Greatness comes not from nothing, but from winning. In our journey, we have never taken shortcuts or retreated to the second place.


We absorb the essence of various cultures and learn from every corner of the world.


If you are on the right track and you are willing to continue, you will make progress.


As the world becomes more and more closely linked, our common humanity will emerge, and the United States must assume the responsibility of leading peace in the new era.


Let our public discourse be based on the truth and open the door to democracy.


Our country may never be perfect, but generations after generations have proved that our country can be constantly improved.


When someone says we can’t do it, we have to respond to them with this timeless creed: Yes, we can.


Sixty years ago, a father walked into a restaurant and was ignored. And today his son can stand here and make the most solemn pledge before you.


Today, together, we put an end to false promises, outmoded dogmas, criticisms and complaints. These have plagued our political system for too long.


If you follow the right path and are willing to stick to it, you will succeed in the end!


From today on, let’s unite, take heart, and begin to reshape America.


Only the firm hope in our hearts is the source of strength for us to keep working hard, fighting and advancing bravely.


We need to avoid the lack of dreams. People always want to drive a good car, wear good clothes and live in a good house, but they don’t want to work hard for it. Everyone should try to tap their potential.


In the final analysis, life is one’s own choice, and one’s own way is under one’s own feet.


I stand here today humbled by the task ahead, grateful for your trust, and remembering the sacrifices made by our predecessors.


We need to get rid of ambition. People want to drive well, wear luxury clothes and live in luxury houses, but they don’t want to work hard for them.


Today, we are gathered because we have chosen hope over fear; we have chosen to unite for a common purpose, not conflict and strife.


Standing on the side of truth does not mean that you have to lose objectivity. In fact, this is the essence of good news.