1、刻苦讀書,積累資料,這是治學的基礎。 Study hard, the accumulation of information, this is the basis of scholarship。

2、倘能生存,我當然仍要學習。 If we can survive, of course I still have to learn。

3、三日不讀書,便覺語言無味。Three days without reading, I feel dull language。

4、路漫漫其修道遠,吾將上下而求索。 The road is long way away, I will seek。

5、讀書之法,在循序漸進,熟讀而精思。 In the reading of the law, step by step, familiar with the fine si。

6、壞書如同壞朋友,能使我們墮落。 Bad as bad friends, can make us fall。

7、書猶藥也,善讀可以醫愚。 The book is also still drugs, good reading may cure foolishness。

8、讀書謂已多,撫事知不足。 Reading that has many deficiencies, Fu told。

9、讀書使人充實、討論使人機智,作文使人準確。 Reading makes a full man, conference a ready man, writing an exact man。

10、讀書何所求,將以通事理。 What is the purpose of the study, in order to pass。