1、但願每次回憶,對生活都不感到負疚。——郭小川 I wish every time memories, don’t feel guilty for life.

2、工作就是人生的價值。人生的歡樂,也是幸福之所在。——羅丹 Work is the value of life. The joy of life, is also happiness.

3、生命的全部的意義在於無窮地探索尚未知道的東西。——左拉 The meaning of life lifes in the exploration has yet to know.

4、人生的本質就在於運動,安謐寧靜就是死亡。——帕斯卡 The essence of life lies in sports, quiet quiet is death.

5、為瞭將來的美好而犧牲瞭的人都是一尊石質的雕像。——伏契克 For the future of sacrifice for the good man is a stone statue.

6、窮且益堅,不墜青雲之志。——王勃 Poor and a stronger, don’t drop the qingyun.

7、人類的創新之舉是極其困難的,因此便把已有的形式視為神聖的遺產。——蒙森 Human innovation is extremely difficult and therefore considered sacred in the form of existing legacy.

8、有很多人是用青春的幸福作成功代價的。──莫紮特 There are a lot of people is the cost of the successful youth happiness.

9、許多賽跑的人失敗,都是失敗在最後幾步。——蘇格拉底 Many people fail, the race is failure in the last few steps.

10、書籍具有不朽的能力。它是人類活動的最長久的果實。——史美爾斯 Books are capable of immortality. It is human activity is one of the most long fruit.

11、正當利用時間!你要理解什麼,不要舍近求遠。——歌德 Proper use of our time! What do you want to understand, not to further.

12、未曾哭過長夜的人,不足以語人生。——歌德 Never cry a night person, language is not enough to life.

13、自尊自愛,作為一種力求完善的動力,卻是一切偉大事業的淵源。——屠格涅夫 Be self-respect, as a kind of makes every effort to improve the power, all is the origin of the great cause.

14、人們最看重的是特權,哪怕是主持葬禮的特權。——詹?拉?洛威爾 People value most is a privilege, even if it is the privilege of funeral.

15、天才就是無止境刻苦勤奮的能力。——卡萊爾 Genius is the ability to endless work hard.

16、生前厚養實為孝道;歸後薄葬真乃賢兒。——《格言集錦》 Had thick is filial piety. After BoZang really is a good son.

17、堅強的信心,能使平凡的人做出驚人的事業。——馬爾頓 Strong confidence, can make the ordinary people to make amazing career.

18、春天,不是季節,而是內心;雲水,不是景色,而是襟懷。——佚名 In the spring, not season, but the heart; Knot, not scenery, but means.

19、臨著一切不平常的急難,隻有勇敢和堅強才能拯救。——沙甫慈伯利 Face all unusual distress, can only save the brave and strong.

20、人生不售來回票,一旦動身,絕不能復返。——羅曼?羅蘭 Life is not return ticket, once started, can never return.

21、不可能存在沒有真實的人生,真實恐怕就是指人生本身吧。——卡夫卡 Not possible without a real life, I’m afraid it is life itself.

22、學習不是一種累積,它是一種持續不斷的覺察。——克裡希那穆提 Learning is not a kind of accumulation, it is a constant awareness.

23、凡是與虛偽相矛盾的東西都是極其重要而且有價值的。——高爾基 All and hypocrisy of contradictory things is extremely important and valuable.

24、富貴不淫貧賤樂,男兒到此是豪雄。——程顥 FuGuiBuYin straw, man is hao male here.

25、幸福在於為別人生活。——列夫?托爾斯泰 Happiness lies in the life for others.

26、這是一條友誼的規律:一旦疑心從前門走進,愛情就會從後門溜走。——毫厄爾 This is a law of friendship: once a suspect from the front door into the, love will slip through the back door.

27、無神論就是不做預言的體制。——喬治?卡林 Atheism is not to do prediction system.

28、一切假知識比無知更危險。──肖伯納 All knowledge is more dangerous than ignorance.

29、一個老年人的死亡,等於傾倒瞭一座博物館。——高爾基 An old man’s death, equal to dump a museum.

30、一朝開始便能夠永遠將事業繼續下去的人是幸福的。——赫爾岑 Once can never will continue happy is the man who is my career.

31、友誼不能成為一種交易;相反,它需求最徹底的無利害觀念。——莫羅阿 Friendship can’t be a deal; On the contrary, it needs the most thoroughly of no interest concept.

32、目標越接近,困難越增加。——歌德 Target the closer it gets, the more difficult to increase.

33、一個驕傲的人,結果總是在驕傲裡毀滅瞭自己。——莎士比亞 A proud, and the result is always in the proud destroyed himself.

34、友誼是兩顆心真誠相待,而不是一顆心對另一顆心敲打。——魯迅 Friendship is two hearts treat each other sincerely, instead of one heart to another heart beat.

35、推動你的事業,不要讓你的事業來推動你。——富蘭克林 Drive your business, don’t let you to advance your career.

36、如果你不比別人幹得更多,你的價值也就不會比別人更高。——塞萬斯 If you have done more than others, your value is not higher than others.

37、哪裡有天才?我是把別人喝咖啡的功夫,都用在工作上的。——魯迅 Where there is genius? I am the others drink coffee time, at work.

38、懷著善意的人,是不難於表達他對人的禮貌的。——盧梭 Good-will people, it is not hard to express his polite to people.

39、習慣不是最好的仆人,便是最壞的主人。——愛默生 Habit is not the best servants, is the most bad master.

