1、真理像顆寶石,雖然不應塗抹顏色,卻可放在顯眼的地方,使其發現更美妙的光彩。——桑塔亞那 Truth like gem, although should not apply color, but can be put in prominent place, make it a more beautiful luster.

2、失敗帶給我的經驗與收獲,在於我已經知道這樣做不會成功的證明,下一次我可以避免同樣的錯誤瞭。——愛迪生 Failed to bring me the experience and achievement, is that I already know that doing so will not succeed, I can avoid the same mistake next time.

3、文明就是要造成有修養的人。——羅斯金 Civilization is to has the tutelage of people.

4、青年時魯莽,老年時悔恨。——富蘭克林 Youth is a reckless, old age a regret.

5、一個人有無成就,決定於他青年時期是不是有志氣。——謝覺哉 A person without achievement, decided to in his youth have ambition.

6、隻要春風吹到的地方,到處是青春的野草。——臧克傢 As long as the spring breeze blow to the place, everywhere is green grass.

7、壽命的縮短與思想的虛耗成正比。——達爾文 Shortening is proportional to the ideological view of life.

8、攻克科學堡壘,就像打仗一樣,總會有人犧牲,有人受傷,我要為科學而獻身。——羅蒙諾索夫 Conquer bastion of science, like war, someone will always sacrifice, someone is injured, I want to die to science.

9、有所作為是生活的最高境界。——恩格斯 As is the highest realm of life.

10、我們可以由讀書搜集知識,但必須利用思考把糠和麥子分開。——富斯德 We can read books by gathering knowledge, but must use thinking to separate bran and wheat.

11、人的一生可能燃燒也可能腐朽,我不能腐朽,我願意燃燒起來!——奧斯特洛夫斯基 Person’s life may be burning may also decayed, I can not decayed, I am willing to burning up!

12、成功之道無他,惟悉力從事你的工作,而不消存沽名釣譽之心。——朗費羅 Success without him, but out in your work, but not the heart of the talent.

13、從不浪費時間的人,沒有工夫抱怨時間不夠。——傑弗遜 Never a waste of time, there is no time complaining about didn’t have enough time.

14、征服自己需要更大的勇氣,其勝利也是所有勝利中最光榮的勝利。——柏拉圖 Conquer you need more courage, victory is the most glorious victory all victory.

15、人必須像天上的星星,永遠很清楚地看出一切希望和願望的火光,在地上永遠不熄地燃燒著火光。——高爾基 Man must be like the stars in the sky, always very clear that all hope and desire fire, burning in the ground never extinguish fire.

16、中國人是富於美感的民族。——蔡元培 Chinese people are full of aesthetic feeling people.

17、愛情從愛情中來。——拉佈呂耶爾 Love from love.

18、成功的秘訣——很簡單,無論何時,不管怎樣,我也絕不允許自己有一點點灰心喪氣。——愛迪生 The secret of success, is very simple, no matter when, no matter what, I never allow myself to have a little bit frustrated.

19、友誼像清晨的霧一樣純潔,奉承並不能得到友誼,友誼隻能用忠實去鞏固它。——馬克思 Friendship is like the morning mist as chaste, flatter and can’t find friendship, friendship can only use a loyal to consolidate it.

20、一個正在順著生活規律挺進的青年,首先應註意自己的才能和願望與事業相衡。——培根 One is follow the law of life into the youth, first of all, we should pay attention to our ability and desire to balance my career.

21、青年總是更樂於跟著革新者走的。——列寧 Youth is always more willing to follow the innovators.

22、上帝絕不會隻賦予你使命,而不給你時間去完成。——約?羅斯金 God never gives you the mission only, and not give you time to finish.

23、為瞭享有自由,我們必須控制自己。——任爾夫 In order to enjoy the freedom, we must control ourselves.

24、我們一定要給自己提出這樣的任務:第一,學習,第二是學習,第三還是學習。——列寧 We must give oneself put forward such tasks: first, the study, the second is the study, the third is still learning.

25、你因成功而內心充滿喜悅的時候,就沒有時間頹廢。——弗蘭克?邁耶 Your heart with joy, with success, there is no time to decadent.

26、甘心做奴隸的人,不知道自由的力量。——貝克 Content to be slaves, and don’t know the power of freedom.

27、過分冷靜的思考缺乏感情的沖動,也必然使人的心理變態。——瓦西列夫 Too calm thinking about the lack of emotional impulse, psychopaths must also make a person.

28、打破常規的道路指向智慧之宮。——佈萊克 Road to the palace of wisdom to break all the rules.

29、種瓜得瓜,種豆得豆。種下優惠的友情,得到仁惠的友情。——郭沫若 As you sow, so shall you reap. Plant a favorable friendship, get RenHui friendship.

30、先付報酬的工作是肯定幹不好的。——約?弗洛裡奧 Pay the remuneration of jobs is personal.

31、人生,始終充滿戰鬥激情。——惠特曼 Life is always full of passion for battle.

32、智慧之於靈魂猶如健康之於身體。——拉羅什富科 Wisdom is to the soul what health is to the body.

33、散步促進我的思想。我的身體必須不斷運動,腦筋才會開動起來。——盧梭 Walk to promote my thinking. My body must be constant motion, brains will run.

34、青春像隻唱著歌的鳥兒,已從殘冬窗裡闖出來,駛放寶藍的穹窿裡去瞭。——聞一多 Youth is like a singing bird, already from till burst out of window, to put sapphire blue of the vault.

