1、you know why it’s hard to be happy? because you find it hard to let go of the things that make you sad.知道為什麼你很難快樂麼?因為你很難放下那些令你悲傷的事情。

2、joy, my friends know us;, we will recognize a friend in time of trouble。在歡樂時,朋友們會認識我們;在患難時,我們會認識朋友。

3、wisdom appears in contradiction to itself,which is a trick life plays on philosophy of life。智慧的代價是矛盾。這是人生對人生觀開的玩笑。

4、true wisdom means respecting the simple things we do, for they can take us to where we need to go. 真正的智慧在於重視所做的每件小事,因為它們能帶我們抵達目標。

5、because the love, so it will not become enemies because of injury, so i will not be friends。因為愛過,所以不會成為敵人,因為傷過,所以不會做朋友。

6、To strive, to seek, to find, and not to yield。 去奮鬥,去追求,去發現,但不要放棄。

7、you will experience a painful sharpening from time to time,but you need it to become a better pencil。你會體驗削尖時的痛楚,但這種經歷會讓你變得更優秀。

8、knowing yourself is the beginning of all wisdom。認識自己是一切智慧的開端。

9、knowing others is intelligence; knowing yourself is true wisdom。 瞭解別人是聰慧;瞭解自己才是真正的智慧。

10、your future depends on your dreams, so go to sleep right now。 有夢想才有未來,所以趕緊去睡覺吧。

11、the collision between reality and faith to our young black and blue。現實與信念的沖撞讓我們的青春遍體鱗傷。

12、forever friend gets you through the hard times, the sad times, and the confused times。 真正的朋友會與你一同度過困難、傷心和煩惱的時刻。

13、the art of being wise is the art of knowing what to overlook。智慧就是懂得該忽略什麼的藝術。

14、Clumsy birds have to start flying early。 笨鳥先飛。

15、different but best friends。雖然有很多不同,但我們是最好的朋友。

16、stop the pace of struggle, the rivers will become a pool of stagnant water。停止奮鬥的腳步,江河就會淪為一潭死水。

17、do not dwell so much in the past, do not dream of the future, concentrate the mind on the present moment. 不要沉溺於過去,不要幻想未來,集中精力過好眼下的每一分每一秒!

18、we don’t need to follow the footsteps of others to go, because we do not have the same ambition。我們不需要跟著別人的腳步去走,因為我們有不一樣的志向。

19、a friend is someone who knows the song in your heart, and can sing it back to you when you have forgotten the words. 朋友是那些懂你內心,並且在你迷失時幫你找回自我的人。

20、be happy。 it’s one way of being wise。- sidonie gabrielle colette。 做個快樂的人。那是英明智慧的一條路徑。

21、Cease to struggle and you cease to live。 生命不止,奮鬥不息。

22、Whatever is worth doing is worth doing well。 任何值得做的事就值得把它做好!

23、keep your eyes open and your feet moving forward。 you’ll find what you need。 保持眼界開闊和腳步向前,你就會找到你需要的一切。

24、happiness is time precipitation, smile is the lonely sad。幸福是年華的沉淀,微笑是寂寞的悲傷。

25、when likes arriving in the earth, has blown off the sad memory。當愛重新降臨在大地,吹散瞭悲傷的記憶。

26、before finding the right people, the only need to do is to make yourself good enough。在找到合適的人之前,唯一需要做的,就是讓自己足夠的優秀。

27、you can always be a worse version of “him”, or better version of yourself。 你不是要做一個單純優秀的人,而是要做一個不可替代的人。

28、if you came into my life then i believe you won’t leave;but if you leave, i will move on as you never been here before。 你來,我信你不會走;你走,我當你從未來。

29、can find their own mistakes is wisdom, to correct its mistakes is brave能發現自己的錯誤是智慧,能改正自己的錯誤是勇敢。

30、we may have an ugly past but luck enough we have a spotless future。我們也許有個不堪回首的過去,但足夠幸運的是還有個潔白無瑕的未來。

31、the ending of sorrow is the beginning of wisdom。 悲傷的結束便是智慧的開始。

32、i’d rather be a happy fool than a sad sage。 做個悲傷的智者,不如做個開心的傻子。

33、but put your mind, there is no wisdom; heart put, but others, there is no mercy。心裡放不過自己,是沒有智慧;心裡放不過別人,是沒有慈悲。

34、a bosom friend is like a mirror, reflecting the most beautiful part in our nature。一個知己就好像一面鏡子,反映出我們天性中最優美的部分。