40、人生的光榮,不在於永不言敗,而在於能夠屢撲屢起。——拿破侖 The glory of life, is not in never say die, but that would be able to repeatedly flapping.

41、智力取消瞭命運,隻要一個人在思考,他就是自主的。——愛默生 Intelligence cancelled the fate, as long as a person is thinking, he is independent.

42、偉大的精力隻是為瞭偉大的目的而產生的。——斯大林 Great energy is just for a great purpose.

43、誰把一生的光陰虛度,便是拋下黃金未買一物。——伊朗 Who put the time is wasted, life is behind gold did not buy a thing.

44、真正的文明是說有人種植幸福的結果。——幸田露伴 The real civilization is the result of the said someone grow happiness.

45、沒有和平的傢庭,就沒有和平的社會。——池田大作 No peace of family, no peace of society.

46、虛榮的人註視著自己的名字;光榮的人註視著祖國的事業。——馬蒂 Vain people staring at his name; Glorious people watched the cause of the motherland.

47、人生如路,須在荒涼中走出繁華的風景來。——七堇年 Life is like a road, must be out of the bustling in the desolate landscape.

48、任何一項勞動都是崇高的,崇高的事業隻有勞動。——托?卡萊爾 Any a labor is a noble, lofty career only labor.

49、人生價值的大小是以人們對社會貢獻的大小而制定。——向警予 The size of the value of life is made for the size of the contribution to society and people.

50、生活是欺騙不瞭的,一個人要生活得光明磊落。——馮雪峰 Life is a cheat, a man is to live aboveboard.

51、上天賦予的生命,就是要為人類的繁榮和平和幸福而奉獻。——松下幸之助 God-given life, is to be dedication for the prosperity of human peace and happiness.

52、這十幾天來,天天連夜工作,但一點兒不覺得累。——陳雨黎 This more than ten days, every day after work, but I don’t feel tired.

53、禮貌是最容易做到的事,也是最珍貴的東西。——察爾 Courtesy is the most easy to do, which is the most precious thing.

54、行動不一定帶來快樂,但沒有行動則肯定沒有快樂。——英國 Action may not bring happiness, but no action is definitely not happy.

55、從不充分的前提中推斷出充分的結論,這種藝術就是人生。——勃特勒 Never fully deduce conclusion fully, in the premise of this art is life.

56、像我的名字一樣,立志做中國慈善事業的光榮榜樣和道德標桿。——陳光標 Like my name, to do the glorious example and moral standard of Chinese philanthropy.

57、挫折經歷的太少,所以總是把一些瑣碎的小事看得很重。——佚名 Frustrating experience too little, so always put some trivial things look very heavy.

58、出人才的部門,常常是工作多而人手少的地方。——土光敏夫 The personnel department, often is the place where working more and are less.

59、人生是否有價值,關鍵要看活著人還是自己。——佚名 The value of a life, the key still depends on living people.

60、創造者才是真正的享受者。——富爾克 The creator is the real enjoyment.

61、在這個世界上,我們永遠需要報答最美好的人,這就是母親。——奧斯特洛夫斯基 In this world, we never need to repay the best people, this is mother.

62、當一人內心開始鬥爭時,生存就有瞭價值。——勃朗寧 When a person when the fight begins within himself, survival’s worth something.

63、人生不得行胸懷,雖壽百年,猶為天也。——何良俊 Not do mind, life is a life of one hundred years, also is day.

64、忍耐和堅持雖是痛苦的事情,(next88)但卻能漸漸地為你帶來好處。——奧維德 Patience and persistence are painful, but it can gradually bring you benefits.

65、所謂偉大的事業,就是要讓自己的夢想成真。——王小波 The so-called great cause, is to make your dreams come true.

66、沒有回憶的人生,未免蒼白瞭一點。——張小嫻 No memories of life, is a bit pale.

67、你可知道,人類老是高估瞭自己所沒有的東西之價值。——蕭伯納 You know, the human always overestimate the value of things you don’t have.

68、使教育過程成為一種藝術的事業。——赫爾巴特 The education process becomes an art career.

69、友誼既不需要奴隸,也不允許有統治者,友誼喜歡平等。——岡察各夫 Friendship does not need to slave, also there is no ruler, friendship like equality.

70、人不能象走獸那樣活著,應該追求知識和美德。——但丁 Man can not live like beasts, should pursue knowledge and virtue.

71、人生最大的快樂不在於占有什麼,而在於追求什麼的過程中。——班庭 Life’s greatest happiness is not what you possess, but in the process of the pursuit of what.

72、人不應該像走獸那樣活著,應該追求知識和美德。——佚名 People should not live like beasts, should pursue knowledge and virtue.

73、人生應該如蠟燭一樣,從頂燃到底,一直都是光明的。——肖楚女 Life should be like a candle, burning from the top to the end, is always bright.

74、我生為真理,死為真理,除瞭真理,沒有我自己的東西。——王若飛 For the truth, I was born to die for the truth, in addition to the truth, not my own.

75、啊!誇獎的話,出於自己口中,那是多麼乏味!——孟德斯鳩 Ah! Compliment, out of his mouth, and that is how boring!

76、友誼!你是靈魂的神秘膠漆;你是生活的甜料,社會性的連接物。——羅?佈萊爾 Friendship! The mysterious lac is your soul, You is the sweetener of life, social connections.

77、凡人便是生知之資,也須下困學勉行的工夫方得。——朱熹 Man is born to know the information, it’s must be trapped under the working time too.

78、青春之所以幸福,就因為它有前途。——果戈裡 Youth is happy, because it is promising.