1、一部機器可以做五十個普通人的工作,但沒有哪部機器可以完成一個偉大的人的工作。——哈伯德 A machine can do the work of fifty ordinary people, but no machine can finish the work of a great man.

2、浪費時間是所有支出中最奢侈及最昂貴的。——富蘭克林 A waste of time is the most extravagant and costly of all expenses.

3、如果你正在經歷煉獄,那就繼續吧。——溫斯頓·丘吉爾 If you are going through purgatory, go ahead.

4、在精神病院隨便走走表明信仰什麼都不是。——弗裡德裡希·尼采 A casual stroll through a lunatic asylum shows that faith does not prove anything.

5、如果一個人不知道他要駛向哪頭,那麼任何風都不是順風。——塞涅卡 If one does not know where he headed for the head, then any wind is favorable.

6、壯志與熱情是偉業的輔冀。——歌德 Ambition and enthusiasm is great auxiliary ji.

7、讀書是好的,但必須記住,書不過是書,要自己動腦筋才行。——高爾基 Reading is good, but you have to remember that book is a book, however, have to their ideas.

8、走得最慢的人,隻要他不喪失目標,也比漫無目的地徘徊的人走得快。——萊辛 The slowest person, as long as he doesn’t lose target than wandering aimlessly walk fast.

9、價值產生信心,信心產生熱忱,而熱忱則征服世界。——華特?h?柯亭姆 Value have confidence, confidence, enthusiasm, and enthusiasm to conquer the world.

10、樂觀是一首激昂優美的進行曲,(next88)時刻鼓舞著你向事業的大路勇猛前進。——大仲馬 Optimism is a passionate beautiful moment of march, inspiring you to cause the road ahead.

11、每個區都有兩個一樣的購物中心,一個是白人去的,另一個是白人以前去的。——克裡斯·洛克 Each have two the same shopping center, one is white, the other is a white to before.

12、雖然紫菀草越被人踐踏越長得快,可是青春越是浪費,越容易消失。——莎士比亞 Although ironweed more trampled by people more grow faster, the more waste of youth, however, the more likely it is to disappear.

13、任何人都可以因他滿頭的秀發而自信。但是自信的光頭,就像雜草堆裡的鉆石。——拉裡·戴維 Anyone can be confident because of he has hair. But a confident bald head, like a diamond in the weeds in the heap.

14、瓜是長大在營養肥料裡的最甜,天才是長在惡性土壤中的最好。——培根 The most sweet melon is grew up in the nutrition fertilizer, genius is long in malignant best from the soil.

15、人隻有為自己同時代人的完善,為他們的幸福而工作,他才能達到自身的完善。——馬克思 Only for the perfection of his contemporaries, for their happiness and work, he can achieve their own perfect.

16、讓自己的內心藏著一條巨龍,既是一種苦刑,也是一種樂趣。——雨果 Let oneself heart hiding a dragon, is a kind of torture, is also a kind of fun.

17、噴泉的高度不會超過它的源頭;一個人的事業也是這樣,他的成就絕不會超過自己的信念。——林肯 The height of the fountain can’t more than its source; A person’s career also is such, his achievements will never more than their own beliefs.

18、要有自信,然後全力以赴——假如具有這種觀念,任何事情十之八九都能成功。——威爾遜 To have confidence, and then go all out – if has this kind of idea, any things nine times out of ten can succeed.

19、想想看,普通人多愚蠢,可還有一半人更愚蠢。——喬治·卡林 Think of how stupid the average person is, and realize half of them are stupider than that.

20、人所缺乏的不是才幹而是志向,不是成功的能力而是勤勞的意志。——部爾衛 Instead of talents of lack of ambition, not ability to succeed but hardworking will.

21、將愚人從他們所敬拜的鎖鏈下解放出來是非常困難的。——伏爾泰 The fools from the chains they Revere free is very difficult.

22、妨礙我學習的唯一障礙就是我的教育。——愛因斯坦 The only thing that interferes with my learning is my education.