35、to the noisy crowd, sad and lonely is very warm words。比起喧鬧的人群來,悲傷和孤獨也是很溫暖的詞語。

36、maybe sunshine had stood,but the sad always in my heart never dies。也許陽光曾佇立,但悲傷一直都在我心裡不曾消逝。

37、Nothing is impossible to a willing heart。 心之所願,無事不成。

38、a true friend is someone who reaches for your hand and touches your heart。一個真正的朋友是向你伸出手,觸動你心靈的人。

39、long bosom friend, can not suspicion; no suspicion can be long bosom friend。長相知,才能不相疑;不相疑,才能長相知。

40、I feel strongly that I can make it。 我堅信我一定能成功。

41、caring for others is kindness; understand others is wisdom。關愛別人就是仁慈;瞭解別人就是智慧。

42、at years of age the will reigns; at the wit; at the judgement。 歲人們按意願做事;歲憑智慧做事;歲靠判斷做事。

43、Rome was not built in a day。 羅馬不是一日建成的。

44、smile。it’s easier than explaining why you’re sad。請微笑。這比解釋為何悲傷要容易。

45、the fastest pace is not cross over, but continued; the slowest pace is not small, but wander。最快的腳步不是跨越,而是繼續;最慢的步伐不是小步,而是徘徊。

46、it is a kind of habit to be outstanding。優秀是一種習慣。

47、because you are living for the future of you。 don’t let the future of you hate you now。人生不要活的太任性,因為你是活給未來的你。不要讓未來的你討厭現在的你。

48、everyone has a sad。 want to hide, but he who denies all confesses all。 每個人都有一段悲傷。想隱藏,卻欲蓋彌彰。

49、a true friend is someone who reaches for your hand and touches your heart。 真正的朋友是一個可以援手幫助並感動你心扉的人。

50、it does not matter how slowly you go so long as you do not stop。 隻要不停下腳步,走多慢都沒事。

51、forget the mistakes of the past and press on to the greater achievements of the future。 原諒自己過去的錯誤,向未來你會取得的更大的成就前進。

52、All things are difficult before they are easy。 凡事必先難後易。

53、i remember past times, because i will not look at you and the future。 我懷舊,因為我看不到你和未來。

54、man is made by his belief。 as he believes, so he is。 人由其信念造就,他相信什麼,就會成為什麼樣的人。

55、knowing yourself is the beginning of all wisdom。-aristotle 認識自己是一切智慧的開端。

56、Better to light one candle than to curse the darkness。 與其詛咒黑暗,不如燃起蠟燭。

57、the knowledge to be little reflection, to become their own wisdom。知識要用心體會,才能變成自己的智慧。

58、a friend who betray you in the end, is never your friend from the beginning。 最終背叛你的朋友,其實一開始就不是你的朋友。

59、beautiful face is for others to read, and have the wisdom of the mind is to their own use。漂亮的臉孔是給別人看的,而有智慧的頭腦才是給自己利用的。

60、don’t dream of the future life, only grasp now, try to live your dream。別隻夢想未來的生活,把握現在的年華,試著去活出你的夢想。

61、life is like a cup of tea。it won’t be bitter for a lifetime but for a short while anyway(next88)。人生如茶,不會苦一輩子,但總會苦一陣子。

62、I insist on the runway, never leave。 我在堅持的跑道上,一直沒有離開。

63、to love is natural。 to understand the variations of love is wisdom。 愛是天性。懂得愛的各種形態與變化則是智慧。

64、i like the dreams of the future better than the history of the past。 與過去的歷史相比,我更喜歡未來的夢想。

65、Never say never, all things are possible。永遠別說永遠,凡事都有可能。

66、action is the real measure of intelligence。 行動才是對智慧的真正衡量。

67、but if the while i think on thee, dear friend, all losses are restored, and sorrows end。 隻要我一想起你,親愛的人,所有的失落和遺憾煙消雲散。

68、faith is to believe what you do not yet see, the reward for this faith is to see what you believe。信念就是相信還看不到的東西,而其回報則是看到你所相信的東西。

69、it’s the unknown we fear when we look upon death and darkness,not the death and darkness themselves.大傢對於未來與死亡的恐懼並不是它們的本身,而是對於它們的未知。

70、A young idler, an old beggar。 少壯不努力,老大徒傷悲。

71、even though the pace is a piece of rock, it will spark, as long as you pick up a hammer drill rod。即使腳步下是一片巖石,它也會迸發出火花,隻要你拿起鐵錘鋼釬。

