Any high level competition is almost all mental competition. We can call it business soul competition.


Unity is strength and unity has advantages. May people handle the relationship between competition and cooperation more wisely and carry forward the spirit of unity and cooperation while actively competing.


In fact, competition seems to be an uncoordinated factor, but it is actually a reliable link that unites all the components of society.


Competition instinct is a kind of wild incentive, through which one person’s advantages are shown from another’s shortcomings.


Only by facing the competition can we fully display our actual strength, overcome ourselves, advance bravely towards our own shortcomings and show the hope of victory.


In a world where everything is based on competition, there is no room for fairy-tale fantasies and sentimentality.


Successful competitors always take risks in their thinking, but in their actions they try to minimize them or avoid them very skillfully.


The pursuit of life competition occupies all living things and sustains their activities.


Only by starting, can we reach the ideal destination; only by sowing, can we harvest; only by competing, can we stand out and better realize the value of life.


Life is no different from playing chess or playing ball games. As long as we enter the office, we should be a heroic struggle.


No matter how big or small, no one is high or low. When there are no opposites, people will even create an opposite side to compete with them.


If the husband does not argue, the world can not contend with it. In ancient times, the so-called tune is full of words. All sincerity is returned.


The real problem is not that you have done better than before, but that you have done better than your competitors.


It is impossible to avoid competition. There must be competition and avoidance of competition in the market. Is this not seeking death?


For a mean person, he is a slave to jealousy; for a learned and temperamental person, jealousy turns into competition.


The lack of enterprising spirit means degeneration. Only by opening up and competition can we remain invincible.


We are grateful for competition. Competition creates our profound knowledge, modesty, and perseverance. Competition makes life colorful.


Being competitive is nothing else, it is our desire for something that arises because we imagine that other people of my kind have the same desire.


Competition, you are a silent and passionate music. I think: as long as we study hard, we will be able to play a magnificent movement in the competitive arena.


Competition is painful. To rise above difficulties is the function of competition. Elimination is not wrong. People often create miracles under the pressure of elimination and neutralization.


If no other horse catchs and surpasses it, it will never gallop.


Cruel competition makes people become practical, can make people see through the truth hidden under various obstacles at a glance, understanding of human nature, and interpretation of life is also a little more Zen.


Competition can make us work harder and make progress. No matter what the result is, happy competition is the most important thing.


Monopolist offers only plain living, poor quality and uncivilized service.


Imitation is the best compliment to competitors, so Baidu is the best compliment to us.


Competition has always been the stimulus to most violent activities even from the beginning of mankind.


Always think highly of your opponent, even if he is very weak, you must think of him very strongly.


The essence of competition is not stronger, not more agile, or smarter than anyone, but less foolish than who.


The only lasting competitive advantage, perhaps, is the ability to learn faster than your competitors.


The most effective way to protect consumers is free competition at home and free trade all over the world.


What do you want them to do? Competition can make consumers better than bad, just like running, running alone, several people, feel different.


When the starting gun goes off, you don’t have time to see how your opponent is running. Only tomorrow is our competitor.


It is dangerous to compete against three equal persons; to compete with the strong is arrogant; to contend with the weak is to lose face.


Everyone has his own strengths and weaknesses. In order to win in the competition, he must learn to compete in his own field of strength.


If the enterprise is eliminated in the market, it is not eliminated by your competitors, it must be abandoned by your users.


Competition has always been, and even from the beginning of mankind, is the stimulus for most violent activities.


For an individual, competition can stimulate his potential; for a country, competition can help her prosper; for the world, competition can make it dazzling.


Good competitive psychology and proper competitive spirit are the motive force to make a successful career and to urge individuals to make progress.


Competition is everywhere. Competition is the inexhaustible motive force for human progress. Competition is the best way to select talents. Competition is the fundamental way to improve oneself and realize national self-reliance.


Competition can make consumers better than bad, just like running, running alone, several people, feel different.


The secret of competitive advantage is innovation, which is more so than at any time in history.


The survival of all things depends on the competition of natural forces, and emotion itself is the natural force of life.


There is no secret in today’s shopping malls. Secrets are not your core competitiveness.


It is called jealousy that a competitor is saddened by his success in wealth, fame or other good deeds and strives to become stronger in order to rival or surpass his opponent.


If a cause is beneficial to society, it should be allowed to compete freely and widely. The more free and universal competition is, the more beneficial the cause is to society.


Life is a grand arena where everyone can compete for victory, but we must obey the rules of the game honestly.


The more intense competition is, the more we need to adjust our mindset and adjust our relationship with others.


To be a leader, no matter what industry you are engaged in, you must do a bit better than your competitors.


He is a slave to jealousy for a mean-hearted man, but for a learned and temperamental man, jealousy turns into competition.


"There are no permanent friends and no eternal enemies in the market." This famous philosophical motto reveals the dialectical relationship between competition and cooperation, and competition does not exclude cooperation.