23、人類是上帝犯的一個錯誤,還是上帝是人類犯的一個錯誤。——弗裡德裡希·尼采 Man is god made a mistake, or god is man made a mistake.

24、生命裡最重要的事情是要有個遠大的目標,並借才能與堅毅來達成它。——約翰·渥夫甘·馮·歌德 The most important thing in life is to have a big goal, and to borrow and determined to achieve it.

25、雪崩時沒有一片雪花會有負罪感。——伏爾泰 No snowflake in an avalanche will feel guilty.

26、推動你的事業,不要讓你的事業推動你。——愛因斯坦 Drive your business, don’t let your business drive you.

27、失敗也是我需要的,它與成功對我一樣有價值。——愛迪生 Failure is also, I need it and success as valuable to me.

28、作瞭好事受到職責而堅持下去,這才是奮鬥的本色。——巴爾紮克 Made a good responsibility and stick to it, this is the essence of struggle.

29、我小時候在脫口秀行業混的時候很窮,經常跑到宴會去吃葡萄。——羅德尼·丁奇菲爾德 When I was a kid in show business I was poor, I used to go to orgies to eat the grapes.

30、隻要朝著一個方向努力,一切都會變得得心應手。——勃朗寧 As long as the efforts in one direction, everything will be handy.

31、生命有如鐵砧,愈被敲打,愈能發出火花。——伽利略 Life is like the anvil, the more is knocking, emits sparks.

32、在所有批評傢中,最偉大、最正確,最天才的是時間。——別林斯基 Among all the criticism, the greatest and the most correct, the most gifted is time.

33、無論頭上是怎樣的天空,我準備承受任何風暴。——拜倫 No matter how head is sky, I’m ready to withstand any storm.

34、懶惰象生銹一樣,比操勞更能消耗身體;經常用的鑰匙,總是亮閃閃的。——富蘭克林 Sloth, like rust, consumes faster than labor wears. The key to often used and is always bright.

35、不管發生什麼事,都請安靜且愉快地接受人生,勇敢地、大膽地,而且永遠地微笑著。——盧森堡 No matter what happens, please quiet and happy to accept life, brave, bold, and always smiling.

36、偏見是愚者思考的方式。——伏爾泰 Prejudice is a fool way of thinking.

37、奮鬥以求改善生活,是可敬的行為。——茅盾 Struggle in order to improve life, honorable behavior.

38、隻有這樣的人才配生活和自由,假如他每天為之而奮鬥。——歌德 Only such people with life and liberty, if he had to struggle for a day.

39、我沒上過十歲的,我有一晚上用五乘以瞭二。——喬治?卡林 I never in ten years old, I have a night with five multiplied by two.

40、在我看來,開著飛機撞大樓,根源在他們的信仰。宗教就是神經錯亂。——比爾·馬赫 In my opinion, flying planes into a building, a faith-based initiative. Religion is a neurological disorder.

41、時間是我的財產,我的田畝是時間。——歌德 Time is my property, my field is time.

42、經營企業,是許多環節的共同運作,差一個念頭,就決定整個失敗。——松下幸之助 Business enterprise, is the common operation of many links, a thought, will decide the whole failure.

43、當數學原理用於現實時,是不確定的,當它們確定時,又不適用於現實。——愛因斯坦 When the mathematical principles used in reality, it is uncertain, when they determine, and does not apply to reality.

44、我們世界上最美好的東西,都是由勞動、由人的聰明的手創造出來的。——高爾基 Our most beautiful things in the world is created by labor, by the people’s clever hands.

45、我們知道什麼、信仰什麼,本質上並不重要。唯一重要的是:我們做瞭什麼。――約翰·羅斯基 What we know and what faith, in essence is not important. The only thing that matters is: what have we done.

46、要有自信,然後全力以赴,假如具有這種觀念,任何事情十之八九都能成功。——威爾遜 To have confidence, and then go all out, if have this idea, any things nine times out of ten can succeed.

