1、最浪漫的三個字不是“我愛你”,而是“在一起”。The three most romantic words are not "I love you", but "together"。

2、我堅信,讓自己強大就是最大的幸運。I firmly believe that strong yourself is the greatest luck。

3、其實沒有什麼是忘不掉的,過去再美好再刻骨銘心,原來也隻是過去。Actually nothing is forget, in the past, again good again, engraved on the original is in the past。

4、愛使我們有瞭距離,距離使我們愛得永久。Love makes we have distance, distance makes our love forever。

5、我還有一年,就幼兒園畢業瞭。畢業後,我就能告訴你怎麼談戀愛瞭。I still have a year, just graduated from kindergarten。 After graduation, I can tell you how to love。

6、愛情是理想的一致,意志的融合。Love is an ideal, the will of the fusion。

7、愛是一場戰爭,我不怕受傷隻怕你不快樂。Love is a war, if I’m not afraid to hurt you would not happy。

8、可以量深淺的愛情是貧乏的。It can be measured depth of love is poor。

9、愛是一種甜蜜的痛苦,真誠的愛情永不是走一條平坦的道路的。Love is a sweet pain and sincere love never did run smooth。

10、愛情使人忘記時間,時間也使人忘記愛情。Love makes people forget time, time makes people forget love。

11、分手後不能做朋友因為彼此傷害過;不能做敵人因為彼此相愛過;不能做戀人,因為彼此欺騙過。After break up can’t be friends because hurt each other; Can not do the enemy because love each other; Can’t do lover, because deceive each other。

12、孤單不是與生俱來,而是由你愛上一個人的那一刻開始。Alone is not innate, but by you fall in love with a person’s that moment start。

13、其實我是一直相信的,我根本不需要想起什麼,因為我從來沒有忘記過。Actually I’m always believe, I don’t need to think of what, because I never forget。

14、意見和感情的相同,比之接觸更能把兩個人結合在一起;這樣子,兩個人盡管隔得很遠,卻也很接近。Opinions and feelings of the same, more than the contact of the two men together; This way, two people although far away, but is very close。

15、跟女人打交道,最終總是這個結局:應該把愛獻給她;對所有的女人,都應該給予特有的愛。Dealing with women, always the end, should put the love to her; For all the women, should be given special love。

16、我們愛一個人就等於將自己的心靈與對方做瞭一次交換,即使有,一方後來反悔瞭,想再次收回,卻已是不可能的事瞭。We love a person is to give their heart made an exchange with each other, if any, one party later, want to back again, but is impossible。

17、一雙鞋,少瞭一隻就不值錢,所以,另一半很重要。A pair of shoes, a is not less valuable, so, the other half is very important。

18、總盯著你瞭不起的過去,你就不會有瞭不起的未來。Always staring at you something in the past, you won’t have a great future。

19、不管多大多老,不管傢人朋友怎麼催,都不要隨便對待婚姻不是打牌,重新洗牌要付出巨大代價。No matter how old, no matter how family friend rush, don’t literally take marriage is not play CARDS, reshuffle will pay a heavy price。

20、你永遠也看不到我最寂寞時候的樣子,因為隻有你不在我身邊的時候,我才最寂寞。You’ll never see my most lonely time appearance, because only you’re not here with me when I most lonely。

21、不要為瞭寂寞去戀愛,時間是個魔鬼,天長日久,如果你是個多情的人,即使不愛對方,到時候也會產生感情,到最後你怎麼辦?Don’t to loneliness to love, time is a devil, over time, if you are a passionate person, even if don’t love each other, and also can produce feelings, in the end what would you do?

22、愛情是燈,友情是影子,當燈滅瞭,你會發現你的周圍都是影子。朋友,是在最後可以給你力量的人。Love is a lamp, friendship is the shadow, when the lights went out, you will find that you all around is the shadow。 Friend is who can give you strength at last。

23、當香煙愛上火柴,就註定它要被傷害。When a cigarette falls in love with a match, it is doomed to be hurt。

24、要善待愛情,因為它不會一輩子跟著你!Should treat love, because it is not a lifetime with you!

