We may not be happy in love, or happy rather than in love.


Love is a religion, which costs much more than other religions, and it will soon disappear. Belief in the past is like a naughty child, who has to make trouble everywhere.


A mother’s heart is as deep as the sea, and there is always forgiveness in her heart.


Love can not resist the tedious housework, must have at least one side of the quality is very strong.


In the planning of nature, a weak person or an untimely life should be destroyed.


We admire the real politicians, just as we admire the people who wrote us the most magnificent poems on earth. Always look to the future, catch up with the fate and surpass the rights.


Speech is the spiritual part of clothing. To use it or leave it aside is like to wear or take off a woman’s hat decorated with feathers.


Envy or foolish people, who never know the motive of the wise person’s behavior, always immediately seize on some superficial contradictions to bring charges and temporarily list the wise person as the defendant.


Compassion is one of the virtues of a woman over a man, and the only emotion she wants to be felt by others.


A man who can think is really a man of unlimited strength.


Some obvious and cumbersome actions can’t hide secrets like birth certificates.


They hope you are always great and beautiful. They never think that genius is always sick.


Like insects deep in the calyx, she crawled sadly, and the fantastic ideas hidden in her heart could no longer find food.


When the lemon peel was squeezed dry, his two daughters threw it down the street.


Flattery never comes from great souls, but from the tricks of small people, who bow to their knees and minimize themselves in order to get into the core of the lives of the people they tend to attach.


Emotional impulse can be said to be a sweet and painful mistake, for those girls who do not have enough experience to master their future happiness, will make their lives affected by misfortune.


To be great, one must pay the price. The works of genius are irrigated with tears. Everything that has life, like all living things, has its disastrous and sickly childhood.


Pain, like joy, creates an atmosphere. When you walk into someone’s house, you can know at first glance what its tone is, love or despair.


I think that the best tenet of life and the happiest outcome of human life are nothing more than learning.


Time is man’s wealth and all his wealth, just as time is the national wealth, because any wealth is the result of the combination of time and action.


When all the ending is ready, all the plots have been processed, and then a step forward, only the details constitute the value of the work.


It is more important for a man to keep his promise than to guard his property, because he can get it by keeping his promise, and no matter how much property he has, he can’t erase the stain on his conscience caused by breaking his promise.


There are so many smart people who use political services to save their private lives, and they can use them in turn.


Beauty is a veil, which is often used to cover up many shortcomings.


Unfortunately, it is the step of genius; the baptism of believers; the priceless treasure of the able; the bottomless pit of the weak.


Continuous labor is the iron law of life and art.


Our shattered hopes, abortive talents, failed undertakings and frustrated ambitions tend to accumulate into jealousy.


People are imperfect, somewhat hypocritical, when hypocritical, fools will cheer the world is corrupt.


That rose, like all the roses, only opened one morning.


Openness and friendship should not be measured by the length of time.


Interest is stronger than any man-made resistance. The so-called interest is God’s call, only those who God sees will be interested! Your objection can only make the child miserable!


This kind of life is glorious on the surface, but it is gnawed by regret like a parasite in the heart. The result of short-term joy is not worth the loss. It brings long-term pain and suffering. Once the pain is entangled, it can not get away.


Secrets are like girls. The more you guard them, the easier it is to find them.


Over time, people will find that pleasure is the property of the soul. To be loved for pleasure is not more pleasant than to be loved for money.


There are two ways to rise, that is, to be an eagle or a reptile.


Life is made up of endless cycles of pain and joy. The ever-changing blue sky only exists in the heart. It is a luxury to ask for real life.


There are no principles in the world, only events; no laws, only opportunities; excellent people combine events and opportunities to guide the development of events.


How happy it is to be a wife to a busy man! A husband who does not hold a post, or who is wealthy and idle all day, is a heavy burden on women.


A man who has no hobbies and is completely in line with the doctrine of the mean is a demon and a wingless half-dangling angel. In the mythology of the Old Christian religion, angels have nothing but brains.


The way he flatters people seems attractive to the superficial; the delicate person feels offensive, because this impatient and overheated flattery can guess at his calculations.


The highest art is to incorporate ideas into images. A word contains no thought, a picture summarizes a whole set of philosophy.


How deep is the degeneration of women, and how great is the contemptible vanity of men.


To deceive one’s hope with one’s present pain, and to deceive one’s present pain with a future that does not belong to one’s own, all human actions are marked with self-contradiction and weakness.


Many people prefer to deny the outcome of things rather than evaluate the mysterious relationship, intersection and intrinsic involvement between things from the spiritual perspective.


A very small thing will frighten love, and a very small thing will make love happy. For love, everything is meaningful, and everything can constitute a good or bad light.


Rich people don’t buy my time. My time belongs only to the people in this mountain. I don’t want honor, nor wealth. I don’t want my patients to praise me, nor do they appreciate me.


Money is round for the waster, but for the thrifty, it is flat and can be accumulated piece by piece.


The arbitrariness of appetite has never been described, because everyone has to survive, so even literary criticism has let it go. But you can’t imagine how many people have been cut off for food and drink.


What really makes a real scholar great is that he secretly does a lot of great work and is not famous for it in his lifetime.


Human nature is good at combining time with patience, while the strong have both ambition and timing.