72、never be sad for what is over, just be glad that it was once yours。別為已經離去瞭的人感到悲傷,要為他曾是你的而感到快樂。

73、No one would let me lose, I do not want to win unless。 沒有人能讓我輸,除非我不想贏。

74、every morning when i get up,seeing you and the sunshine,that’s the future i want。 每天早上睜開眼睛,看到你和陽光都在,這就是我想要的未來。

75、i don’t know, what is accidental, if true love, why not believe in the future。我不知道,何為意外,如果真心相愛,為何不相信未來。

76、can only sincerely for integrity。 credibility is the great wisdom。隻有誠心才能換誠信。大誠信就是大智慧。

77、we are so busy watching out for what’t take time to enjoy where we are。 我們是如此的擔心著未來可能會發生的事情,因此,忘記瞭慢下來享受現在。

78、although the world and the life are bad enough,youth is good anyway。盡管世界和人生都壞透瞭,其中有一樣東西是好的,那便是青春。

79、smile, not because happiness too long, long time forget to grief。微笑,不是因為快樂的太久,是太久的時間裡忘記去悲傷。

80、wake up every day and saw you and the sunshine at, this is what i want in the future。 每天早上醒來,看見你和陽光都在,這就是我想要的未來。

81、take a step, then a long way to mention; stagnant, then a short way is also difficult to reach。邁開腳步,再長的路也不在話下;停滯不前,再短的路也難以到達。

82、it’s sad how quick some people can just forget about you, until they want something from you. 有些人就是平常從來不會想著你,直到想從你這裡獲取什麼時。這真教人悲傷。

83、if you find serenity and happiness, they may be jealous; be happy anyway。如果你找到瞭平靜和幸福,人們可能會嫉妒你,不管怎樣,還是要快樂。

84、the fastest pace not cross over, but continued; the slow pace is not small, but wander。愛心最快的腳步不是跨越,而是繼續;最慢的步伐不是小步,而是徘徊。

85、if you don’t enjoy your life, sorrow, sadness, fear, shame and guilt will。如果你不好好享受生活,你的悲傷、難過、害怕、羞愧和內疚會代替你享受。

86、beliefs can not be used to verify the logic in the most dangerous time to save your faith, only faith.信念是不能用邏輯來驗證的,在最危險的時刻拯救你的是信念,也隻有信念。

87、do not touch the world’s warm, feel his own happiness, in short hide his grief。觸摸不到世界的溫暖,感覺不到自己的快樂,總之掩飾自己的悲傷。

88、the future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams。 未來屬於那些相信夢想之美好的人。

89、go less detours, also missed the scenery, anyway, thank you。 少走瞭彎路,也就錯過瞭風景,無論如何,感謝經歷。

90、a person, if don’t push yourself to despair, you don’t know how good he is。一個人,如果不把自己逼到絕境,你根本不知道自己有多優秀。

91、not in your wisdom with pride。 don’t make your humbleness lacking in wisdom。不要在你的智慧中夾雜著傲慢。不要使你的謙虛心缺乏智慧。

92、i am the big fish that belongs to the sky.because ibelieve,there is somebody anyway,waiting for me in the sky.我是一條屬於天空的魚,因為我相信,總有一個人,在天空等待。

93、carry the sunshine,even if the future very hard also to go their own way。背著陽光,就算未來很艱辛也要走屬於自己的路。

94、smile to cover up the sad and silent all the way。 微笑掩蓋悲傷,沉默詮釋一切。

95、failure is only the opportunity to begin again more intelligently。當你用更智慧的方法去做一件你曾經失敗的事時候,那麼那次失敗就會成為一個機會。

96、growing up is often a very painful begin to realize that the road of life is not paved with roses. 長大是一件痛苦的事,你會開始發現通往未來的路並不平坦。

97、put a smile on your face, a song in your heart, a spring in your step and walk with purpose。 讓微笑充滿臉龐,讓心中擁有歌聲,讓腳步富有節奏,讓前行載有目標。

98、sometimes, you just need to stop for a while and look around at all the beautiful things in your life. 有時候,你得停一下腳步,想一想自己生活中擁有的所有美好的東西。

99、Where there is life, there is hope。 有生命必有希望。

100、my interest is in the future because i am going to spend the rest of my life there。 我隻關心未來,因為我的餘生都會在那裡度過。