1、觀察、試驗、分析是科學工作常用的方法。——李四光 Observation, experiment, analysis is a commonly used method of scientific work.

2、做你所應做的事情,能有什麼結果則在其次。——赫伯特 Do what you should do, what can result in a second.

3、愛情是最甜蜜的歡樂,最強烈的痛苦。——菲利浦·貝利 Love is the sweetest joy, the wildest woe.

4、習慣,我們每個人或多或少都是它的奴隸。——高汀 Habit, every one of us more or less are all slaves of it.

5、當你心存感恩,恐懼消失而豐裕出現。——安東尼羅賓 When you are grateful, fear disappears and abundance appears.

6、友誼、活躍和青春的歌聲會減輕我們的痛苦。——空茨凱維支 Friendship, active, and the song of youth will ease our pain.

7、人生是由短暫的開花期,和長久的花枯萎構成的。——烏蘭德 Life is a short flowering period, and long flowers wither.

8、世上最快樂的事,莫過於為理想而奮鬥。——蘇格拉底 The happiest thing in the world, than a struggle for a noble ideal.

9、種快樂,因為理想的本質就含有道德的價值。——蘇格拉底 Kind of happiness, because the ideal contains the essence of moral values.

10、猴子疼愛羊羔,羊羔就會永遠跟著獅子跑。——莎士比亞 The monkey love lamb, lamb will always follow the lion run.

11、愚昧從來沒有給人帶來幸福;幸福的根源在於知識。——左拉 Ignorance never bring happiness; Happiness is rooted in knowledge.

12、勝者隨道而修途,敗者斜行而失路,此順逆之計也。——諸葛亮 Winner over the road, loser oblique line and road, the meter of the good or poor also.

13、青春是一種持續的陶醉,是理智的狂熱。——拉羅什富科 Youth is a constant, is a passionate sense.

14、先相信自己,然後別人才會相信你。——羅曼?羅蘭 Believe in yourself first, and then others will believe you.

15、損者三樂:樂驕東,樂佚遊,樂宴樂,損矣。——孔子 The arrogant east loss SanLe: music, music reporting to swim, pleasures, loss.

16、有必勝信念的人才能成為戰場上的勝利者。——希金森 Triumphalism talent can be winner on the battlefield.

17、保持友誼的最好的辦法是不出賣朋友。——米茲涅爾 The best way to keep friendship is not to betray friends.

18、事物隻有當人們認為它們有價值時,才有價值。——莫裡克 Things only when people think they have value, worthwhile.

19、良機隻有一次,一但坐失,就再也得不到瞭。——勃朗寧 Opportunity only once, once missed, will never get.

20、掌握新技術,要善於領悟,更要善於創新。——鄧小平 Master new technology, be good at understanding, more to be good at innovation.

21、智慧能使人寫作,但創造歷史的是熱。——費爾巴哈 Wisdom can make the person to write, but history is hot.

22、忍耐和時間,往往比力量和憤怒更有效。——拉封丹 Patience and time, tend to be more effective than strength and anger.

23、生活,這是一切書籍中第一本重要的書。——羅曼羅蘭 Life, this is the first book, which is important in all books.

24、時間就像海綿裡的水,隻要願擠,總還是有的。——魯迅 Time is like the water in sponge, as long as willing to squeeze, always some.

25、規小節者不能成榮名,惡小恥者不能立大功。——司馬遷 Gauge can’t ChengRong name section, evil little shame person cannot have.

26、人們在年青的時候,誰也不知道自己年青。——切斯特頓 When the young people, who also don’t know their young.

27、一個人必須經過一番刻苦奮鬥,才會有所成就。——安徒生 A person must go through a hard struggle, will accomplish something.

28、光陰可惜,譬諸逝水,當博覽機要,以濟功業。——顏之推 Time, alas, liken myself a mill, when the expo confidential, by a winner.

29、人生下來不是為瞭拖著鎖鏈,而是為瞭展開雙翼。——雨果 Born not to drag chains, but to spread its wings.

30、所謂天才,就是比任何人都先抵擋痛苦的經驗本領。——卡萊爾 The so-called genius is to resist the bitter experience ability than anyone else.

31、對可恥的行為的追悔是對生命的挽救。——德謨克利特 Repent of shameful behavior is to save lives.

32、熱力愈大,漲力愈大;吸力愈大,生物愈榮。——康有為 The greater the heat, rise the more potent; The more the greater the suction, biological.

33、你要欣賞自己的價值,就得給世界增添價值。——歌德 You have to appreciate your value, you have to add value to the world.

34、必須忍得暫時的痛苦,才會得到永久的幸福。——張太雷 Have to endure the pain of temporarily, will get a permanent happiness.

