own shortcomings, has nothing to do with the environment.

28、我從來不認為半小時是微不足道的很小的一段時間。──達爾文 I never think half an hour is trivial small for a period of time.

29、一個驕傲的人,結果總是在驕傲裡毀滅瞭自己。——莎士比亞 A proud, and the result is always in the proud destroyed himself.

30、讀書是易事,思索是難事,但兩者缺一,便全無用處。——富蘭克林 Reading is easy, to think is difficult, but the lack of a, is all useless.

31、一個人對社會的價值首先取決於他的感情、思想和行動對增進人類利益有多大的作用。──愛因斯坦 A person of value to society first depends on his feelings, thoughts and actions to improve how the role of human interests.

32、不前進就倒退,停滯狀態是沒有的。——別林斯基 Don’t move forward, backward, is not stagnant.

33、不斷的奮鬥就是走上成功之路。——孫中山 Constantly struggle is on the road to success.

34、苦難有如烏雲,遠望去但見墨黑一片,然而身臨其下時不過是灰色而已。——裡希特 Suffering is like clouds, yuanwang to but saw a black, confront them, however is only gray.

35、人需要真理,就像瞎子需要明快的引路人一樣。──高爾基 People need to be the truth, just like the blind need lively lead.

36、奇跡多在厄運中誕生。——培根 Miracle is born in adversity.

37、生命賜給瞭我們,我們必須奉獻於生命,才能獲得生命。——泰戈爾 Life has given us, we must give to life, life can be attained.

38、青年時種下什麼,老年時就收獲什麼。——易卜生 Youth is a kind of what, what you gain when old.

39、偉大人物最明顯的標志,就是他堅強的意志。──愛迪生 Great men of the most obvious sign, that is, his strong will.

40、榮譽妒忌成功,而成功卻以為自己就是榮譽。——讓?羅斯唐 Honor jealous of success, but success has thought oneself is honor.

41、有很多人是用青春的幸福作成功代價的。──莫紮特 There are a lot of people is the cost of the successful youth happiness.

42、勤能補拙是良訓,一份辛苦一份才華。——華羅庚 Attendance is compensated with good training, a hard a talent.

43、信仰,是人們所必須的。什麼也不信的人不會有幸福。──雨果 Belief, it is necessary to people. What also don’t believe the one who is, won’t have happiness.

44、單獨一個人可能滅亡的地方,兩個人在一起可能得救。——巴爾紮克 Alone could perish place, two people together can be saved.

45、我喜歡離開人們通行的小路,而走荊棘叢生的崎嶇山路。──倫琴 I like to leave people traffic lane, and rugged walk is fraught with risk.

46、書是人類進步的階梯,終生的伴侶,最誠摯的朋友。——高爾基 Book is the ladder of human progress, a lifelong partner, the most sincere friend.

47、要在別人抬不起頭的情形之下顯出我的英雄本色來。——狄更斯 In situations where others lift head show my hero.

48、人對自己的命運有無窮好奇的期盼,一直試圖創造生命的意義。——王石 People have endless curiosity about their fate of anticipation, has been trying to create the meaning of life.

49、真正的謙虛隻能是對虛榮心進行瞭深思以後的產物。——亨利?柏格森 True modesty is only has carried on the ponder to vanity products later.

50、路是腳踏出來的,歷史是人寫出來的。人的每一步行動都在書寫自己的歷史。——吉鴻昌 Road is stepped out, history is written. Every step of man is writing his own history.