1、讀書何所求?將以通事理。——張維屏 For reading? Could connect to them.

2、一到瞭青春期,人都抱著愛和被愛的急切欲望。——海涅 At puberty, people are holding the eager desire to love and be loved.

3、負氣的行動最容易招來懊悔的後果。——郭良蕙 The consequences of actions are most likely to bring regret angrily.

4、人生的最大快樂,是自己的勞動得到瞭成果。——謝黨哉 The greatest happiness in life, is your own labor got results.

5、高山不爬不能到頂,競走不跑不能取勝,永恒的幸福不爭取不能獲得。——毛利斯 Walking, but mountains never climb not to not run to win, eternal happiness not for gain.

6、凡事皆有終結,因此,耐心是贏得成功的一種手段。——俄高爾基 All things have an end, therefore, patience is a means to win.

7、容易成功和難於成功同樣能刺激人的願望。——巴爾紮克 Easy to success and difficult to success also can stimulate the desire of the people.

8、成功並非重要的事,重要的是努力。——法泰爾多爾 Success is not important, the important is hard work.

9、我年輕時註意到,我每做十件事有九件不成功,於是我就十倍地去努力幹下去。——蕭伯納 I noticed that when I was younger, I do every thing has 9 10 pieces is not successful, so I just ten times to hard work.

10、智慧不能創造素材,素材是自然或機遇的贈予,而智慧的驕傲在於利用瞭它們。——埃德蒙·伯克 Wisdom cannot create material, material is natural or opportunity given, and the pride of wisdom is to use them.

11、成功大易,而獲實豐於斯所期,淺人喜焉,而深識者方以為吊。——梁啟超 Due to big easy success, feng in the period, shallow xi yan, and deep learning thought hanging.

12、走人生的路程就像爬山一樣,看起來走瞭許多冤枉的路,崎嶇的路,但終於到達山頂。——林海音 Walk the journey of life is like climbing the mountain, it seems that many wrong path, the rugged road, but we finally reached the top of the mountain.

13、我渴望隨著命運指引的方向,心平氣和地、沒有爭吵、悔恨、羨慕,筆直走完人生旅途。——魏爾倫 I am eager to fate as the direction of the guide, calmly, no quarrel, remorse, envy, walk the straight path.

14、禮貌是兒童和青年都應該特別小心地養成習慣的第一件大事。——約翰?洛克 Courtesy is children and youth should be particularly careful to get into the habit of the first great thing.

15、人生貴知心,定交無暮早。——袁中道 The life your bosom, pay no early dusk.

16、隻要決心成功,失敗永遠不會把你擊倒。——奧格·曼狄諾 As long as determined to succeed, fail will never bring you down.

17、在適當的時候去做事,可節省時間;背道而行往往會徒勞無功。——培根 At the appropriate time to do things, can save time. Back by tend to be in vain.

18、修養的花兒在寂靜中開過去瞭,成功的果子便要在光明裡結實。——冰心 Cultivation of flowers here in the silence of the past, the fruit of success is in strong light.

19、時間像奔騰澎湃的急湍,它一去無還,毫不留戀。——塞萬提斯 Time like the pentium surging rapids, a no to go, yet did not want to stay.

20、沒有引發任何行動的思想都不是思想,而是夢想。——馬丁 Did not cause any of the actions are not thought, but a dream.

21、真理隻能和永久的服役甚至與有力的犧牲相接近。——屠格涅夫 Truth can only and permanent service and powerful sacrifice even close to.

22、青年應該同時代一起前進,應該把前人的偏見踩在腳下。——亨利·特魯亞 The youth should be moving forward with a contemporary, should step on the predecessors’ prejudices.

23、把友誼限於兩人范圍之內的人,似乎把明智的友誼的安全感與愛的妒嫉和蠢舉相混淆。——亞當·斯密 The friendship is limited to the scope of two people, seems to have informed the security of friendship and love jealousy and stupid for confused.

