1、不要向井裡吐痰,也許你還會來喝井裡的水。——《靜靜的頓河》 Not to spit in the well, maybe you will come to drink the water in the well.

2、不要害怕,最大的罪惡是淺薄。——《王爾德獄中記》 Don’t be afraid, the greatest sin is shallow.

3、浮世欲望的滿足,正如拋給乞丐的施舍,維持他活過今天,卻也延長瞭他的苦難到明日。——《叔本華人生哲學》 Float world the satisfaction of desire, as gave alms to beggars, maintain he lived today, but also extended his suffering until tomorrow.

4、悲傷使人格外敏銳。——《約翰?克裡斯朵夫》 Sadness makes people more acute.

5、凡具有生命者,都不斷的在超越自己。而人類,你們又做瞭什麼?——《查拉圖斯特拉如是說》 All have a life, constantly beyond himself. Man, what did you do?

6、乞丐並不會妒忌百萬富翁,但是他肯定會妒忌收入更高的乞丐。——《幸福之路》 Beggars do not envy millionaires, but he will certainly be jealous of beggars with higher pay.

7、我們可將財富比做海水,喝的愈多,愈是口渴,名聲亦復如此。——《人生的智慧》 We can wealth than to the sea, the more drink, the more thirsty, so are reputation.

8、身是他人能夠觀察我們的部分,而心則是我們私人性的部分。——《哲學大綱》 Is the others can observe our part, while the heart is part of our personal.

9、身體的健康是幸福的首要因素,其次重要的是一種獨立生活和免於憂慮的能力。——《叔本華人生哲學》 Physical health is the first factor of happiness, then what is important is the ability of an independent life and freedom from worry.

10、認識自己的無知是認識世界的最可靠的方法。——《隨筆集》 Know his ignorance is the most reliable way to know the world.

11、人的合群性大概和他知識的貧乏,以及俗氣成正比。——《叔本華人生哲學》 Man’s gregariousness and his knowledge about poverty, and is directly proportional to the tacky.

12、開發人類智力的礦藏是少不瞭要由患難來促成的。——《基度山伯爵》 Development of the human mind mine is little not by to make trouble.

13、別人為瞭想表示自己的重要性,也不得不根本忽視你的存在。——《叔本華人生哲學》 Others to want to express the importance of their own, also have to ignore your presence at all.

14、不管我活著,還是我死去,我都是一隻牛虻,快樂地飛來飛去。——《牛虻》 No matter I live, or I die, I was a gadfly, happy flying.

15、一個人對與人交往的熱衷程度,與他的智力的平庸及思想的貧乏成正比。——《人生的智慧》 A person enthusiasm for working with people, and his intelligence is proportional to the lack of mediocrity and thought.

16、不能服從自己的人,就要服從他人。這是有生命者的本性。——《查拉圖斯特拉如是說》 Can’t obey his own people, to obey others. This is the nature of life is.

17、虛榮使人健談,但驕傲卻讓人沉默。——《叔本華人生哲學》 Vanity talkative, but let a person quiet pride.

18、一個人隻要有意志力,就能超越他的環境。——《馬丁?伊登》 A person so long as has the willpower, can transcend his environment.

19、在生活中確實沒有什麼小大之分,一切事物都有同等的價值和大小形狀。——《王爾德獄中記》 In life there really are no difference between big small, all things have equal value and identity of size and shape.

20、愛情應該給人一種自由感,而不是囚禁感。——《兒子與情人》 Love should give a person a kind of sense of freedom, not imprisoned feeling.

21、寬宏大量,是惟一能夠照亮偉大靈魂的光芒。——《巴黎聖母院》 Magnanimity, is the only light can light up a great soul.

22、我們用不著抱怨世俗目的的卑下,因為不管人們說什麼,它們卻牢牢地統治著世界。——《叔本華人生哲學》 We don’t have to complain about the secular purpose of humble, because no matter what people say, they are firmly ruled the world.

23、往上爬吧,多撈錢吧,進入上層社會,那裡準備好瞭一切。——《美國的悲劇》 Climb, more money, to enter the upper society, where all ready.

24、客觀上,名譽是他人對我們的價值的看法;主觀上,則是我們對於他人看法的顧忌。——《人生的智慧》 Objectively, the fame is other people’s view of value to us; Subjectively, it is our opinions on others.

