1、幻想終究是沒有羽翼的天使,飛不出現實的距離。Fantasy, after all, are not angels with wings, flying out of reality。

2、男人酒後話多,女人婚後話多。A man marries a woman drunk more than words, words。

3、曾經擁有的,不要忘記。不能得到的,更要珍惜。屬於自己的,不要放棄。已經失去的,留作回憶。Once owned of, don’t forget。 Can’t get, to cherish more。 Belong to own, don’t give up。 Has been lost, reserved for memories。

4、眼睛對於愛的萌芽起著極其重要的心理作用。真正的愛是在雙方審美觀和道德觀逐漸統一的過程中發展起來的。Eyes for the seeds of love plays an extremely important role in the psychological。 True love is in the process of both aesthetics and morality gradually unified。

5、再聰明的女人在自己的相貌上也是糊塗的,再愚蠢的男人在女人的相貌上也是清醒的。More intelligent woman also confused on their appearance, again stupid man on the woman’s appearance is also a clear。

6、真正的愛情是建立在兩個自由人的彼此瞭解和認識上。True love is built on two free to meet and understand each other。

7、男人考驗女人的方法是遠走高飛;女人考驗男人的方式是約會遲到。Man test method is to run away; The woman the test man’s way is a lateness for an appointment。

8、人必須生活著,愛才有所附麗。People must live, love to the attachment。

9、能經得起婚後鍋碗瓢盆交響曲和生活酸甜苦辣的考驗,才是真正的愛情。Marriage can stand basin of boiler bowl gourd ladle symphony and the test of life suantiankula, is the true love。

10、愛情就像財富,有賴於命運之輪,它始終處於劇烈的上下顛簸之中。Love is like wealth, depends on the wheel of fortune, it’s always in the midst of an intense bumpy。

11、在絕望的時刻,與某個人一同懷抱著一個渺茫的希望,並竭力讓對方相信終有實現的一天,這種痛楚的喜樂,唯在愛情中才會發生。In moments of despair, with someone holding a slim hope, and tried to make them believe that there will come a day, this kind of pain joy, only in love。

12、愛情就是這樣,她讓我們何時何地都惦念著對方,如果惦念淡沒瞭,消失瞭,愛情也就結束瞭。Love is like this, she let we miss each other when and where, if miss light didn’t, disappear, love also is over。

13、你是一朵百合,散發出沁人心脾的芳香,我隻想佇立在你的身旁,看著你、呵護著你,用愛滋潤著你,讓你開得更嬌艷,因為我隻願作你一生的園丁!You are a lily flower, send out a refreshing fragrance, I just want to stand beside you, watching you, caress you, moist love with you, let you drive more delicate and charming, because I want to be the gardener of your life!

14、男人購物將名牌,女人購物將款式。Shopping will be famous men and women shopping style。

15、世界上沒有人值得你為他流眼淚,因為值得你流淚的人,永遠不會讓你流淚!For the world no man or woman is worth your tears, because the people is worth your tears, will never make you cry!

16、男人送女人的禮物往往富有詩意,女人送男人的禮物往往最為實用。Gifts often poetic man to a woman, a woman a man’s gift is often the most practical。

17、也許愛情本就是如此,互相深愛著對方,卻又彼此折磨,折磨依舊,隻因為愛仍在延續。Maybe love this is so, deeply in love with each other, but each other torture, torture is still, just because love is continuing。

18、男人戀愛是因為無事可做;女人戀愛是因為好奇心驅使。Men love because there is nothing to do; A woman in love because of curiosity。

19、女人傢十有八九都是心裡有一分愛,表面上就流露兩分。Nine times out of ten the woman is in the mind have a love, is two points on the surface。

20、如果你愛一個人,先要使自己現在或將來百分之百的值得他愛,至於他愛不愛你,那是他的事,你可以如此希望,但不必勉強去追求。If you love a person, to make yourself now or in the future one hundred percent of worthy of his love, he love you or not, that is his business, so hope that you can but don’t have to be forced to pursue。

21、有的女人戀愛時讓男友寵著自己,結婚後仍然要老公百般寵著自己,卻忘記做為一個女人應該做的份內之事。這樣的女人是不懂得愛情的。Some women fall in love to let her boyfriend loved himself, married to the husband still aches and spoil her, forget as part of a woman should do the job。 This woman is not understand love。

22、男人戀愛意味著豐富並走向成熟;女人戀愛時意味著單純並滑向深淵。A man in love means rich and mature; Women fall in love means pure and falling into the abyss。

