1、給別人自由和維護自己的自由,兩者同樣是崇高的事業。——林肯 Freedom to others and to maintain their freedom, which is also a lofty cause.

2、我覺得坦途在前,人又何必因為一點小障礙而不走路呢?——魯迅 I think road in the former, people why because a small obstacles and not to walk?

3、心理上如果一直想得到確定感,就會助長恐懼。——克裡希那穆提 Psychological if always want certainty, will raise fears.

4、誰若遊戲人生,他就一事無成;誰不主宰自己,永遠是一個奴隸。——歌德 If who is the game of life, he accomplishes nothing; Who does not dominate oneself, is always a slave.

5、讀書人不一定有知識,真正的常識是懂得知識,會思想,能工作。——徐特立 Reader may not have the knowledge, the true sense is to understand knowledge, ideas, can work.

6、人並非為獲取而給予;給予本身即是無與倫比的歡樂。——弗羅姆 Not man for the access to give; To give itself is unparalleled joy.

7、要在這個世界上獲得成功,就必須堅持到底:至死都不能放手。——伏爾泰 To succeed in this world, we must stick to it: to death can’t let go.

8、不念居安思危,戒奢以儉;斯以伐根而求木茂,塞源而欲流長也。——魏徵 Don’t read in time of peace prepare for war, quit luxury to waste; With cutting root for wood alum, plug the source and to do so.

9、的勇氣能承擔一切重負;人的耐心能忍受絕大部分痛苦。——塞繆爾?約翰遜 The courage to bear all the burden; For the most part people’s patience is able to bear the pain.

10、道德教育是一項專門的具有特殊性的教育工作。——蘇霍姆林斯基 There is a special moral education is a special education work.

11、人生像曲曲折折的山澗流水,斷瞭流,卻又滾滾而來。——波普 Life is like a winding mountain stream water, broken, but rolling in.

12、德比於上,欲比於下。德比於上則知恥,欲比於下則知足。——傅玄 Derby on, than the next. Derby in the shame-awareness, for than in the content.

13、青春似一日之晨,它冰清玉潔,充滿著遐想與和諧。——夏多佈裡盎 Youth is like a day morning, Edward Chen, it is full of imagination and harmony.

14、隻有受過一種合適的教育之後,人才能成為一個人。——誇美紐斯 Only with a proper education, people can become a person.

15、我們要把人生變成一信科學的夢,然後再把夢變成現實。——居裡夫人 We need to get the letter life become a scientific dream, then the dream into reality.

16、孩子害怕黑暗,情有可原;人生真正的悲劇,是成人害怕光明。——柏拉圖 The child afraid of the dark, understandable; The real tragedy of life is an adult is afraid of the light.

17、你在兩個仇人之間說話要有分寸,以免他們和好後你將無地自容。——薩迪 You talk to measured between two enemy, lest they be friends after you will be ashamed.

18、如果你不比別人幹得更多,你的價值也就不會比別人更高。——塞萬斯 If you have done more than others, your value is not higher than others.

19、一個具有天才的稟賦的人,絕不遵循常人的思維途徑。——司湯達 A man with a genius of genius, not follow the normal way of thinking.

20、沒有意志的人,一切感到困難,沒有頭腦的人,一切都感到簡單。——朝鮮 Not the will of the people, all difficult, no brain, everything was simple.

21、有財富的人追求優裕的生活,有智慧的人追求優質的生活。——佚名 Has a wealth of people pursue prosperous life, a wise man to pursue high quality life.

22、天下絕無熱烈勇敢地追求成功,而能取得成功的人。——拿破侖 No warm the world bravely to pursue success, and success.

23、不要試圖去做一個成功的人,要努力成為一個有價值的人。——愛因斯坦 Don’t try to become a successful person and strive to become a man of value.

24、人生的後半生完全是由前半生養成的習慣組成的。——陀思妥也夫斯基 The rest of life life is made up of a first half habit.