25、這世上最累的事情,莫過於眼睜睜看著自己的心碎瞭,還得自己動手把它粘起來。In this world the most tired thing, than watched his heart is broken, also get oneself begin stick it up。

26、愛情從希望開始,也由絕望結束。死心瞭,便是不再存在著任何我曾經對你有過的希望。Love from the beginning of the hope, also by the end of despair。 Be dead, is there no longer any I have been to you have hope。

27、縱然傷心,也不要愁眉不展,因為你不知是誰會愛上你的笑容。Never frown, even when you are sad, because you never know who is falling in love with your smile。

28、我想我會藏好我的傷,如你所願。I think I will hide my injury, as you wish。

29、你是我猜不到的不知所措,我是你想不到的無關痛癢。You are my guess at a loss, I am insignificant you think not。

30、從眼睛流露出來的愛情比較不容易造假!The eyes are less likely to fake the outpouring of love!

31、愛情是耗盡銳氣的激情,愛情是置意志於一炬的火焰,愛情是把人騙入泥潭的誘餌,愛情將劇毒抹在命運之神的箭上。Love is run out of momentum of passion, love is the will in a torch flame, love is a fool people into the quagmire of bait, love will be deadly poison on the fate of the arrow。

32、真正的愛情不僅要求相愛,而且要求相互洞察對方的內心世界。True love requires not only love each other, and it requires insight into each other’s inner world。

33、最厲害的病毒,是愛和謊言。The most severe virus is love and lies。

34、一個有理智的人戀愛時,可能像一個狂人,但他決不會像一個傻子。A rational person fall in love, it may be like a madman, but he will never like a fool。

35、愛情是一種永久的信仰。Love is a kind of permanent faith。

36、眼淚是女人最原始的武器,也是男人唯一無法抵抗的最厲害的武器。Tears is a woman the most primitive weapons, is also the only man could not resist the most powerful weapon。

37、談好戀愛的秘訣在於,不必嚴肅,但必須正經!Talk about the secret of love is good, don’t have to be serious, but it must be nice!

38、所謂最難忘的,就是從來不曾想起,卻永遠無法忘記。The so-called the most memorable, is never remind of, I will never forget。

39、承諾本來就是男人與女人的一場角力。有時皆大歡喜,大部份的情況卻兩敗俱傷。Commitment is a wrestling for women and men。 Sometimes happy, most of the case is both。

40、男人通常都偽裝堅強,女人一般都假裝嬌弱。Men usually camouflage strong, women usually pretend to be delicate。

41、深情是我擔不起的重擔,情話隻是偶然兌現的謊言。Deep feeling is I can’t afford to bear the heavy burden, sweet prattle just chance to lie。

42、做個智慧的女人,要懂得如何去愛一個男人和他的錢!Do a wise woman, want to know how to love a man and his money!

43、這個世界好大啊!路這樣長,生命這樣短暫,濃霧又這樣久久不肯散去,那麼,要怎樣才能告訴你,我已經來過瞭呢?The world is so big! So long way, life is so short, heavy fog and such a long time refused to disperse, so, how can tell you, I’ve been here?

44、愛一個人很難,放棄自己心愛的人更難。Love a person is difficult, give up his beloved people more difficult。

45、愛情本來就不復雜,來來去去不過三個字,不是我愛你,我恨你,便是算瞭吧。你好嗎?對不起。Love was not complex, come and go but three words, not I love you, I hate you, is to forget it。 How are you? I’m sorry。

46、離別與重逢,是人生不停上演的戲,習慣瞭,也就不再悲愴。Separation and reunion, is constantly put the life, habits, is no longer pathetique。

47、愛上一個人的時候,總會有點害怕,怕得到他;怕失掉他。Fall in love with a person, always a little afraid, afraid to get him。 Afraid to lose him。

48、情有時候隻是一個人的事情。和任何人無關。愛,或者不愛,隻能自行瞭斷。傷口是別人給予的恥辱,自己堅持的幻覺。The affection sometimes just one thing。 Has nothing to do with anyone else。 Love, or don’t love, only can own hands。 The wound is others give shame, adhere to the illusion of himself。

49、女人結不成婚不是男人的錯,有時是另一個女人的錯。Don’t marry a woman is not man’s fault, sometimes is another woman’s fault。

50、你可以隨時親親你的媽媽;可你要親親別人,就要得到同意。這就是愛情和戀愛的區別。You can always kiss your mom; But you want to kiss someone, will get approval。 This is the difference between love and love。