23、愛情應當山盟海誓,隻有專一的、忠貞不渝的愛情,才是真正的愛情。Love should pledge of eternal love, only faithful, constancy of love, is the true love。

24、從前有一個男孩和一個女孩,男孩對女孩說如果我有一晚粥,我會把其中一半給你。女孩長大後,嫁瞭人,但她總是想起男孩的話,她覺得才是她一生中的最愛。Once upon a time there was a boy and a girl, the boy said to the girl if I have a night of porridge, I’ll give you half of them。 Girl grew up, married, but she always think of the boy, she felt that is the love of her life。

25、男人戀愛容易遠視;女人戀愛容易近視。Men love to hyperopia; Women in love is easy to myopia。

26、為什麼要那麼痛苦地忘記一個人,時間自然會使你忘記。如果時間不可以讓你忘記不應該記住的人,我們失去的歲月又有什麼意義?Why then pain to forget a person, will naturally make you forget time。 If time can not let you forget not should remember, we lost years and what’s the point?

27、男人把錢花在嘴上,女人把錢花在臉上。Men spend their money in the mouth, women spend money on face。

28、女人的青春標志一種價值;而男人的青春表示一種膚淺。Women’s youth signs a value; Man’s youth said a superficial。

29、一隻鳥不可能在同一棵樹上停留太久,否則對這鳥對這樹都是一種負擔,鳥兒總想去看另一片天空,而樹也不願每天面對同樣的風景。A bird can’t be in the same tree stay too long, or the birds on the tree is a kind of burden, always want to see another sky, the birds and the trees are reluctant to face the same scenery every day。

30、愛情就像一面鏡子,曾經有瞭裂痕,於是鏡裡的風景也扭曲瞭。Love is like a mirror, once has the fissure, so the mirror scenery is distorted。

31、隻有最聰明的女人才知道,體諒和理解永遠比最動人的容貌還能令男人動心。Only the most intelligent woman know, understanding and understand than the most moving appearance can also make man mind。

32、女人要學會扮靚自己,不要拿樸素來做擋箭牌,不要拿傢務做借口,不懂時尚,你就不是一個完整的女人。Women learn to spruce up their, don’t take simple to do, don’t do housework, don’t understand fashion, you are not a complete woman。

33、女人姣好的長相,使男人迅速墜入情網;男人的甜言蜜語,使女人樂於被拉下愛河。Women the same good looks, make the man fall in love quickly; A man’s sweet words, make the woman happy to be left behind in love。

34、當女人走投無路的時候,她會和一個男人結婚;當男人走投無路的時候,一個女人會和他離婚。When a desperate, she would marry a man; When a man desperate, a woman will divorce with him。

35、男人戀愛希望把復雜的過程弄簡單;女人戀愛喜歡將簡單的事情弄復雜。Men love hope get complicated process simple; A woman in love like to do simple things get complicated。

36、真實的自由戀愛,並非享樂的戀愛,而是人格的戀愛。愛情是兩顆靈魂的結合。The real free love, not the enjoyment of love, but love personality。 Love is the union of two souls。

37、男人學英語是為瞭證明自己很行,女人學英語則證明自己已經不行。A man to learn English is in order to prove himself very line, women will prove they have not to learn English。

38、愛情無需刻意去把握,越是想抓牢自己的愛情,反而越容易失去自我,失去原則,失去彼此之間應該保持的寬容和諒解。Love don’t need to deliberately to grasp, the more want to hold your love, but more easy to lose yourself, lose the principle and lose each other should keep tolerance and understanding。

39、愛人至少要在心靈方面沒有欠缺,如果隻是身體的欠缺,那還不失其可愛。Love not lacking in soul, at least if it is the lack of the body, it also does not lose its cute。

40、看中瞭就不應太挑剔,因為愛情不是在放大鏡下做成的。Took a fancy to should not be too picky, because love is not under a magnifying glass。

41、愛情裡有苦有甜。隻有細心的經營,讓它開花結果。而愛的最高境界就是愛的像呼吸。你沒感覺到,卻時時存在。平淡卻不可或缺。Love is bitter sweet。 Only careful management, and let it blossom。 And the highest state of love is like a breath of love。 You didn’t feel, it always exists。 Plain but indispensable。

