1、哪裡有天才,我是把別人喝咖啡的工夫都用在工作上的。──魯迅 Where there is a genius, I’m with all the others drink coffee time at work.

2、我所學到的任何有價值的知識都是由自學中得來的。──達爾文 I’ve learned any valuable knowledge by self-study.

3、人並不是因為美麗才可愛,而是因為可愛才美麗。──托爾斯泰 People don’t because of beautiful just lovely, but because the lovely is beautiful.

4、如果良機不來,你就創造良機。——史邁爾 If opportunity doesn’t come, you create opportunities.

5、人的一生可能燃燒也可能腐朽,我不能腐朽,我願意燃燒起來!——奧斯特洛夫斯基 Person’s life may be burning may also decayed, I can not decayed, I am willing to burning up!

6、讀一本好書,就是和許多高尚的人談話。——歌德 Read a good book, that is, and many noble people talk.

7、一切真正的和偉大的東西,都是純樸而謙遜的。——別林斯基 All real and great things, are simplicity and modesty.

8、容易成功和難於成功同樣能刺激人的願望。——巴爾紮克 Easy to success and difficult to success also can stimulate the desire of the people.

9、平靜的湖面,煉不出精悍的水手;安逸的環境,造不出時代的偉人。──列別捷夫 Calm water of the lake, refined out of small sailor; Comfort zone, made out in the era of great men.

10、一個不註意小事情的人,永遠不會成功大事業。——卡耐基 A man don’t pay attention to small things, will never succeed big business.

11、當一個人一心一意做好事情的時候,他最終是必然會成功的。——盧梭 When a person is undivided attention when doing things, he is bound to succeed.

12、如果我們不自覺,我們對生活就沒有深刻的看法。——馮驥才 If we don’t consciously, we view of life is not deep.

13、我們的生命不應虛擲於瑣碎之事。而應該盡量簡單,盡量快樂。——梭羅 We should not waste life in trivial things. Happy and should be as simple as possible, as far as possible.

14、幽默是人生最後的武器,世界就是絕望,但到最後你還能笑得出,那你就贏瞭。——朱德庸 Humor is a final weapon, the world is despair, but in the end you can smile, then you win.

15、珍珠是不會浮到水面上的,要尋找它,必須冒著生命危險潛入深水中。——弗洛列斯坦 Pearl will not float to the surface of the water, to look for it, must be risked their lives to dive into deep water.

16、先相信你自己,然後別人才會相信你。──屠格涅夫 Believe in yourself first, and then others will believe you.

17、青春的實質是充實;青春的詩意是浪漫;青春的證明是無悔。——張群 Youth is the essence of enrichment; Youth is the poetic romance; Proved to be no regrets of youth.

18、才華是刀刃,辛苦是磨刀石,很鋒利的刀刃,若日久未磨,依舊會成為廢韌。——老舍 Talent is the blade, hard work is the whetstone, very sharp blade, if not grind after many days, will still be waste toughening.

19、失敗也是我需要的,它和成功對我一樣有價值。——愛迪生 Failure is also, I need it and success as valuable to me.

20、理想是指路明燈,沒有理想就沒有堅定的方向。——托爾斯泰 Ideal is the beacon, without ideal, there is no secure direction.

21、許多人在追求他們選擇的道路時固執,卻很少在追求目標時固執。——尼采 Many people in the pursuit of their chosen path stubborn, rarely persistent in pursuing your goals.

22、青春一去不復返,事業一縱永無成。——勃朗寧 Youth is gone, cause a ZongYong.

23、無論在什麼時候,永遠不要以為自己已知道瞭一切。——巴甫洛夫 No matter when, don’t ever think you already know everything.

24、書籍是全世界的營養品。——莎士比亞 The book is the nourishment of the world.

25、如果道德敗壞瞭,趣味也必然會墮落。——狄德羅 If the demoralization, interest also is bound to fall.