35、看呀!世界不是勞動的藝術品嗎?沒有勞動就沒有世界。——鄧中夏 Look! The world is not a work of art? No work, no world.

36、勉強保持友誼是最難堪的。——普勞圖斯 Keep the friendship is the most embarrassing.

37、最不會嘆息的人是最年輕的人,(next88)是有時間調整生活的人。——杜?伽爾 The most won’t sigh people is one of the most young people, is the person who has time to adjust the life.

38、即使是一個智慧的地獄,也比一個愚昧的天堂好些。——雨果 Even a hell, and wisdom is better than a fool heaven.

39、當你工作和研究的時候,必須具有強烈的激情。——巴甫洛夫 When you work and study, must have a strong passion.

40、勞動創造世界。——馬克思 Labor creates the world.

41、青年是詩歌豐富的季節,而老年更適宜哲學上的收獲。——叔本華 Youth is the season of poetry is rich, and more suitable for harvest in the field of philosophy.

42、品格能決定人生,它比天資更重要。——弗?桑德斯 Character to life, it is more important than talent.

43、真的猛士,敢於直面慘淡的人生,敢於正視淋漓的鮮血。——魯迅 Really brave warrior, dare to face gloomy life, dare to face dripping blood.

44、給青年人最好的忠告是讓他們謙遜謹慎,孝敬父母,愛戴親友。——西塞羅 Give young people the best advice is to let their humility cautious, show filial obedience parents, love relatives and friends.

45、機遇不來時,趕快裝扇門。——米爾頓?伯利 Opportunities do not come, hurry up door.

46、人類的全部歷史都告誡有智慧的人,不要篤信時運,而應堅信思想。——愛獻生 All of human history warns the wise, don’t believe in fortunes, but should believe.

47、離別對於愛情,就像風對於火一樣:它熄滅瞭火星,但卻能煽起狂焰。——阿巴巴耶娃 Leave for love, just like the wind is to fire, it goes out to Mars, but it can stir crazy flame.

48、人生太短暫瞭,事情是這樣的多,能不兼程而進嗎?——愛迪生 Life is too short, the thing is much, can not hardships in?

49、所有偉大的事跡和偉大的思想都有荒謬的開頭。——加繆 All great deeds and great thoughts have a ridiculous beginning.

50、新的數學方法和概念,常常比解決數學問題本身更重要。——華羅庚 New mathematical methods and concepts, often more important than itself to follow in solving math problems.

51、不能擺脫是人生的苦惱根源之一,戀愛尤其是如此。——塞涅卡 Can’t get rid of one of the root is the anguish of life, especially love.

52、成功就是當洋溢的生命力突然沖決堤壩而匯入一條合適的渠道。——何懷宏 Success is when overflow vitality suddenly burst dam and into an appropriate channels.

53、相信自己的力量吧,我們是青年!——臧克傢 Believe ourselves, we are young!

54、毫無經驗的初戀是迷人的,但經得起考驗的愛情是無價的。——馬爾林斯基 No experience of first love is charming, but stand the test of love is priceless.

55、青春,就像受贊美的春天。——勃特勒 Youth, like the spring by the praise.

56、天才不過是不斷的思索,凡是有腦子的人,都有天才。——莫泊桑 Genius is nothing but constantly thinking, anyone with a brain that is genius.

57、精力充沛的青春,是不怎麼容易滅亡的。——卡羅薩 How energetic youth, it is not easy to die.

58、忠誠可以簡練地定義為對不可能的情況的一種不合邏輯的信仰。——門肯 Loyalty can be neatly defined as of a possible illogical belief.

59、我不能說我不珍重這些榮譽,並且我承認它很有價值,不過我卻從來不曾為追求這些榮譽而工作。——法拉第 I can’t say I didn’t treasure the honor, and I admit that it is very valuable, but I never work for pursuing these honors.

60、友誼使歡樂倍增,悲痛銳減。——培根 Friendship make joys and sorrows.

61、國傢有優良的公民,那麼這個國傢就一定會強盛起來。——沃納 Citizens of the country has a good, then the country will be strong.

62、許多偉大的真理開始的時候都被認為是褻瀆行為。——蕭伯納 Many of the great truths at the start of the is considered to be against the behavior.

63、時間老人自己是個禿頂,所以直到世界末日也會有大群禿頂的徒子徒孫。——莎士比亞 Time the old man is a bald, so until the end of the world will have a large group of bald grandchildren.

64、青年人肩上的重擔忽然卸去時,他勇敢的心便要因著寂寞而悲哀瞭!——冰心 Young people shoulder the burden of discharge when suddenly, his brave heart will fall because of loneliness and sadness!

65、重復言說多半是一種時間上的損失。——培根 Most repetitive narration is a loss of time.

66、當一個人用工作去迎接光明,光明很快就會來照耀著他。——馮學峰 When a man use work to welcome the light, the light will soon come over him.

67、秩序,隻有秩序才能產生自由。——法國 Order and only order to produce free.

68、科學研究能破除迷信,因為它鼓勵人們根據因果關系來思考和觀察事物。——愛因斯坦 Scientific research can explode superstition, because it encourages people to think and observe things according to the causality.

69、大多數人是保守的,不輕易相信新事物,但能容忍對現實中的眾多失敗。——卡萊爾 Most people are conservative, not easily believe in something new, but it can tolerate many failure in reality.