47、讀書愈多,精神就愈健壯勇敢。——高爾基 The more reading, more strong and brave your spirit will be.

48、常識就是人在十八歲之前形成的各種偏見。——愛因斯坦 Common sense is the collection of prejudices acquired by age eighteen.

49、沒有單純、善良和真實,就沒有偉大。——托爾斯泰 No pure, kind and true, no great.

50、目標越接近,困難越增加。——歌德 Target the closer it gets, the more difficult to increase.

51、如果你決心講述真相,就把體面留給裁縫。——愛因斯坦 If you are out to describe the truth, leave elegance to the tailor.

52、悲觀的人雖生猶死,樂觀的人永生不老。——拜倫 Pessimistic people have ceased to live, optimistic person never dies.

53、生活的道路一旦選定,就要勇敢地走到底,決不回頭。——左拉 Once chosen way of life, be brave to go to the end, never look back.

54、一個年輕人,心情冷下來時,頭腦會變得健全。——巴爾紮克 A young man, heart cold down, mind will become perfect.

55、如果你希望成功,當以恒心為良友,以經驗為參謀,以當心為兄弟,以希望為哨兵。——愛迪生 If you wish to succeed, as perseverance, for friend, experience as your reference, and watch as your brother and hope as your sentry.

56、最困難的職業就是怎樣為人。——荷塞?馬蒂 The most difficult career is how to be.

57、我寧願靠自己的力量打開我的前途,而不求權勢者垂青。——雨果 I prefer to rely on own strength to open my future, not for image.

58、有些人的思考隻停留在表面。——伏爾泰 Some people think to stay on the surface.

59、一個從不懷疑生活方向和目標的人,絕對不會絕望。——莫裡亞克 A man who never doubt life direction and goal, never despair.

60、時間是由分秒積成的,善於利用零星時間的人,才會做出更大的成績來。——華羅庚 Time is made up of a split second product, good at using sporadic time person, will make greater achievement.

61、許多人在追求他們選擇的道路時固執,卻很少在追求目標時固執。——弗裡德裡希·尼采 Many people in the pursuit of their chosen path stubborn, rarely persistent in pursuing your goals.

62、對真理和知識的追求並為之奮鬥,是人的最高品質之一。——愛因斯坦 The pursuit of truth and knowledge and strive for, is one of the highest quality people.

63、做瞭好事受到指責而仍堅持下去,這才是奮鬥者的本色。——巴爾紮克 Do something good to blame but still stick to it, this is the essence of striver.

64、人的一生可能燃燒也可能腐朽。我不能腐朽,我願意燃燒起來。——奧斯特洛夫斯基 Person’s life may be burning may also decayed. I can not decayed, I am willing to burn.

65、我們向恐怖主義宣戰——沒有說說而已,所以,我們還算走運。——喬·斯圖亞特 We declared war on terrorism – no talk, so, we are lucky.

66、閱讀保健類書籍時要小心,你可能死於錯誤印刷。——馬克·吐溫 Be careful about reading health books. You may die of a misprint.

67、謊言都繞瞭半個地球瞭,真相還沒穿好衣服呢。——溫斯頓·丘吉爾 The truth lies around half the earth, haven’t wear good clothes.

68、偉大的目標形成偉大的人物。——埃蒙斯 Great goal to form a great figure.

69、你想成為幸福的人嗎?但願你產生學會吃得起苦。——屠格涅夫 Who do you want to be happy? I hope you learn to eat up bitter.

70、合理安排時間,就等於節約時間。——弗蘭西斯?培根 Reasonable arrangement of time, is to save time.

71、勝利屬於堅持到最後的人。――拿破侖 Victory belongs to hold out until the last man.

72、實力的來源不是勝利。唯有奮鬥才能增強實力。當你歷經苦難而不氣餒,那就是實力。――施瓦辛格 The power source is not victory. Only struggle can gain strength. When you are suffering and not discouraged, that is strength.