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英文經典名言 經典英文名言警句 .對自己好點,因為一輩子不長;對身邊的人好點 小編特意為大傢整理瞭這些經典的句子。如果你也喜歡的話,請持續關註哦。


1.對自己好點,因為一輩子不長;對身邊的人好點,因為下輩子不一定能遇見。Be good to yourself, because life is not long; good for those around you, because the next life may not be met.

2.隻要你肯堅持肯努力,一定會得到自己想要的生活。As long as you are willing to work hard, you will definitely get the life you want.

3.人生的路很長,頹廢會讓你失去所有。The road to life is long, and decadence will make you lose everything.

4.我們總以為,是生活欠我們一個“滿意"。其實,是我們欠生活一個“努力”。We always think that life owes us a "satisfaction". In fact, it is an "effort" that we owe to life.

5.無論遇到什麼情況,也要能安頓好自己心情。No matter what happens, you should be able to settle down.

6.有時候看錯人,不是因為你瞎,而是因為你善良。Sometimes you look at the wrong person, not because you are jealous, but because you are kind.

7.錯過就錯過,總要有點性格。If you miss it, you will miss it. There is always a bit of character.

8.該來的會來,該走的會走。有時候離開並不意味著結束而是另一種開始。The coming will come, the walk will go. Sometimes leaving does not mean ending but another beginning.

9.生活就像騎自行車,不會自己倒,除非你不往前蹬。Life is like riding a bicycle, not falling on your own, unless you don't go forward.

10.昨天下瞭雨,今天刮瞭風,明天太陽就出來瞭。It rained yesterday, and today the wind is blowing, and the sun will come out tomorrow.

11.找不到可以依靠的肩膀,就讓自己變得更堅強。If you can't find a shoulder you can rely on, you can make yourself stronger.

12.時間,會帶來驚喜,隻要我們肯認真地,有希望地,走過每一天。Time will bring surprises, as long as we are willing to go through every day seriously and hopefully.

13.把握當下,才有資格談未來! Only by grasping the present is the qualification to talk about the future!

14.再長的路,一步步也能走完,再短的路,不邁開雙腳也無法到達。The long way, you can finish step by step, and then you can't reach without a short foot.

15.人生在世,什麼都不多,隻有無奈最多。Life is alive, there is not much, only helpless.



Hurt only oneself know, become didn't change only themselves to understand.


Road is open, way to teach mining; Before losing after winning, natural shape.


Memories in the United States, just like a mirror, the more clear, heart hurt more.


Don't let a mist, and concluded that there is nothing in front of the scene.


The so-called threshold, the past is the door, not the past has become the sill.


Didn't double diligence, neither can nor a genius.


Others behind glamorous or has too many unknown pain.


No matter how are you, my parents always think of you at the first time.


Those who leave and disappointed hurt, has not sent out the sound.


Must like bees, picked lots of flowers, to brew a honey.