1、勸君莫負艷陽天,恩愛歡娛趁少年。——莎士比亞 Advise jun mo negative sunny days, conjugal love pleasure while young.

2、不會在失敗中找出經驗教訓的人,他的通向成功的道路是遙遠的。——佚名 Won’t find out the experience and lessons in failure, his path to success is far away.

3、隻要你能想到,你就能做到。——拿破侖·希爾 As long as you can think of, you can achieve it.

4、真正建立共產主義社會的任務正是要由青年擔負。——列寧 Build up the task of the communist society is the youth, which are responsible for.

5、人生中最困難者,莫過於選擇。——莫爾 The most difficulties in life is the conviction.

6、正直和誠實還沒有發現代用品,人們缺少它就沒法取得成功。——佈雷默 Integrity and honesty also found no substitute, people lack of it can not be successful.

7、堅定不移地智慧是最寶貴的東西,勝過其餘的一切。——德謨克裡特 Unswervingly wisdom is the most precious things, is better than all the rest.

8、隻有能夠激發學生去進行自我教育的教育,才是真正的教育。——蘇霍姆林斯基 Only education can stimulate students to self education, is the true education.

9、貞操是從豐富的愛情中生出來的資產。——泰戈爾 Chastity come from abundance of love.

10、勇敢做自己,永遠不會太遲。——喬治·艾略特 Brave do yourself, it’s never too late.

11、沒有面對面的談話,人們就無法學到社交技巧。——傑夫·弗勒 No face to face conversation, people will not be able to learn social skills.

12、偉大的工作,並不是用力量而是用耐心去完成的。——約翰遜 Great work, and not with strength but with the patience to complete.

13、時間不可空過,惟用之於有益的工作;一切無益的行動,應該完全制止。——富蘭克林 Time is not empty, but use of useful work; All unprofitable operations, should be completely stopped.

14、成功就像一座平衡的秤,一邊是努力,一邊是快樂;付出的多,收獲的也多。——傅佩榮 Success is like a balance scale, one side is hard work, one side is happy; Pay more, also more of the harvest.

15、我是個拙笨的學藝者,(next88)沒有充分的天才,全憑苦學。——梅蘭芳 I am a stupidly who, without full of genius, all by cramming.

16、隻有在鬥爭中無所畏懼,才能在追求真理的過程中把自己雕塑成器。——張志新 Only fearless in battle, in the process of pursuing truth sculptures themselves out.

17、言語本來應當是思想的仆人,但卻往往變成思想的主人。——克魯勞 Words should be is the servant of thought, but it can often become the master of thought.

18、勇敢堅毅真正之才智乃剛毅之志向。——拿破侖 Brave and true wit is the ambition of fortitude.

19、勝利者往往是從堅持最後五分鐘的時間中得來成功。——牛頓 The winner is often from the stick to the last five minutes from time success.

20、在所有的優點中,忍耐的優點對青年男女最不相幹。——查普曼 Of all the advantages, the advantages of patience for young men and women is the most irrelevant.

21、任何時候為愛情付出的一切都不會白白浪費。——塔索 Any time for love give everything won’t go to waste.

22、一件事實是一條沒有性別的真理。——紀伯倫 A fact is a truth without sex.

23、善良和謙虛是永遠不應令人厭惡的兩種品德。——斯蒂文生 Kindness and humility is should never hated two character.

24、學習知識要善於思考,思考,再思考。——愛因斯坦 Learning knowledge to be good at thinking, thinking, think again.

25、人隻有獻身社會,才能找出那實際上是短暫而有風險的生命的意義。——愛因斯坦 Only dedication to society, to find out the meaning of life is actually short and risky.

26、人的一生就是這樣,先把人生變成一個科學的夢,然後再把夢變成現實。——法國 Such is life, the life become a scientific dream first, and then the dream into reality.

27、正如每一條金鏤是寶貴的,每一刻時間也是寶貴的。——梅森 As per a gold filled afterward.not is precious, each moment of time is also valuable.

28、即使是世上最偉大、最壯麗的事業,興許也常常需要瘦弱的手去扶掖。——埃·斯賓塞 Even if is the world’s greatest, most magnificent cause, probably also often need to thin hand to help and support.

29、人的一生隻有一次青春。——朗費羅 Only a young person’s life.

30、德行使心靈明晰,使人不僅更易瞭解德行,而且也更易瞭解科學的真理。——羅吉爾·培根 Exercise the mind clear, make people not only easier to understand the virtue, but also easier to understand the scientific truth.

31、開誠佈公與否和友情的深淺,不應該用時間的長短來衡量。——巴爾紮克 The depth of the honesty and friendship, it should not be measured by the length of time.

32、虛榮是驕傲的食物,輕蔑是它的飲料。——富蘭克林 Vanity is proud to food, contempt is it drink.

33、求愛的人得愛;舍身友誼的人有朋友;殫精竭慮而創造幸福的人便有幸福。——莫羅阿 Makes people to love. Give people have friends of friendship; Stressed and create happiness there is happiness.

34、對雙親來說,傢庭教育首先是自我教育。——克魯普斯卡婭 For parents, family education is the first self education.

35、許多年輕人在學習音樂時學會瞭愛。——萊傑 Many young people in learning music has learned to love.