25、神要是公然去跟人作對,那是任何人都難以對付的。——《荷馬史詩》 If god openly against people, it is for anyone.

26、歷史喜愛英勇豪邁的事跡,同時也譴責這種事跡所造成的後果。——《神秘島》 History loves heroic heroic deeds, but also accused the consequences of this story.

27、一切偉大的著作都有令人生厭的章節,一切偉人的生活都有無聊乏味的時候。——《幸福之路》 All great books have boring chapters, every great man’s life is boring sometimes.

28、我在女人跟前經常失敗,就是由於我太愛她們瞭。——《懺悔錄》 I often fail in front of the woman, it is because I love them too much.

29、神是一種思想,使一切直者變曲,使一切立者旋轉的思想。——《查拉圖斯特拉如是說》 God is a kind of thought, make everything straight person bending, set all the ideas of the rotation.

30、隻要你是天鵝蛋,就是生在養雞場裡也沒有什麼關系。——《安徒生童話》 As long as you are a swan egg, is born in a chicken farm to pay no relationship.

31、當然,行是行的,這固然很好,可是千萬別鬧出什麼亂子來啊。——《套中人》 Line is done, of course, this is great, but don’t make out what is wrong.

32、世界還是照樣愚蠢和邪惡,跟我們剛來到這個世界的時候所發現的並沒有兩樣。——《人生的智慧》 World is so stupid and evil, as when we first came to this world and found no different.

33、任何人都不要抱怨卑鄙和下流,因為在這世上隻有卑鄙和下流才是威力無比的。——《人生的智慧》 Don’t complain about anyone mean and nasty, because in this world only mean and nasty is powerful.

34、強迫經常使熱戀的人更加鐵心,而從來不能叫他們回心轉意。——《陰謀與愛情》 Force often makes people more core in love, and never let them come to their senses.

35、當女人愛時,男人當知畏懼:因為這時她犧牲一切,別的一切她都認為毫無價值。——《查拉圖斯特拉如是說》 When a woman love man when know fear: when she sacrifice everything, everything else she thought no value.

36、善良人在追求中縱然迷惘,卻終將意識到有一條正途。——《浮士德》 Good people in the pursuit of even if lost, but eventually realized that there is a right direction.

37、太陽啊!如果沒有你所照耀的人們,你的榮耀又在哪裡呢?——《查拉圖斯特拉如是說》 The sun! Without the people you shine, your glory and where is it?

38、水裡照出的是自己的臉,內心反映的是自己的為人。——《聖經?舊約》 Water reflect their face, reflects his own within himself a man.

39、需求對象的殘缺不全,正是幸福的必不可少的條件之一。——《幸福之路》 Demand object is incomplete, it is one of the indispensable conditions for happiness.

40、生存還是毀滅,這是一個值得思考的問題。——《哈姆霄特》 To be or not to be, this is a question worth thinking about.

41、我們可以回憶起自己的夢,但如果別人不告訴我們的話,我們無法知道他的夢。——《哲學大綱》 We can recall their own dreams, but if other people don’t tell us, we are unable to know his dream.

42、世界上一切好東西對於我們,除瞭加以使用外,實在沒有別的好處。——《魯濱遜漂流記》 All good things in the world for us, in addition to the use, is really no other benefits.

43、就投機鉆營來說,世故的價值永遠是無可比擬的。——《死魂靈》 In the case of a speculative gaining sophistication value forever is incomparable.

44、自己的行為最惹人恥笑的人,(next88)卻永遠是最先去說別人壞話的人。——《偽君子》 Own behavior the most provoking laugh at people, however, is always the first to go to speak ill of others.

45、須知人生的參差百態,乃是幸福的本源。——《幸福之路》 Notice life presume, but is the fountain of happiness.

46、真正的預料是不可言說的,而可以被語言表達的則參與瞭推理。——《哲學大綱》 Real expectation is unspeakable, and can be language expression is involved in the reasoning.

47、幸福的傢庭是相同的,不幸的傢庭各有各的不同。——《安娜?卡列尼娜》 A happy family is the same, the unfortunate family each have each different.

48、面包!面包!我們要面包!——《萌芽》 Bread! Bread! We want to bread!