25、主宰命運不是機會,而是選擇;機會不是等來的,是爭取來的。――丘吉爾 Life is not a chance, but choice; Opportunity not to, is to come.

26、我要做的事,不過是伸手去收割旁人替我播種的莊稼而已。——歌德 I want to do, just stretched out his hand to others harvest planting crops for me.

27、文須字字作,亦要字字讀。咀嚼有餘味,百過良自知。——元好問 Must make every word, also want to read every word. Chew aftertaste, hundred good self-knowledge.

28、時間帶走一切,長年累月會把你的名字外貌性格命運都改變。——柏拉圖 Time take away everything, long will put your name in appearance, but personality change fate.

29、人才雖高,不務學問,不能致聖。劉向十日畫一水,五日畫一石。——杜甫 No business knowledge, the talent is high, can’t st. Say of liuxiang 5 10 paintings monohydrate, draw a stone.

30、金玉滿堂莫收,古人安此塵醜。獨以道德為友,故能延期不朽。——嵇康 And don’t accept, the ancients Ann dust this ugly. Alone and morality as friend, so can delay immortality.

31、小時侯,幸福是很簡單的事;長大瞭,簡單是很幸福的事!——佚名 When I was a child, happiness is very simple thing; Grow up, simple is very happy matter!

32、閱讀保健類書籍時要小心,你可能死於錯誤印刷。——馬克?吐溫 Be careful about reading health books. You may die of a misprint.

33、智慧是寶石,如果用謙虛鑲邊,就會更加燦爛奪目。——高爾基 Wisdom is a gem, if use modest edge, will be more brilliant.

34、書籍使我們成為以往各個時代的精神生活的繼承者。——欽寧格 Books make our past all times of the successor of the spiritual life.

35、做一件好事並不難,難的是養成一種做好事的習慣。——亞裡士多德 It is not difficult to do a good deed, is a good habit.

36、要知道,愛找別人陰暗面的人,自己也常常失掉光芒。——高爾基 Dark side want to know, love for others, oneself also often lost light.

37、生活的樂趣取決於生活都本身,而不是取決於工作或地點。——愛默生 DouBenShen life depends on the life, not depends on the job or location.

38、讀書無疑者須教有疑,有疑者卻要無疑,到這裡方是長進。——朱熹 Reading this must teach suspected, but YiZhe will no doubt, here is to grow.

39、承認你人生中已經擁有的,是所有富足的基礎。——艾克哈特托勒 Admit that you have in life, is the basis of all prosperity.

40、一個科學傢應該考慮到後世的評論,不需考慮當時的辱罵或稱贊。——巴斯德 A scientist should consider the later comments, do not need to consider the time of the abuse or praise.

41、成功呈概率分佈,關鍵是你能不能堅持到成功開始呈現的那一刻。——佚名 Success probability distribution, the key is you can stick to a successful start to present at that moment.

42、傻子自以為聰明,但聰明人知道他自己是個傻子。——莎士比亞 A fool thinks he clever, but the wise man knows himself is a fool.

43、生活就像海洋,隻有意志堅強的人,才能到達彼岸。——馬在思 Life is like a sea, only the strong will of people, to reach the other shore.

44、自由之於人類,就像亮光之於眼睛空氣之於肺腑愛情之於心靈。——英格索爾 Freedom in human beings, like the light to the eyes of the air in the heart of love is to the mind.

45、讓自己完全受財富支配的人是永不能合乎公正的。——德謨克利特 Is completely controlled by the wealth of the people can never be justified.

46、對科學傢來說,不可逾越的原則是為人類文明而工作。——李約瑟 For scientists, insurmountable principle is to work for human civilization.

47、在無利害觀念之外,互相尊敬似乎是友誼的另一要點。——莫羅阿 In the absence of an idea, respect for each other seems to be another point of friendship.