24、當一個人一心一意做好事情的時候,他最終是必然會成功的。——盧梭 When a person is undivided attention when doing things, he is bound to succeed.

25、一個民族正經歷著動蕩,我們,在被幸運之神垂青。——希特勒 A nation is experiencing turmoil, we, by luck.

26、我決不相信,任何先天的或後天的才能,可以無需堅定的長期若幹的品質而得到成功。——狄更斯 I refuse to believe that, any congenital or acquired ability, can need not determined several quality and long-term success.

27、這世界要是沒有愛情,它在我們心中還會有什麼意義!這就如一盞沒有亮光的走馬燈。——歌德 If this world without love, it will be in our hearts what meaning! This is like a lamp not bright version.

28、盡忠職守,勤奮工作,並且熱愛榮耀相信自己的直覺。——李奧貝納 Dedicated, hard working, trust your instincts and love of glory. Leo Burnett.

29、如果你被置於某種地位的時間足夠長久,你的行為就會開始適應那種地位的要求。——蘭德爾·賈雷爾 If you are in a position of time long enough, your behavior will start to adapt to the requirements of the position.

30、不斷的奮鬥就是走上成功之路。——孫中山 Constantly struggle is on the road to success.

31、黃金時代是在我們的前面,不是在我們的背後。——培根 The golden age is in front of us, not behind us.

32、真理是認識事物的工具,是人們前進和上升的道路上的階梯,真理都是從人類的勞動中產生的。——高爾基 Truth is a tool for understanding things, is the ladder of path and the rise of people, the truth is from human labor.

33、樂觀,是達到成功之路的信心;不懷希望,不論什麼事情都做不出來。——海倫凱勒 Optimism, confidence is to reach the road to success; No hope, no matter what things do not come out.

34、青年不是生活在過去的人,也不僅是生活在現在的人,而是生活在未來的人。——池田大作 Youth is not a living in the past, and not only is the person who live in the present, but the life in the future.

35、任何事物都無法抗拒吞食一切的時間。——泰戈爾 Anything that can’t resist all the time.

36、把時間用在思考上是最能節省時間的事情。——卡曾斯 The time in thinking is the most can save time.

37、個人的智慧隻是有限的。——普勞圖斯 The wisdom of the individual is limited.

38、如果你想獲得幸福和安寧,那就要越過層層的障壁,敲起真理的鐘前進。——卡拉維洛夫 If you want to get happiness and peace, that is about to cross the barrier layer upon layer, truth strikes the clock forward.

39、懶惰受到的懲罰不僅僅是自己的失敗,還有別人的成功。——朱爾·勒納爾 Lazy punishment is more than just your failure, and the success of others.

40、真理是時間的孩子,不是權威的孩子。——佈萊希特 Truth is the child of time, not the authority of the child.

41、人在智慧上應當是明豁的,道德上應該是清白的,身體上應該是清潔的。——契訶夫 People on the wisdom should be bright and clear, moral should be innocent, body should be clean.

42、隻要讓我創造一個國傢的迷信,我就不管歸誰給他制定法律,也不管歸誰給它編歌曲瞭。——馬克·吐溫 As long as let me create a state of superstition, I have no matter to who makes the laws for him, no matter make up songs belong to it.

43、讀書使人心明眼亮。——伏爾泰 Reading makes people an eagle.

44、人類第一個國王乃是一名成功的士兵,國傢的功臣無需有榮耀的祖先。——伏爾泰 First the king is a successful soldiers, the country people need not have the ancestors of glory.

45、即使在最聰明的人身上,本能也一定先於智慧。歡對於人來說,本能有時也許是更為理想的向導。——喬?李洛 Even in the most intelligent people, instinct will be ahead of wisdom. Huan for people, instinct sometimes might be a more ideal guide.

46、真正的美德不可沒有實用的智慧,而實用的智慧也不可沒有美德。——亞裡士多德 True virtue without practical wisdom, and the practical wisdom is without virtue.