26、生命多少用時間計算,(next88)生命的價值用貢獻計算。──裴多菲 How much life time calculation, the value of life by contribution calculation.

27、你若要喜愛你自己的價值,你就得給世界創造價值。──歌德 If you want to love your own value, you have to create value to the world.

28、濫用青春,勝於虛度青春。——喬治?庫特林 Abuse of youth, is better than lost youth.

29、最聰明的人是最不願浪費時間的人。──但丁 The most intelligent people are the most people don’t like to waste time.

30、一切假知識比無知更危險。──肖伯納 All knowledge is more dangerous than ignorance.

31、最好不要在夕陽西下的時候去幻想什麼,而要在旭日初升的時候即投入工作。──謝覺哉 It is best not to fancy something when the sun sets to, rather than at the time of the sun rising on work.

32、沒有大膽的猜測就作不出偉大的發現。──牛頓 Without bold speculation has made a great discovery.

33、隻有把抱怨環境的心情,化為上進的力量,才是成功的保證。——羅曼?羅蘭 Only you turn your complaints of environments into the strength to strive for the better is the guarantee of success.

34、一切真正的和偉大的東西,都是純樸而謙遜的。──別林斯基 All real and great things, are simplicity and modesty.

35、青春的辭典裡沒有失敗的字眼。——李頓 The words in the dictionary of youth there is no failure.

36、攀登上一個階梯,這固然很好,隻要還有力氣,那就意味著必須再繼續前進一步。——安徒生 Climbing on a ladder, this is very good, so long as there is energy, and that means must continue to further.

37、要成功不需要什麼特別的才能,隻要把你能做的小事做得好就行瞭。——維龍 To be successful don’t need any special talent, as long as you can do small things well done.

38、如果錯過太陽時你流瞭淚,那麼你也要錯過群星。——泰戈爾 If you shed tears when you miss the sun, you also miss the stars.

39、自負對任何藝術是一種毀滅。驕傲是可怕的不幸。——季米特洛夫 Conceit of any art is a kind of destruction. Pride is a terrible misfortune.

40、生活的情況越艱難,我越感到自己更堅強,甚而也更聰明。──高爾基 Life is more difficult, the more I feel stronger, even is also more intelligent.

41、人生不是一種享樂,而是一樁十分沉重的工作。──列夫?托爾斯泰 Life is not a kind of enjoyment, but a pile is heavy work.

42、善於利用零星時間的人,才會做出更大的成績來。──華羅庚 People who are good at using sporadic time, to make greater achievements.

43、如果說我看得遠,那是因為我站在巨人的肩上。——牛頓 If I have seen further, it is because I stand on the shoulders of giants.

44、常往光明快樂一面看,這就是我一生成功的訣竅。——科克 Happy always look on the bright side, this is the great secret of successful in my life.

45、責任就是對自己要求去做的事情有一種愛。——歌德 Responsibility is to own request to do have a kind of love.

46、讀書不要貪多,而是要多加思索,這樣的讀書使我獲益不少。——盧梭 Don’t take on too much reading, but to think more, such a reading make me benefit a lot.

47、禮貌使人類共處的金鑰匙。——松蘇內吉 Manners make human co-existence of golden key.

48、我的成就,當歸功於精力的思索。──牛頓 My achievement, when due to energy thinking.

49、誰不屬於自己的祖國,那麼他也就不屬於人類。——別林斯基 Who do not belong to his own country, he also do not belong to human.

50、頑強的毅力可以征服世界上任何一座高峰。——狄更斯 Dogged willpower can conquer any peak in the world.

51、以勇氣面對人生的巨大悲慟,用耐心對待生活的小小哀傷。——雨果 With the courage to face life’s great grief, with the patient to life a little sad.

52、一個人的價值,應當看他貢獻瞭什麼,而不應當看他取得瞭什麼。──愛因斯坦 The value of a person, should see what he contributed, but should not see what he has achieved.

53、愛國是文明人的首要美德。——拿破侖 Patriotism is the first virtue of civilized men.