1、對時間的慷慨,就等於慢性自殺。——奧斯特洛夫斯基 The generosity of time, is equal to chronic suicide.

2、時間就是對手,效益就是生命。——《開放系統世界》 Time is of the opponent, efficiency is life.

3、浪費時間是一樁大罪過。——盧梭 Wasting time is a great sin.

4、時間是人類發展的空間。——馬克思 Time is the space of human development.

5、永恒眷戀時間的產物。——威?佈萊克 The product of eternal love time.

6、榮譽是時間的女兒。——阿蘭 Honor is the daughter of time.

7、時間是人類必須珍惜的東西。——袁滔 Time is the human must cherish things.

8、要學習的時間是有的,問題是我們善於不善於擠,願不願意鉆。——雷鋒 There is time to learn, the problem is that we are not good at crowded, willing to drill.

9、時間就是生命。時間就是金錢。——富蘭克林 Time is life. Time is money.

10、時間會平息最大的痛苦。——凱利 The greatest sorrow of time will calm.

11、善於利用時間的人,永遠找得到充裕的時間。——歌德 Make the best use of time, forever can find plenty of time.

12、時間是大公無私的語言。——尤?邦達列夫 Time is the language of selflessness.

13、時間應分配的精密,使每年、每月、每天和每小時都有它的特殊任務。——誇美紐斯 Time should be allocated precision, make every year, every month, every day and every hour has its special mission.

14、真理是時間的女兒。——達?芬奇 Truth is the daughter of time.

15、時間反復無常,鼓著翅膀飛逝。——賀拉斯 Time volatile, drum flies with wings.

16、最忙的人有最多的時間。——白茵 Busiest men find the most time.

17、每一秒鐘都應該有所創造。——歌德 Every second should create something new in it.

18、時間乃是最大的革新傢。——培根 Time is the biggest innovators.

19、人們不能給情欲規定一個時間。——羅曼?羅蘭 People can’t lust for a specified time.

20、時間對於我來說是很寶貴的,用經濟學的眼光看是一種財富。——魯迅 Time is very precious for me, with the view of economics is a kind of wealth.

21、我們應該珍惜與父母、與子女親近的時間,因為好時光稍縱即逝!——林清玄 We should cherish the time with parents, and children, because the good time fleeting.

22、多花點時間在你的其他員工身上。——馬雲 Spend more time on your other employees.

23、時間是真理的摯友。——科爾頓 Time is the greatest friend of truth.

24、死亡不是失去生命,而是走出瞭時間。——餘華 Death is not lost their lives, but out of the time.

25、時間使一切發生著變化。——埃斯庫羅斯 Time makes all changing.

26、時間是不可占有的公有財產,隨著時間的推移,真理愈益顯露。——培根 Time is not possession of public property, with the passage of time, the truth exposed increasingly.

27、放棄時間的人,時間也放棄他。——莎士比亞 Abandoning time person, time also give up him.

28、時間就是能力等等發展的地盤。——馬克思 Time is ability and so on the development of the site.

29、時間和潮流永遠不待人。——司各特 Time and tide waits for no man forever.

30、贏得瞭時間就是贏得瞭一切。——列寧 Won the time is to win it all.

31、心靈的致命的仇敵,乃是時間的磨蝕。——羅曼?羅蘭 The deadly enemy of mind, but the abrasion of the time.

32、正當利用時間!不要舍近求遠。——歌德 Proper use of our time! Don’t further.

33、時間能消除一切仇怨。在時間面前,世間的一切仇恨都顯得微不足道和軟弱無力。——鄭淵潔 Time can eliminate all hostilities. In the face of time, the world all hatred, pale and weak.

34、時間,就象海綿裡的水,隻要願擠,總還是有的。——魯迅 Time, just like the water in sponge, as long as willing to squeeze, always some.

35、青春是生命中最美好的一段時間。——黑格爾 Youth is the best in life for a period of time.

36、時間是一切財富中最寶貴的財富。——德奧弗拉斯多 Time is the most precious wealth of all wealth.

37、人生的價值,並不是用時間,而是用深度去衡量的。——列夫?托爾斯泰 The value of life, not with the time, but with depth to measure.

38、花花公子:花心思,花時間。——汪涵 Playboy: beautiful idea, take the time to.

39、書籍是橫渡時間大海的航船。——培根 Book is the sea ship across time.

40、使時間充實就是幸福。——愛默生 Make a full time is happiness.

41、時間就是速度,(next88)時間就是力量。——郭沫若 Time is speed, time means strength.

42、向死而生的意義是:當你無限接近死亡,才能深切體會生的意義。——馬丁?海德格爾 To the death and the meaning of life is: when you infinite close to death, to deeply understand the meaning of.

43、在所有的批評傢中,最偉大,最正確,最天才的是時間。 Among all the criticism, the greatest and most correct, the most genius is time.

44、等待與時間無關,它是一種習慣。它自由生長,而他無力抵抗。——顧漫 Waiting for has nothing to do with the time, it is a habit. Its freedom to grow, but he is powerless to resist.

45、時間就是性命。無端的空耗別人的時間,其實是無異於謀財害命的。——魯迅 Time is life. Gratuitous waste other people’s time, it is would be tantamount to murder.

46、合理安排時間,就等於節約時間。——培根 Reasonable arrangement of time, is to save time.

47、盡可多多創造快樂去填滿時間,那可活活縛著時間來陪著快樂?——聞一多 Can create happiness to fill a lot of time, that would be alive bound with a happy time to accompany?

48、時間比理性創造出更多的皈依者。——湯姆?潘恩 Time than rational create even more converts.

49、你的時間是有限的,所以不要浪費時間活在別人的生命中。——史蒂夫?喬佈斯 Your time is limited, so don’t waste your time living in someone else’s life.

50、沒有一種不幸可與失掉時間相比瞭。——屠格涅夫 There is no other misfortune that could be compared with the loss of time.

51、真理是時間的孩子,不是權威的孩子。——佈萊希特 Truth is the child of time, not the authority of the child.

52、最浪費不起的是時間。——丁肇中 Is the most can’t afford to waste time.

53、利用時間是一個極其高級的規律。——恩格斯 Use of time is a very advanced.

54、時間是偉大的導師。——伯克 Time is a great teacher.

55、辛勤的蜜蜂永沒有時間悲哀。——佈萊克 Diligent bees have no time to sorrow.

56、時間是人類的天使。——席勒 Time is human angels.

57、時間是衡量事業的標準。——培根 Time is a measure of enterprise.

58、時間沒有等我,是你,忘瞭帶我走。——郭敬明 Time no wait me, is you, forget to take me away.

59、不守時間就是沒有道德。——蒙森 Don’t keep time is no morality.

60、愛情使人忘記時間,時間也使人忘記愛情。——張小嫻 Love makes people forget time, time makes people forget love.

61、拋棄時間的人時間拋棄他。——莎士比亞 Abandoning time person time to abandon him.

62、成就事業要能忍受時間的凌辱。——米斯特拉爾 Achievements need to be able to bear the reproach of the time.

63、有人說,時間是最妙的療傷藥。此話沒說對,反正時間不是藥,藥在時間裡。——木心 Some people say that time is the most wonderful healing medicine. He didn’t say yes, anyway, time is not medicine, medicine in time.

64、正當地利用你的時間!你要理解什麼,不要舍近求遠。——歌德 Proper use of your time! What do you want to understand, not to further.

65、時間順流而下,生活逆水行舟。——艾青 Time down the river, the life stream.

66、時間是改變一切的良藥。——佚名 Time is the medicine of the changed everything.