經典語錄大全勵志 英文|勵志語錄大全

經典語錄大全勵志 英文

1.Love is at first sight to see,can love is long.—喜歡是乍見之歡,愛是久處不厭。

2.Save your heart to somebody who cares. 把你的心交給在乎它的人.

3.Life consists not in holding good cards but in playing those you hold well.人生不在於抓到一副好牌,而在於打好你手裡的牌。(Josh Billings)

4. Success is the sum of small efforts, repeated day in and day out.成功就是日復一日那一點點小小努力的積累。

5. After climbing a great hill, one only finds that there are many more hills to climb.登上高峰後,你會發現還有更多的山峰要翻越。

6. Nothing can help us endure dark times better than our faith.沒有什麼比信念更能支撐我們度過艱難的時光瞭。《紙牌屋》

7. Figure out what you like. Try to become the best in the world of it.找到你喜歡做的事,並努力成為這個領域裡的頂尖人物。

8. If you can do what you do best and be happy, you're further along in life than most people.隻要能把自己的事做好,並讓自己快樂,你就領先於大多數人瞭。(萊昂納多·迪卡普裡奧)

9. Things to do today:1.Get up; 2.Be awesome; 3.Go back to bed.今天的計劃:1、起床;2、做牛B的事;3、睡覺。

10. Pains make you stronger, tears make you braver, and heartbreaks make you wiser. So thank the past for a better future.傷痛讓你更堅強,眼淚讓你更勇敢,心碎讓你更明智,所以,感謝過去,給我們帶來更好的未來。

11. Time waits for no one. Treasure every moment you have.時間不等人,珍惜你所擁有的每分每秒吧!

12. No one but ourselves can degrade us.沒人能夠貶低我們,除非是我們自己。

13. What is any ocean but a multitude of drops?沒有眾多的水滴又哪來的海洋呢?

14. Life does not have to be perfect to be wonderful.精彩的人生不必苛求完美。(Annette Funicello)

15. That there's some good in this world, and it's worth fighting for.這世上一定存在著善良,值得我們奮戰到底。

16. The beginning is the most important part of the work.開始階段是工作最重要的部分。

17. There's no one I'd rather be than me.除瞭我自己,我不願作任何人。

18. A man is not old until his regrets take place of his dreams.隻有當遺憾取代瞭夢想,人才算老。