49、睡覺是向死亡的借貸,睡得越多越長,那麼還款期也越長。——《人生的智慧》 Sleep is to the borrowing of death, the more you sleep, the longer the repayment period is longer.

50、生活並不復雜,復雜的是我們人自己。生活是單純的,單純的才是正確的。——《王爾德獄中記》 Life is not complicated, complex is our own. Life is a pure, innocent is right.

51、不要因為自己沒有天賦的才能而悲觀:要是覺得自己沒有才能,就去學習一種。——《曙光》 Don’t because they have no talent talent and pessimistic: if you feel you don’t have to, go to a study.

52、人,就像寒冬裡的刺蝟,靠得太近會痛,離得太遠會冷。——《人生的智慧》 People, like the hedgehog in the winter, too close will pain, far too cold.

53、站在痛苦之外規勸受苦的人,是件很容易的事。——《被縛的普羅米修斯》 Standing outside the pain to the suffering of the afflicted one, is a very easy thing.

54、那些避免與同類過往甚密的人才是幸福的。——《叔本華人生哲學》 Those who are close to avoid the similar past is happiness.

55、越是高貴的力量所帶來的快樂,其再現性就越高,所獲得的幸福就越穩定。——《叔本華人生哲學》 The more noble brought by the power of happiness, the higher its reproducibility, happiness is more stable.

56、盲目可以增加你的勇氣,因為你無法看到危險。——《格列佛遊記》 Blind can increase your courage, because you can’t see the danger.

57、一個人並不是生來要被打敗的,你盡可以把他消滅掉,可就是打不敗他。——《老人與海》 A man is not born to be defeated, you can do to get rid of him, but there is a dozen don’t hurt him.

58、一個人會忘記一切,絕對所有的一切,但卻不會忘記他的自我,他的本性。——《人生的智慧》 One can forget everything, absolutely everything, but do not forget his ego, his nature.

59、人們必須在心中懷著混亂,為瞭能夠創造一個舞動的新星。——《查拉圖斯特拉如是說》 People must with chaos in the heart, in order to be able to create a dancing star.

60、念書不能增添智慧。——《痛癥樓》 Study adds wisdom.

61、人們從自己的虛榮心得到滿足中獲取極大的喜悅。——《叔本華人生哲學》 People from their own vanity is satisfy to derive great pleasure.

62、離你越近的地方,路途越遠;最簡單的音調,需要最艱苦的練習。——《泰戈爾詩選》 As close to your place, the farther the way; The most simple tones, need the most hard practice.

63、野蠻人互相吞吃對方,文明人則互相欺騙對方,這就是所謂的世道方式。——《人生的智慧》 Devour each other barbarians, civilized men cheat each other, this is the so-called world way.

64、我們飛得越高,我們在那些不能飛的人眼中的形象就越渺小。——《查拉圖斯特拉如是說》 The higher we fly, we can’t fly in the eyes of the small image.

65、上天讓我們習慣各種事物,就是用它來代替幸福。——《葉甫蓋尼?奧涅金》 God let we used all sorts of things, is to use it instead of happiness.

66、不能聽命於自己者,就要受命於他人。——《查拉圖斯特拉如是說》 Can’t obey himself, is to others.

67、一個人哪怕隻生活過一天,也可以毫無困難地在監獄裡過上一百年。——《局外人》 A person even if life only for a day, also can live one hundred years in prison with no difficulty.

68、在自己的內心求得幸福很難,但在別處則不可能找到幸福。——《人生的智慧》 Getting happiness in our own minds is difficult, but it’s impossible to find happiness elsewhere.

69、我從沒有愛過這世界,它對我也一樣。——《拜倫詩選》 I have never loved this world, it is also the same to me.

70、你不知羞恥地索取,毫無感激地接受。——《王爾德獄中記》 You shamelessly, no gratefully accepted.

71、感情有理智根本無法理解的理由。——《月亮和六便士》 Feelings have a rational reason cannot understand.

72、炫耀自己的才華,賣弄自己的精明,隻不過旁敲側擊地嘲笑別人愚鈍和無能。——《叔本華人生哲學》 Show off their talent, to show off his shrewd, but beat about the bush to laugh at other people stupid and incompetent.