47、“未來”是青年人的一個天堂。——塞拉 The future is one of the young people’s paradise.

48、人當活在真理和自我奉獻裡。——龐陀彼丹 When he live in the truth and give themselves.

49、青年時期是豁達的時期,(next88)應該利用這個時期養成自己豁達的性格。——羅素 Youth is open-minded, should use this period to develop their open-minded character.

50、人體欲得勞動,但不當使極耳,動搖則谷氣得消,血脈流通,病不得生。譬如戶樞,終不朽也。——華佗 Human have to labor, but improper ear, shake the valley spirit away, blood circulation, the disease may not be born. Such as door pivot, immortal, it will.

51、有效的管理者都知道一項決策不是從搜集事實開始的,而是先有自己的見解。——彼得·德魯克 Effective executives know that a decision is not start gathering facts, but to have their own opinions.

52、破裂的友誼雖然能恢復,但卻再也達不到親密無間的程度瞭。——托?富勒 Although broken friendship can restore, but can not reach the degree of intimacy.

53、人生一世,總有些片斷當時看著無關緊要,而事實上卻牽動瞭大局。——薩克雷 Life is life, there are always some fragments when looking at it doesn’t matter, but in fact that affects the overall situation.

54、一個人在年輕的時候,沒有什麼能把他搞垮。——奧尼爾 A man at a young age, nothing can take him down.

55、人會長久停留在一個思想上,因而他也就有可能被束縛住手腳。——哈裡法克斯 People will stay on a thought for a long time, so he could also be prisoners to it.

56、起支配作用的自私欲常常被誤解為一個人投身人類事業的神聖熱忱。——埃·哈伯特 Dominant role of the desires is often misunderstood as a man who throws himself into the cause of human divine warmly.

57、誰不會休息,誰就不會工作。——列寧 Who will not rest, who will not work.

58、成功的秘訣,在永不改變既定的目的。——盧梭 The secret of success in it will never change the established goal.

59、青年需要有歡樂,歡樂需要有愛情。——艾肯賽德 Youth need to be happy, happy need to have love.

60、敵人隻能砍下我們的頭顱,決不能動搖我們的信仰!因為我們信仰的主義,仍是宇宙的真理。——方志敏 The enemy can only cut down our head, never shake our faith! Because of our faith, is the truth of the universe.

61、真理之川從它的錯誤之溝渠中流過;像萌芽一般,在一個真理之下又生一個疑問,真理疑問互為滋養。——培根 The stream of truth flows through its channels of mistakes. Like a bud, under a truth and have a doubt, doubt truth are nourished.

62、我的生命,如果有一個不可妥協、誓不兩立的敵人,不會是別人,恰恰就是我自己呀!——蔣勛 My life, if there is a compromise, sworn enemy, enemy is not others, just be myself!

63、自信是成功的第一秘訣。——美愛迪生 Confidence in yourself is the first secret of success.

64、我們是法律的仆人,以便我們可以獲得自由。——西塞羅 We are the servants of the law, so that we can be free.

65、青春是多麼可愛的一個名詞!自古以來的人都贊美它,希望它長在人間。——豐子愷 Youth is a lovely a noun! Since ancient times, people praise it, want it to grow on earth.

66、最成功的說謊者是那些使最少量的謊言發揮最大的作用的人。——塞·巴特勒 One of the most successful liar is a lie that makes the least amount of play the biggest role.

67、青年人持久地處於一種類似陶醉的狀態中,因為青春時代是甜蜜的,而且是在成長中。——亞裡士多德 Youth perpetually in a similar state of intoxication, because youth is sweet, and it is in the growth.

68、學習本無底,前進莫徬徨。——報摘 Learning this bottomless, forward undecided.

69、毀於虛榮心的女性,比毀於愛情的還要多。——德芳 Destroyed by vanity of women, more than in love.