36、過放蕩不羈的生活,容易得像順水推舟,但是要結識良朋益友,卻難如登天。——巴爾紮克 Bohemian life easier, like a show, but want to make good companions, is difficult.

37、沒有信仰,則沒有名副其實的品行和生命;沒有信仰,則沒有名副其實的國土。——惠特曼 Without faith, then there is no real character and life; Without faith, then there is no real homeland.

38、想要有空餘時間,就不要浪費時間。——富蘭克林 Want to have free time, don’t waste time.

39、安全行走的人才能走得遠。——格言 Safe walking man can go far.

40、真實是人生的命脈,是一切價值的根基。——德萊塞 Real is the lifeblood of life, is the foundation of all values.

41、成功的唯一秘訣——堅持最後一分鐘。——柏拉圖 The only secret of success – stick to the last minute.

42、勝利就在真理之中。——愛默生 Victory is in the truth.

43、管理的第一目標是使較高工資與較低的勞動成本結合起來。——泰羅 Management of the first goal is to make higher wages and lower labor costs.

44、死並不是人生最大的損失,雖生猶死才是。——卡曾斯 Death is not the greatest loss of life, have ceased to live.

45、修養之於心地,其重要猶如食物之於身體。——西塞羅 Cultivation is to the heart, its important as food is to the body.

46、人生有些關口非狠狠地鬥一下不可,不能為瞭混口飯吃而蹉跎瞭幸福。——巴爾紮克 Some mark must severely dou once in life, not happy late for mix mouth meal.

47、越年輕,就越不能跟醜事妥協。——紀德 The younger, the more can’t compromise with stunt.

48、相信謊言的人必將在真理之前毀滅。——赫爾巴特 People who believe in lies will destroy before truth.

49、驕傲的人必然嫉妒,他對於那最以德性受人稱贊的人便懷忌恨。——斯賓諾莎 The proud will be jealous, he for the most in virtue by people praise his jealousy.

50、誰因為害怕貧窮而放棄比財富更加富貴的自由,誰就隻好永遠做奴隸。——西塞羅 Who through fear of poverty surrender freedom is more rich than wealth, who had to be slave forever.

51、富貴固然和友誼的好壞無關,但是貧窮卻最能考驗朋友憎愛分明的真假。——莎士比亞 Wealth is nothing to do with the quality of friendship, but poor but can test most friends abhorred love of true and false.

52、在每個國傢,知識都是公共幸福的最可靠的基礎。——華盛頓 In every country, knowledge is the surest basis of public happiness.

53、愛情不過是一種瘋。——莎士比亞 Love is a kind of crazy.

54、最聰明的人是最不願浪費時間的人。——但丁 The most intelligent people are the most people don’t like to waste time.

55、沒有人不愛惜他的生命,但很少人珍視他的時間。——梁實秋 There is no one but loves his life, but few people cherish his time.

56、在人的生活中最主要的是勞動訓練。沒有勞動就不可能有正常人的生活。——盧梭 In one’s life is the most important of labor training. No work is impossible to have a normal life.

57、成功之秘訣,在始終不變其目的。——畢困士腓特 The secret of success, in constant purpose.

58、世界上一成不變的東西,隻有“任何事物都是在不斷變化的”這條真理。——斯裡蘭卡 The same thing in the world, only "everything is changing" the truth.

59、人生欲念千千萬,且莫圖利忘教子。——字嚴 Life desires there, and don’t forget his godson ends.

60、青年的朝氣倘已消失,前進不已的好奇心已衰退以後,人生就沒有意義瞭。——穆勒 If lost youth vigor, forward unceasingly curiosity has after the recession, it is no meaning to life.

61、生活的樂趣取決於生活都本身,而不是取決於工作或地點。——愛默生 DouBenShen life depends on the life, not depends on the job or location.

62、惟有真理,才是我該誓死捍衛的。——卡特賴特 But the truth is, I need to defend to the death.

63、好動與不滿足是進步的第一必需品。——愛迪生 Active and discontent is the first necessity of progress.

64、人生如畫,歲月如歌。——報摘 Life picturesque, years like song.

65、真理的蠟燭往往會燒傷那些舉燭的人的手。——佈埃斯特 Truth candle tend to burn those who take candle’s hand.

66、理想與現實之間,動機與行為之間,總有一道陰影。——愛略特 Between the ideal and reality, between the motivation and behavior, there is always a shadow.

67、成功並不是重要的事,重要的是努力。——加費羅 Success is not important, the important is hard work.

68、對一般人而言,凡事要思索並不是什麼麻煩的事。——詹姆士·佈萊斯 For the average person to think about things is not a matter.

69、隻要我們勇敢去追求,所有的夢想都會實現。——華特·迪斯尼 If we are brave to pursue, all dreams can achieve.

70、富裕帶來榮譽,富裕創造友誼,窮人到哪兒都是下人。——奧維德 Create friendships bring honor, rich rich, where the poor are inferior.

71、我成功,因為志在要成功,我未嘗躊躇。——拿破侖 I succeeded, because to be successful, I never hesitated.

72、愛情原如樹葉一樣,在人忽視裡綠瞭,在忍耐裡露出蓓蕾。——何其芳 Love the original like leaves, green in the neglected, revealing bud in patience.