42、如果你沒決心做好男人,那你就得不到好女人。世界上沒有一個壞男人會有一個好女人,同樣的,也沒有一個壞女人會有一個好男人。If you don’t have the determination to be a man, that you won’t get a good woman。 Not a bad man in the world there will be a good woman, in the same way, nor a bad woman there will be a good man。

43、我知道這世上有人在等我,但我不知道我在等誰,為瞭這個,我每天都非常快樂。I know this world someone is waiting for me, but I don’t know who I am waiting for, for this, I feel happy every day。

44、男人戀愛是因為輕率出擊;女人戀愛是因為躲閃不及。Men love because rash; A woman in love because of nature。

45、戀愛中的愛情是甜言蜜語、山盟海誓,可當愛情演變成生活後一切都在平平淡淡之中,愛就是要用心去體會。Love is sweet, pledge of eternal love, in love but when love turn into a life after all in the plain, love is to use your heart to feel。

46、刻在記憶裡的那個夏天,是我們一起在陽光下流下的淚水。Engraved on the memory of that summer, is we together in the sunshine shed tears。

47、男人希望做女人的初戀情人;女人卻想成為男人的最後情人。Men want to do a woman’s first love; Women want to be a man’s last lover。

48、愛情是耗盡銳氣的激情,愛情是置意志於一炬的火焰,愛情是把人騙入泥潭的誘餌,愛情將劇毒抹在命運之神的箭上。Love is run out of momentum of passion, love is the will in a torch flame, love is a fool people into the quagmire of bait, love will be deadly poison on the fate of the arrow。

49、每個女人內心裡都向往著愛情,渴望獲得受人鐘愛的快樂。希望得到保護、提高、同情,這是女人的一種特性。再加上多愁善感和情不自禁,往往使女人很難拒絕對方。這使她們認為自己是在戀愛。Every woman is yearning for love in the heart, eager to get a favourite happy。 Hope to get protection, improve and sympathy, this is a feature of a woman。 Coupled with the sentimental and can’t help it, often make women hard to refuse to the other party。 This makes them think that they are in love。

50、做個智慧的女人,要懂得如何去愛一個男人和他的錢!Do a wise woman, want to know how to love a man and his money!

51、愛一個人而那個人不愛你是很讓人難受的,但更痛苦的是,愛一個人,卻永遠都沒勇氣告訴他。Love a person who does not love you is to let a person afflictive, but is more painful is, love a person, but didn’t the courage to tell him forever。

52、愛情的感情線,你與我隻有一線之隔,我們以為可以給與對方更多的愛,但是最終發現原來你什麼都不想要。Love the feelings of the line, only a fine line between you and me, we think they can give each other more love, but finally found that you don’t want anything。

53、離開,也是一種喜歡;遺忘,也是一種幸福;放棄,也是一種愛。Leave, is also a kind of love; Forget, is also a kind of happiness; Give up, is also a kind of love。

54、男人驚嚇時掙大眼睛,女人驚嚇時緊閉雙眼。Man frightened when zheng big eyes, a woman scared eyes shut。

55、浪漫是什麼?是送花?雨中漫步?樓前佇立不去?如果兩人彼此傾心相愛,什麼事都不做,靜靜相對都會感覺是浪漫的。否則,即使兩人坐到月亮上拍拖,也是感覺不到浪漫的。Romance is what? Is the flowers? Walking in the rain? Standing before the building? If two people love each other, don’t do anything, quietly relative will feel is romantic。 Otherwise, even if the two people sat down on the moon to dating, also do not feel romantic。

56、美能激發人的感情,愛情凈化人的心靈。Beauty can inspire people’s feelings, love is to purify the mind。

57、因為記憶中的曾經太美好瞭,美好到即便是再狠心的人也舍不得去忘記。不是愛情不肯放過你,不是回憶不肯放過你,不是宿命不肯放過你,而是你自己不肯放過你自己。Because the memory of once it was a wonderful, beautiful to even more cruel man also won’t to forget。 Memories is not not miss you, love is not not miss you, not a destiny would not let you, but you not miss you。

58、真正的愛情像美麗的花朵,它開放的地面越是貧瘠,看來越格外的悅眼。True love is like a beautiful flower, it the more open ground barren, it seems the more particularly please the eye。

59、這個世界上沒有一個人值得你為他哭,唯一值得你為他哭的人卻永遠不會讓你哭!In this world no man or woman is worth you cry for him, the only one who worth you crying for him will never make you cry!