51、一個人一生愛的終歸隻有兩個人:一個是自己,一個是自己幻想出來的。Eventually, a love of a person’s life there are only two people: one is myself, one is his fantasy。

52、男生的誓言往往像甜而脆的薄餅,進入嘴裡就會慢慢地溶化。可是它又會迅速地潛伏進你的體內,占領你的心。The boys pledge wafers tend to like sweet and crisp, into his mouth will slowly dissolve。 But it will quickly lurking in your body, occupy your heart。

53、選擇你所喜歡的,愛你所選擇的。Choose what you like and love what you choose。

54、結婚是最傻的事情,但總有一天,我得做那件傻事。Marriage is the most stupid things, but one day, I have to do the foolish thing。

55、愛不許要任何理由,瞭解!相愛可以是1秒以前才開始的!愛一個人,可以付出一切!包括生命!Don’t want any reason to love, understand! Love can only 1 second before started! Love a person, can give everything! Including life!

56、正像和火藥的親吻,就在最得意的一剎那煙消雲散。最甜的蜜糖可以使味覺麻木;不太熱烈的愛情才會維持久遠。Just like the kiss, and gunpowder in most proud moment。 The sweetest honey can make taste numb; Not too passionate love will keep long。

57、感情是復雜的,有理智的時候它是固體,失去理智的時候,它就變成瞭液體!Feelings are complex, the reasonable when it is a solid, irrational, it becomes liquid。

58、結局和過程都有瞭,再去糾纏,連自己都覺得貪婪。Outcome and process are, again to entwine, connect oneself feel greedy。

59、我們在變化中成長。如果你拒絕瞭變化,你就拒絕瞭新的美麗和新的機遇。We grow in change。 If you refuse to change, you refuse to the new beautiful and new opportunities。

60、世界上最遙遠的距離,不是生與死的距離,不是天各一方,而是我就站在你面前,你卻不知道我愛你!The furthest distance in the world is not between life and death of distance, not live far apart, but I was standing in front of you, but you don’t know I love you!

61、一個人如果不能學會遺忘,那將是很痛苦的事,別再自尋煩惱,快把痛苦的事給忘瞭吧!If a person can not learn to forget, it will be very painful, don’t bother, quick to forget the pain!

62、離開我就別安慰我,要知道每一次縫補也會遭遇穿刺的痛。If you leave me, please don’t comfort me because each sewing has to meet stinging pain。

63、沒有天長地久的愛!隻有天長地久的情!There is no everlasting love! Only forever love!

64、我們就是這樣蒼老的,從時光的一端輾轉到時光的另一端,請別說再見,不需要再見。This is our old, from one end of the time always to the other end of the time, please don’t say goodbye, do not need good-bye。

65、我們都是單翅膀的天使,隻有擁抱著才能飛翔。We are all single wing the angel, only hug to fly。

66、若真心我愛,若值得我等。If I really love, if it is worth waiting for。

67、愛一個人,對方也愛你,甜的居多;愛一個人,對方不知道,酸的居多;愛一個人,對方不愛你,苦的居多。Love a person, each other love you, sweet in the majority; Love a person, the other party don’t know, acid is in the majority; Love a person, the other party does not love you, more bitter。

68、若能表達,愛也好,恨也好,都是一件多麼快樂的事。If can express, love, hate, is a how happy thing。

69、受瞭傷的孩子,長大瞭會傷人,所以,請不要輕易地傷害一個人,因為,可能會改變一個人的一輩子!Injured children, grew up will hurt, so, please don’t easily hurt a person, because, may change a person’s life!

70、世界上最美的謊言是承諾。The most beautiful lies in the world is a promise。

71、鬼辭典說:愛情毫不吝嗇地給,然後又要收回來。None miserly to ghost dictionary says: love to give, and then want to come back again。

72、忘掉歲月,忘掉痛苦,忘掉你,我們永不說再見。Forget years, forget pain, forget about you, we never say goodbye。

73、一見鐘情,不過是擦身而過的流星,能夠一起變老,才是明亮的恒星。Love at first sight, but is passing a meteor, can grow old together, is the bright stars。

74、走得最急的都是最美麗的風景,傷得最深的總是那些最真的感情。Go the most urgent is the most beautiful scenery, the deepest hurt is always the most real sentiment。