48、人間的面孔從未像在葬禮中看上去那麼世俗。——喬?艾琪渥斯 Human face has never looked so secular in the funeral.

49、自負對任何藝術是一種毀滅。驕傲是可怕的不幸。——季米特洛夫 Conceit of any art is a kind of destruction. Pride is a terrible misfortune.

50、一傢人能夠相互密切合作,才是世界上唯一的真正幸福。——居裡夫人 The family can mutually close cooperation, is the only real happiness in the world.

51、女作傢應當不是寫,而是在紙上刺繡,因而工作得精細遲緩。——契訶夫 Writer should not write, but embroidery on the paper, which works fine.

52、品格可以為青春增添光彩,為皺紋和白發增添威嚴。——愛默生 Character can add luster for youth, add splendor to wrinkles and grey hair.

53、啊,女人,你使高尚者更高尚,也能創造更多卑微者。——弗裡德裡希?尼采 Ah, women. They are more noble, noble you make can also create more frequent.

54、信仰,是人們所必須的。什麼也不信的人不會有幸福。——雨果 Belief, it is necessary to people. What also don’t believe the one who is, won’t have happiness.

55、承擔義務是幸福而長久的婚姻關系的基礎。——弗羅倫斯?伊薩克斯 Commitment is the basis of the happy and long marriage.

56、青年人的眼睛裡燃燒著火焰,老年人的眼睛裡放射出光芒。——韋爾連 Young people in the eyes of the burning flame, the elderly eyes emit light.

57、平庸的人關心怎樣耗費時間,有才能的人竭力利用時間。——叔本華 Average people are concerned about how to spend time, a man of talent tries to use time.

58、我們探求真理,在一切事件中,獲得真理是最高的快慰。——桑塔耶納 We seek the truth, and in all events, truth is the highest joy.

59、性情的修養,不是為瞭別人,(next88)而是為自己增強生活能力。——池田大作 Character accomplishment, not for others, but enhance their ability to live for yourself.

60、奶奶發明瞭妖怪來嚇唬小孩,也發明瞭耶和華來嚇唬大人。——雨果 Grandma invented the devil to frighten children, also invented the Lord to frighten the adults.

61、生活中的很多現象都不例外,目的性越強就越不容易成功。——李傢曄 Many phenomena of the life are no exception, the stronger the purpose is not easy to succeed.

62、愛是一種甜蜜的痛苦,真誠的愛情永不是走一條平坦的道路的。——莎士比亞 Love is a sweet pain and sincere love never did run smooth.

63、科學賜於人類最大的禮物是什麼呢?是使人類相信真理的力量。——康普頓 What is science to mankind’s greatest gift? Is to make the power of human believe that truth.

64、無論在什麼時候,永遠不要以為自己已經知道瞭一切。——巴甫洛夫 No matter when, don’t ever think you already know it all.

65、我死國生,我死猶榮,身雖死精神長生,成功成仁,實現大同。——趙博生 My death the life, I a glorious death, the body is dead spirit of immortality, success even achieve harmony.

66、欲勝人者必先自勝;欲論人者必先自論;欲知人者必先自知。——呂不韋 For he who gains since the first wins; Desire of people first, since the theory; To ZhiRenZhe will know it first.

67、不會從失敗中尋找教訓的人,他們的成功之路是遙遠的。——拿破侖 Don’t look for the lessons of failure, their success is far away.

68、理想是珍珠,一顆綴連著一顆,貫古今,串未來,瑩瑩光無盡。——流沙河 Ideal is the pearl, a ZhuiLian the grain, and penetration ancient and modem, string of future, endless sky light.

69、時間對於我來說是很寶貴的,用經濟學的眼光看是一種財富。——魯迅 Time is very precious for me, with the view of economics is a kind of wealth.

70、在數學中,我們發現真理的主要工具是歸納和模擬。——拉普拉斯 In mathematics, we found that the truth is the main tool and simulation.