60、離開我就別安慰我,要知道每一次縫補也會遭遇穿刺的痛。If you leave me, please don’t comfort me because each sewing has to meet stinging pain。

61、愛情就像冰激凌,無論如何避免,最後它終究會溶化。Love is like ice cream, no matter how to avoid, in the end it will eventually melt。

62、愛情是美麗的,隻有懂得珍惜的人,才能讓她永葆美麗。Love is beautiful, only know to cherish, to let her eternal beauty。

63、一段不被接受的愛情,需要的不是傷心,而是時間,一段可以用來遺忘的時間。一顆被深深傷瞭的心,需要的不是同情,而是明白。A unacceptable love needs no sorrow, but time, sometime for forgetting。 A was deeply hurt my heart, need is not sympathy, but understand。

64、愛情本來並不復雜,來來去去不過三個字,不是我愛你,我恨你,便是算瞭吧,你好嗎,對不起。Love was not complex, come and go but three words, not I love you, I hate you, is to forget it, how are you, I’m sorry。

65、男人是女人的價格;女人是男人的商標。Man is the price of women; The woman is the man’s trademark。

66、如果說嫉妒是友誼的不可逾越的障礙,那麼猜疑就是愛情最危險的敵人。If envy is insurmountable obstacle of friendship, then suspicion is love one of the most dangerous enemy。

67、男人往往能追到他喜歡的女人;女人卻往往得不到她愛戀的男人。Men tend to catch up with his favorite woman; Women tend to get her love of man。

68、當愛情要完結時,你不想畫上句號也不行,當你懷疑是否主動畫上句號時,那表示你根本就拾不得,也沒辦法畫上這個句號。每一段情始終會有句號,句號要來時,你想擋都擋不住。When love to end, you don’t want to put an end also not line, when you doubt whether to take the initiative to put an end, that means you don’t pick up, didn’t also the way on this end。 Each paragraph will always have a period, a period to come, you want to block all stop。

69、一個人一生可以愛上很多的人,等你獲得真正屬於你的幸福之後,你就會明白一起的傷痛其實是一種財富,它讓你學會更好地去把握和珍惜你愛的人。One may fall in love with a person’s life a lot of people, waiting for you to get your own happiness, you will understand the previous sadess is kind of treasure, which makes you better to hold and cherish the people you love。

70、兩隻手緊緊地握在一起,一顆心緊緊地貼在一起。因為兩個人已經他們愛的很深,已經成為瞭一個整體。Two hands tightly hold together, a heart tightly stick together。 Because two people have their deep of love, has become a whole。

71、愛情不是避難所,想進去避難的話,是會被趕出來的。Love is not a shelter, want to go in refuge, is will be cast out。

72、女人既不是善良的天使,也不兇惡的魔鬼,而僅僅是個凡人,而且從愛情和情感的力量來看,她們是比男子更軟弱的受造之物。A woman is not a good angel, nor evil devil, and is a mere mortal, and from the perspective of the power of love and affection, they are weaker than men’s creation。

73、一個男人一生必然曾遇到這麼個女人,不問理由,不講邏輯。A man must have his life met such a woman, don’t ask, don’t reason, illogical。

74、初萌的愛情看到的僅是生命,持續的愛情看到的是永恒。Incipience love see only is the life, persistent love is forever。

75、愛過就拋在身後,不要緬懷過去,因為它畢竟已經過去,現在是新的開始,將過去的陰影留在現在隻會讓你的現在也成為過去。Love behind them, and don’t remember the past, because it has in the past, now is a new start, will remain in now the shadow of the past will only make you are now a thing of the past。

76、男人送女人胸衣,表示想建立情人關系;女人送男人內褲,表示已經有瞭情人關系。Men give women corset, said want to build a lover relationship; Woman to man underwear, says there has been a lover relationship。

77、我終生的等候,換不來你剎那的凝眸。I’m waiting for a lifetime, a change don’t come to you of the moments of gaze。

78、我們每個人都生活在各自的過去中,人們會用一分鐘的時間去認識一個人,用一小時的時間去喜歡一個人,再用一天的時間去愛上一個人,到最後呢,卻要用一輩子的時間去忘記一個人。We all live in each of the past, people will use a minute to know a person, an hour to like someone, then use the time of day to fall in love with a person, in the end, but want to use a lifetime to forget someone。

79、愛得愈深,苛求得愈切,所以愛人之間不可能沒有意氣的爭執。The deep love, the more demanding the cut, so don’t may not have testosterone, disputes between partners。