1、任何一項勞動都是崇高的,崇高的事業隻有勞動。——卡萊爾 Any a labor is a noble, lofty career only labor.

2、短不可護,護短終短;長不可矜,矜則不長。——聶大年 Always short protection, justifying a fault short; Long not pity, pity is not long.

3、信奉真理的人,必受天佑。——富蘭克林 Believe in the truth, will be god bless.

4、車到山前必有路,船到橋頭自然直。——俗語 In the end things will mend car, cross the bridge when you come to it.

5、時間就是生命,時間就是速度,時間就是力量。——郭沫若 Time means life, time means speed, time means strength.

6、沒有抽象的真理,真理總是具體的。——列寧 No truth in the abstract, and the truth is always concrete.

7、完成工作的方法,是愛惜每一分鐘。——達爾文 The method of work, is to cherish every minute.

8、無論做什麼事情,隻要肯努力奮鬥,是沒有不成功的。——牛頓 No matter what things, as long as you work hard struggle, is not successful.

9、混混噩噩的生活不值得過。——蘇格拉底 The unexamined life is not worth living.

10、真理惟一可靠的標準就是永遠自相符合。——歐文 Only reliable standard truth is that ever since.

11、習慣實際上已成為天性的一部分。——亞裡士多德 Habit, in fact, has become a part of nature.

12、要成功一項事業,必須花掉畢生的時間。——列文虎克 To a successful career, you must spend their life time.

13、科學的未來隻能屬於勤奮而謙虛的年輕一代。——巴甫洛夫 The future of science can only belong to the diligent and modest younger generation.

14、世上本沒有路,走得人多瞭,也便成瞭路。——魯迅 There no way, go person many, also then became road.

15、忠誠可以簡練地定義為對不可能的情況的一種不合邏輯的信仰。——門肯 Loyalty can be neatly defined as of a possible illogical belief.

16、由於痛苦而將自己看得太低就是自卑。——斯賓諾莎 Due to the pain to see too low is inferior.

17、我成功,因為志在要成功,我未嘗躊躇。——拿破侖 I succeeded, because to be successful, I never hesitated.

18、勤能補拙是良訓,一分辛勞一分才。——華羅庚 Attendance is compensated with good training, a hard points at one point only.

19、有信心的人,(next88)可以化渺小為偉大,化平庸為神奇。——蕭伯納 Confident person, can be small to great, mediocre to magic.

20、勇敢裡面有天才、力量和魔法。——歌德 Brave there is a genius, power, and magic.

21、瞭解面臨逆境,遠好比何接受順境重要得多。——馬丁?賽力格曼 Understand the face of adversity, much like what accept prosperity is much more important.

22、人的理想志向往往和他的能力成正比。——約翰遜 The ideal aspiration often is directly proportional to his ability.

23、一個人在年輕的時候,沒有什麼能把他搞垮。——奧尼爾 A man at a young age, nothing can take him down.

24、最後的結果確定工作的成敗。——莎士比亞 Determine the final result of success or failure of work.

25、無論做什麼事情,隻要肯努力奮鬥是沒有不成功的。——牛頓 No matter what, as long as you work hard struggle is not successful.

26、聰明在於勤奮,天才在於積累。——華羅庚 Smart lies in hard work, talent is gained by accumulation.

27、我們的生命是天賦的,我們惟有獻出生命,才能得到生命。——泰戈爾 Life is given to us, we earn it giving it can obtain the life.

28、天才不過是不斷的思索,凡是有腦子的人,都有天才。——莫泊桑 Genius is nothing but constantly thinking, anyone with a brain that is genius.

29、一件事實是一條沒有性別的真理。——紀伯倫 A fact is a truth without sex.

30、致富的秘訣,在於“大膽創新眼光獨到”八個大字。——陳玉書 The secret of getting rich, is the "bold and innovative vision" eight characters.

31、喜愛人生的人絕不是失敗者。——費德 He who loves life is not a failure.

32、男兒不展同雲志,空負天生八尺軀。——馮夢龍 Boys don’t show with YunZhi, empty negative natural body eight feet.

33、在克服惡習上,遲做總比不做強。——利德益特 On overcome bad habits, better late than never.

34、不斷的奮鬥,就是走上成功之路。——孫中山 Constantly struggle, is on the road to success.

35、成功由大量的失望鑄就。——肖伯納 Success covers a multitude of blunders.

36、成大事不在於力量的大小,而在於能堅持多久。——約翰生 Event is not the size of the power, and can insist on how long.

37、不經巨大的困難,不會有偉大的事業。——伏爾泰 Without great difficulty, there would be no great cause.

38、時間乃是最大的革新傢。——培根 Time is the biggest innovators.

39、誰能保持永遠的青春,便是偉大的人。——郭沫弱 Who can keep youth forever, it is a great man.

40、一個有真正天才能的人卻在工作過程中感到最高度的快樂。——歌德 A man truly days to is in the process of work feel most high level of happiness.

41、勉強保持友誼是最難堪的。——普勞圖斯 Keep the friendship is the most embarrassing.

42、當你工作和研究的時候,必須具有強烈的激情。——巴甫洛夫 When you work and study, must have a strong passion.

43、沒有偉大的願望,就沒有偉大的天才。——巴爾紮克 No great desire, no great genius.

44、上天完全是為瞭堅強你的意志,才在道路上設下重重的障礙。——泰戈爾 God fully is to strength your will, just set the heavy obstacles on the road.

45、最聰明的人是最不願浪費時間的人。——但丁 The most intelligent people are the most people don’t like to waste time.

46、凡事欲其成功,必要付出代價:奮鬥。——愛默生 For its success, all things need to pay the price: the struggle.

47、欲取鳴琴彈,恨不知音賞。——唐?孟浩然 You would like to take of lyre, and hate not to admire the bosom friend.

48、戀愛不是慈善事業,所以不能慷慨施舍。——蕭伯納 Love is not a charity, so can’t generous handouts.

49、成功是優點的發揮,失敗是缺點的積累。——牛根生 Success is the play of advantages, failure is the accumulation of disadvantages.

50、以真理為燈火,以真理為支柱,不要以別的東西為支柱。——釋迦 In truth, for lights, pillar, be truth don’t prop for something else.

51、不要在已成的事業中逗留著。——巴斯德 Don’t have to stay in the business.

52、年輕隻知學習營利,乃生命中最黯淡之時刻。——格裡爾 Young only study profit, is the moment of life’s most bleak.

53、對於不屈不撓的人來說,沒有失敗這回事。——俾斯麥 For the persevering, no failure.

54、萬兩黃金容易得,知心一個也難求。——曹雪芹 Two thousand gold easy, close a also is hard to find.

55、善良和謙虛是永遠不應令人厭惡的兩種品德。——斯蒂文生 Kindness and humility is should never hated two character.

56、苦難對於天才是一塊墊腳石。——巴爾紮克 Suffering is a stepping stone to the genius.

57、天才與凡人隻有一步之隔,這一步就是勤奮。——佚名 Genius is but a step between god and a mortal, this step is hard work.

58、青春並不是指生命的某個時期,而是指一種精神狀態。——塞厄爾曼 It does not mean that a period of life, but is a state of mind.

59、遇到難題時,我總是力求尋找巧妙的思路,出奇制勝。——朱清時 Encounter difficulties, I always strive to find clever way of thinking, a surprise.

60、勇猛、大膽和堅定的決心能夠抵得上武器的精良。——達?芬奇 Bold, bold and determination can is worth sophisticated weapons.

61、痛苦有個限度,恐懼則綿綿無際。——浦利尼斯二世 There is a limit to the pain and fear is boundless.