35、大膽的假設,小心的求證;認真的做事,嚴肅的做人。——胡適 Bold hypothesis, careful verification; Serious work, serious person.

36、最可怕的敵人,就是沒有堅強的信念。——羅曼?羅蘭 The most terrible enemy is no strong belief.

37、復雜中帶著簡樸的思索,是人和動物的分別。——皮雅 Complex with the simple thinking, is human and animal, respectively.

38、要體驗人生,就要把握現實,相信現實。——拉蒂特 To experience life, is about to get a grip on reality and believe in the reality.

39、對酒當歌,人生幾何?譬如朝露,去日苦多。——曹操 Shenzhen, life geometry? Such as the morning dew, time was bitter.

40、尊嚴不但指人受到尊重,它還是人價值之說在。——王小波 Dignity is not only refers to the people respected, it is said the value of on.

41、人若把一生的光陰虛度,便是拋下黃金未買一物。——薩迪 If the time is wasted, life is behind gold did not buy a thing.

42、英雄主義是在於為信仰和真理而犧牲自己。——托爾斯泰 Heroism is to sacrifice themselves for the faith and truth.

43、彬彬有禮的風度,主要是自我克制的表現。——愛迪生 Polite manners, mainly is the expression of the self-restraint.

44、如果你不懷疑自己,你的立足點確實不穩固瞭。——易卜生 If you don’t doubt yourself, indeed you stand on shaky ground.

45、讀書使人充實,思考使人深邃,交談使人清醒。——富蘭克林 Reading makes a full man, meditation a profound, talk to make people awake.

46、隻有天才和科學結瞭婚才能得到最好的結果。──斯賓塞 Only genius married science can get the best results.

47、何世無材,患主人不能識耳,茍能識之,何患無材。——漢武帝 What the world has no material, with the host can’t ear, if can know, not a material.

48、好書使人開卷時會有所求,而閉卷時獲有益處。——阿爾考特 Books open book will seek, and request for help.

49、行動,隻有行動,才能決定價值。 Action, action, only can decide value.

50、人生不售來回票,一旦動身,絕不能復返。——羅曼?羅蘭 Life is not return ticket, once started, can never return.

51、今是生活,今是動力,今是行為,今是創作。——李大釗 This is life, this is the power, this is a behavior, this is a creation.

52、起先是我們造成習慣,後來是習慣造成我們。——王爾德 At first is our habits, then is caused our habits.

53、我們可以從勞動中獲得快樂,從勞動中體驗生活。——蔣慧 We can gain happiness from labor, to experience life from the labor.

54、如果一個人有足夠的信念,(next88)他就能創造奇跡。——溫塞特 If a person has enough faith, he can create the miracle.

55、在你沒有成功之前,沒有任何人會理解你。——比爾蓋茨 Before you don’t succeed, no one will understand you.

56、質樸卻比巧妙的言辭更能打動我的心。——莎士比亞 Simple is better than a clever words touched my heart.

57、希望會使你年輕,因為希望和青春是同胞兄弟。——雪萊 Hope can make you young, because I hope and youth are brothers.

58、偉大的事業,需要決心,能力,組織和責任感。——易卜生 Great cause, need determination, ability, organization and responsibility.

59、一個不註意小事情的人,永遠不會成功大事業。──卡耐基 A man don’t pay attention to small things, will never succeed big business.

60、最有成就的科學傢都具有狂熱者的熱情。──貝弗裡奇 One of the most accomplished scientists have the enthusiasm of the fans.

61、一個人如同一隻鐘表,是以他的行動來確定其價值。—佩恩 A man like a watch, is his action to determine its value.

62、用理論來推動實踐,用實踐來修正或補充理論。——廖沫沙 To promote the practice with theory, to revise or supplement theory with practice.

63、一個能思考的人,才真是一個力量無邊的人。——巴爾紮克 A person can think of, only is a power of endless.

64、宗教並不是僅僅教人溫順,因為變樣隻能鼓勵作惡。——泰戈爾 Religion is not only teach docile, because change only encourage to do evil.

65、一隻雞蛋可以畫無數次,一場愛情能嗎。——達芬奇 An egg can draw many times, a love can?

66、把活著的每一天看作生命的最後一天。——海倫?凱勒 To live each day as the last day of life.

67、一樣東西的價值在於購買者願出多少錢。——緒儒斯 The value of something is a buyer willing to pay how much.

68、時間就是生命,浪費瞭時間就是犧牲瞭生命。——李大釗 Time is life, wasted time is at the expense of his life.

69、不得乎親,不可以為人;不順乎親,不可以為子。——孟子 Shall not kiss, can not be; Don’t accord with kiss, cannot think.

70、旅行對我來說,是恢復青春活力的源泉。——安徒生 Travel for me, is the source of restore youthful vitality.