We smiled and said: We stay in the place of time, in fact, has been silently swept away by the torrent.


It is helplessness to give up what should be given up; incompetence to give up what should not be given up; ignorance to give up what should not be given up; persistence to give up what should not be given up.


Time will slowly precipitate, some people will slowly blur in your heart. Learn to let go, your happiness needs your own accomplishment.


How far a man can go depends on himself. He can never know without trying.


The greatest regret in life is to give up what should not be given up easily and persevere in what should not be.


Learn to give up: give up what you don’t want to do, give up what you’re not good at, give up what you can’t do.


You think I’m a kite, either let me go, or take me home, don’t tie me with an invisible love, let me sad.


When you want to give up, think about why you came to the present.


If you fall in love, don’t let the chance slip away easily. Recklessness may make you regret for a while; cowardice may make you regret for a lifetime.


Don’t be sad, don’t give up your hope. From then on, I want to be strong, just like the sun shines.


Happiness on the face can be seen by others. Who can feel the pain in his heart?


Learn to give up, give up is a beautiful wisdom. Know how to give up, know how to own, know how to cherish.


Forget a person, not no longer think of, but occasionally think of, but no waves in the heart.


In this tortuous secular world, it is also a realm to learn to treat everything around with an ordinary heart.


It’s foolish for a man to give up his career for a woman. It’s bullish for a man to give up his career for a woman.


If you like a person, you should make him happy, make him happy, and make that feeling more sincere. If you can’t do it, let go!


Clearly looked at, put down, but always unconsciously think of the person who gave warmth.


A man cries because he really loves; a woman cries because she really gives up.


Man loses only when he gives up fighting, and if he persists in fighting, he will not lose.


When all the dust settles down, when everything returns to calm, I will really understand that giving up is actually a beautiful harvest.


Simple and quiet life is actually unhappy, so I only embrace the moment, lasting feeling is not happy at all, so I only believe in the moment.


When you hesitate to give up, don’t give up, because if you really want to give up, you won’t hesitate.


I put down my dignity, personality and stubbornness just because I can’t put you down.


If sincerity is a kind of injury, I choose silence. If silence is a kind of injury, I choose to leave!


If one day, you begin to regret giving up me, please remember, I never thought of using the way to leave, to teach you to cherish!


Many times we give up, thinking that it’s just a relationship, until the end, we know that it was a lifetime.


Never forget what you once owned. We should cherish what we can’t get. Don’t give up what belongs to you. What has been lost is left for memory.


If you are unhappy, if you are unhappy, let go; if you are unwilling and unable to let go, you will suffer.


In life, there is a person who can miss, is fate; there is a person who misses himself, is happiness.


How many fools, knows no result, but still stubborn love.


Nothing can be abandoned, nothing can be changed. If you want to override monsters, maybe even human nature will give up.


Through the rain air, tired and sad, the fairy tales in my memory have slowly melted.


People worse than me haven’t given up, people better than me are still working hard, and I’m not qualified to say, I can’t do anything!


If we take dreams as beliefs and pursue them without giving up, our dreams will come true.


There is always only one purpose to give up, in order to get better results.


The world is so imperfect. You have to lose something if you want something.


Persistence is painful and painful, but giving up is often more painful and painful.


Some people pursue happiness, so hard; some people have happiness, so give up.


Giving up is a kind of regret, a kind of miss, a kind of understanding. Giving up is the last obsession, the last obsession, the last fulfillment.


If you love, please love deeply. Give up, please be thorough. Waiting is a mistake in itself.


Love is precious only when it comes to time. Many people don’t know how to cherish possession until they lose it. In fact, the most familiar one is the most precious one.


Don’t think that it will be more comfortable to give up. In fact, the degree of pain will not be less than that of persistence, and the time of pain will not be shorter.


Stick to it, you just need to habitually repeat everything you’ve done before, and endure the damage you’ve endured by default.


There is only one kind of person who fails, who gives up before he arrives at success.


It’s more difficult to give up a person than to love him, and it’s more difficult to forget him completely.


Good love makes you see the whole world through one person, while bad love makes you abandon the world for one person.


If you love a person without a response, it is better to walk away proudly than to beg for love.


It’s snowing outside the window, making a cup of coffee, holding it cold, I know I think of you again. How can I expect you to understand?


Those who used to say that they would never be separated have long been scattered in the horizon.


If one day you begin to regret giving up me, please remember that I begged you to stay like a beggar.


The saddest thing is when you meet a special person and realize that you can never be together, sooner or later, you have to give up.


When we are loved, we all long for a long time, but everyone is giving up, where there is eternity.