Well, my little eagle, you will be a human being in the future. You have the strength to understand the rules and the edges. I like you.


Many hypocritical people cover up their mediocrity with rudeness; if you hit them, they will be as flat as a pinned balloon.


Childhood is the most wonderful stage of life, when the child is a flower, but also a fruit, is a hazy wisdom.


People’s actions tend to be fatalistic, and their thoughts believe in destiny.


If someone objected, love would become as valuable as forbidden fruit.


Pleasure is similar to some medicines: in order to achieve the same effect, doses must be doubled; and in the increased doses, there is death and stupidity.


Inventors have the courage to move forward in the unknown world only with great confidence.


If people do something wholeheartedly, they will always encounter chance.


The less you have heart and soul, the faster you will rise. If you strike people mercilessly, they will be afraid of you. You can only take men and women as posthorses, ride them exhausted and throw them off when you get to the station, so that you can reach the peak of desire.


Vodtlen seems to understand this kind of hesitation mentality: people always like a little resistance, find an excuse for future improper behavior, have an account of their conscience.


Where one person may perish alone, two people may be saved together.


For a person who knows the truth, one word, one action, one eye, one tone change, can see a person’s class nature and habits.


The last and noble fault of the old people is to delude on bequeathing their deliberate and cautious virtues to the younger generation who are amused by life and enjoyed like ants on a hot pot.


The fewer people gather in a place, the fewer crimes, violations and bad ideas are found there. Clean air contributes greatly to the cleanliness of fashion.


Men’s talent is to virtue what beauty is to women: it gives hope.


They also have self-knowledge, for the suffering of others, their own powerlessness, for their own misfortune, self-grief too much, a glass of absinthe can not be shared with others.


Being the poet’s volunteer secretary and being loved by the poet is like being caressed by a speculator for his first shareholder. This kind of partnership is similar to friendship when it first appears.


In Paris, when someone sees you get on the horse and start to prosper, immediately some people come to pull your skirt, others loosen the buckle of the horse’s belly belt, so that you fall and break your head.


Opportunities come as short as lightning, depending on your unthinking use.


A person with a deep vision can guess the unpredictable color from how many curves a line is, how deep a laughing hole is, and how high and low a bulge is.


The heart of a miserable, suffering woman is a sponge in great need of love, which expands at once with only a drop of affection.


Most people confuse happiness with economic means. In their opinion, wealth is the most important factor of happiness. No matter what age, social emotions have already turned wealth into a religion.


A letter is a soul, an echo of faithful words, so people with delicate feelings think that letter is one of the most precious treasures of love.


In order to promote civilization and develop production, the masses should be made aware that the interests of individuals should be in line with the interests of the state. Through facts, interests and principles, they are integrated.


Fame, like some particularly bright flowers, contains toxic substances.


Since the lovelorn, we must die, the kite that breaks the line is impossible to catch up with.


True love is always the same as childhood: reckless, bold, dissolute, crying and laughing.


In style, as in all things, the only thing that does not age is the heart. A kind-hearted person is simple and simple.


On a bitter winter night, it can force our selfishness and false sympathy for the poor or the travellers, and make us feel that it is a pleasure to surround the stove.


Small people want to vent their feelings, whether they are happy, angry or sad, they always show themselves in some insignificant details.


When you see incomprehensible phenomena and feel confused, the truth may have been veiled and quietly spread before you from Paris to Italy. You must never see Rome halfway.


There are no principles in the world, only sophistication, no law, only the current situation, wise people with sophistication and current affairs, arbitrary domination.


It must be a smart opera to put so many meanings and feelings between words. The true feelings that a person can express are often incomplete. The true feelings are never exposed to the outside world, only let you guess the inner meaning.


Compassion is one of the noble advantages of women, the only thing that men can feel, and the only emotion that men can accept without jealousy.


A person who is busy with words and sentences all day is very boring. The seeds of flowers are not equal to flowers, and a poet is not equal to poetry.


Natural instinct is one of the best in a hundred ways. This kind of nature is called sentiment at first sight. And the first glance of love equals a thousand miles.


Actually, fake love is more perfect than real love, which is why many women are deceived.


One day you have moved love, you must keep it a secret! If you don’t know the details of the other party, you can’t pull out your heart.


If everyone can climb the mast of the regime to win the lottery, there will be no privilege.


Vanity people act like women, both of which believe that praise and love for others is their own loss.


Suffering is like a magic mantra, which strengthens our nature and makes suspicious and vicious people more suspicious and vicious, and compassionate people more compassionate.


In love, some thoughts and actions are in fact sacred engagements in some people’s minds.


There are some critical points in life that must be fought hard, and happiness can not be wasted for the sake of mixed food.


To make a judgment on a person, at least set aside a place to have a thorough understanding of the secrets of his feelings, misfortunes and thoughts; just want to know about his life on the material side of events, which is a chronicle, a biography for fools!


All human power is a mixture of patience and time. The so-called strong man has both will and the ability to wait for the opportunity.


One of the characteristics of these underclass people is that they have very narrow views.


Ideological anesthesia is far less powerful than speech. If a person talks too much, he will believe what he says.


Birds take good care of their nests for only a few days, but I have to take good care of my nests all my life.


You are a beautiful young man, very careful and proud as a lion, but weak as a girl.