Reality will tell you that if you don't work hard, you will be trampled to death by life. There is no need to find any excuse, nothing is the reason to fight.


With their own efforts in exchange for success, and then success will be like a big slap, hit those who have looked down on you in the face, how loud, how refreshing.


Money can cure all affectations, money can cure all inferiority.


If others treat you well, you should strive to be able to repay you in the future. If others treat you badly, you should strive to be able to raise your eyebrows and breathe.


Life is too short to regret. If it's not the end, please keep smiling.


You can afford what you like and go where you want to go. You won't lose the quality of life because of the people around you. Instead, you will have more confidence because you spend your money. That's why you should work hard.


There is no wasted effort, no chance of success. As long as you take life seriously, one day every effort you make will be brilliant.


All your efforts, hard work, pressure and endurance are aimed at saving enough ability and capital, doing what you like better, and striving for the right to choose for yourself.


It's better to dance in the thunder and lightning than to escape in the rain and wind. Even if you get soaked, it's also the pleasure of life.


Never indulge in the comfort of living, can give you shelter from the wind and rain, also can let you not see the day. Only by making ourselves stronger, can we really hold up a day.


Hold on, success is waiting for you at the next corner。


The law of success is very simple, but simple doesn't mean easy。


Willed it; I have strength; Has the perseverance, you will succeed!


Without a purpose, life is depressed.


Enthusiasm and desire can break through all the difficulties.


Is often the last key to open the door.